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let us start cleaning up the p-crap

It seems that many of us who want to shift this p-crap tend to be older and ill.  I probably have had adrenal fatigue for a couple of years (ever since our store became part of a district & had gotten popular).    a friend from facebook posted a wonderful post on moon work.  It made me wonder if the magickal aikido for someone like me right now should only be done on the DM proper.  (I should have enough vacation days that i can take one off for every DM, just need to get my next paycheck, thanks to the hellish holiday season i may not be able to start this until january — will have to see).  BUT we can start shifting the p-crap that GAIA is forcing out of Her soil to Her surface.  That is what i discovered was happening at the local graveyard on Hallowmas night.
If we let ourselves visualize that the most important p-crap to remove is now on the earths surface, as a sickly bright yellow, queasy making color, then we can start shifting this.  Graveyards seem a prime place to start.  if we ask the dragons to show us what they want shifted in our minds eye, i bet that will work too.  Since we are cleaning up crap, the less crap left in Gaia Herself, the less energy the crazies can pull from and maybe it will be easier to get back into the MA and release that stuff.
The best way to shift this p-crap is to connect to the link to Gaias’ new grid, bring forth rainbow light (I am told by another friend it is actually more rainbow pearlessence color) and send it into the blobs of p-crap; you might need to use some of the ogham fewset symbols of transformation in violet flame, use a St. Germaines Star or a violet flame triskel to help you.   Once the p-crap is shifted, it becomes a beautiful golden warm loving energy.
This could be something that people who are a bit newer can do as it is less risky — we are shifting leftover sh*t, not deliberately destroying planted p-bombs etc.  I bet if you are a Reiki person you can ask the dragons to use the Reiki symbols to help you connect the crap needing shifting.  We have a couple of millenia of p-crap to shift and the sooner we start the better.

tashi dalek and danse in the dragonwinds …

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Mother Earth is helping make things easier for us …

Last night, Hallowmas night, i spent twilight with a friend at a local graveyard.  I knew that the veil was very thin that night but except for a shadow out of the corner of my eye that i am unsure about, i did not “see” anything.  Later on i got the sense the whole graveyard was boiling with anger, not from a specific spirit but from the Mother.  I started seeing the bright yellow-yet queasiness making energies that i associate with the dominionists and any form of excessive patriarchal energies.  These were floating on top of a stagnant little creek and on the surface of an area of the graveyard that was very dense and dark.  I realized that Mother Earth is literally throwing up these energies to the surface for us to find.  Once we get connected to the rainbow grid, we can more easily see and shift this “sh*t”.  I stood and tapped into the rainbow energies at my SP with the intention that it shift the PEC (patriarchal energy crap) into a higher vibration.  I just started when my friend was ready to leave so i stopped.  But it is good to know that the Mother is actually spewing these energies out of Herself so we can come by and clean them up easier.
Graveyards might be a good place to start cleaning up these energies once you are linked in.
tashi dalek and danse in the dragonwinds …

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the basic magickal aikido process and the underground grid

The process is fairly simple, if you want to do what i have been doing, which doesn’t use much ritual or raise a lot of energy, due to my circumstances and the woman upstairs being a psychic-spy of sorts.  (I have come to realize that even though she is mentally challenged, the church she goes to is using her energies to spy out activities in the building …   I tried a fancy ritual a couple of times and not only felt i was being spied on by her energetically but she started stamping on the floor and making all sorts of noise. )  The process is fairly simple, how you choose to follow it is up to you.

First you set up “psilent” (energetically quiet) sacred space (you can use the rosy cross or sealing ritual of Donald Michael Kraidgs’ MODERN MAGICK if you like).   Then protected space.   Call in your Allies, Guides, Guards, Deities, totems etc.  Then call in the Dragons of the Dragon Graal.  (Meditate on the DragonKin card if you wish).  For what i do, all i use tool-wise are a sword of fire, (I have been told that others who clean up the inner planes also use a sword of fire), a large amethyst crystal and a childs rainbow glitter wand;  i add both energy (mostly rainbow light and violet flame, but my sword uses a very pure flame) and mental imagery.

Ask the Dragons to show you either the area you plan to focus on or what they want your help with.    You should see darkness all around.   Look in front of you.  If you are focusing on a state you should see its outlines in a faint yellowish light.  Just look it it.  You may see what you feel are prayer bombs, you may see ghoul knights (these are what’re dragging the Arthurians down; they’d love to help you take them down;  do not hesitate to call the Arthurians for help.)  You may see blobs of light with lots of tentacles.   You may see symbols from various rabid reverends who are placing prayer shields to protect against occult attack from “witches”.  These too can be dissolved.

You may find a prayer bomb with a cord that you need to cut off.  If you follow the cord you must be cautious as it may lead you to a strong xtian sorcerer, who may try to mess with you.  do not follow the cords alone, ask the dragons to do so or what should be done.  Oft’times, if you are working alone they will tell you to stop and leave things alone:  there are large energetic masses that should not, i repeat, should not, be tackled by solitaries or small groups.  I have been told to leave several things alone.

If you see nothing, then visualize a round table of life/law being embedded in the darkness.  This image seems to help bring crap to the surface.  If nothing happens then you may need to stop and try again another night as that means the energies have to take time to perculate and bring stuff up.

However, you may find native spirits who arise asking to be released.  Gently do so.

Keep dissolving things and focusing the energies until the dragons say you are finished, until you feel no more energy flowing though plus you do no longer feel connected to whatever it was you were doing;  there will be a sense of completion and release when you have done what you were to have done.

I recommend that we focus on shifting the underground patriarchal grid.   This is a similar process but you can image the symbols i blogged about in an earlier post being placed over the area of interest and let it sink and and wait for the grid to appear. Then you can use the triskel, St. Germains Stars or whatever you feel is appropriate to shift and release the grid.  All the while you can feel the energy from the deeper grid flow into and through you.

Now that i think about it i am not sure the deep grid is meant to come closer to the surface, i suspect that once we remove the patriarchal grid, the new deeper grid will have an easier time attracting all life to connect with it.

If anyone is very serious about doing the shifting work and dismantling the patriarchial grid and wants to know more details and maybe work with a few others, s/he should leave a comment with their email and i will get back to them to discuss things further.  If you are curious, Ariel Monserrat of Green Egg and the show “pagans tonight … Over to Oberon and Ariel” will be interviewing me Wednesday Oct 27;   below is the link.   2 articles about the same subject as this blog were published in the latest Green Egg.

Well, I will continue to blog off and on, but by next friday I will be back at the Grey School of Wizardry; this week Petsmart is finally going to train me for cat rescue work and i have to start seriously planning my career, my move and studying Tibetan.  So i will wish you all well.   Check out the Pentacle Project on facebook and on the net.   This has been some of my contributions to their hard work.   Tashi Dalek and Danse

Simply put, with this energetic system in place, even if it is not well-established, we have an easier time tuning into what is going on in the energetics of Gaia and Her realms.  I’ve said before that my 3rd eye is not very open, yet i can use my dragon eyes and find prayer bombs etc.

We have the ability to access more energy for our protective and healing work.  I had an interesting experience today after work.  i stopped in a hidden spot within a set of 3 pine trees by the Michaels craft store i work by on my way home.  i like to stop here and radiate reiki to the trees and animals as a way of giving back to the area, at at times it is the only way i can give animal reiki as my area is not very open.  (I got my Herne contact by giving reiki to the honey bees who were visiting the daffodils by my parents basement door when no one was looking.  i figured they needed it as they live in an agricultural area.).  Today I stopped, hid myself from the on-going car traffic and went to light my heart up and just radiate, letting the birds and all take what they want and leave when they want.  Today i discovered that i had a strong ball of rainbow light in the general area of the hindu solar plexus and it was linked to the rainbow grid below us.  Was i surprised?  yes.  so today i radiated rainbow light.  i suspect that it will take time for everything to come back in balance; i can tell already my reiki is going to be very interesting.
you’ll find it easier to look into the various energetic levels of the area you are focusing on.  it will be easier to see/feel what belongs there and what needs to go and be shifted.  you will also have more help when you shift prayer bombs and the like.  this is still too new so i can only surmise what else is possible, but i would rather flow with it to help heal the damage, transform the crap and send the new “fertilizer” where it is needed to most benefit the most beings.

tashi dalek and danse in the dragonwinds …

First, I’m in the process of getting my 3 part Otherkin article (An Introduction to OtherKin; A Hypothetical Energetic Organ System Which Connects Otherkin Essence/Soul with the Human Body; and an Accompanying System of Integration and Healing in Three Parts. by VajraNagini Om, Dragonkin), reviewed by several people; 2 holistic healers (including a psychologist) have already looked at it and i’m awaiting a few OtherKin to comment on it.   I plan to post this article on and i guess maybe i should do it here also.
Most of us are familiar with having some form of an energy beam/tube/pole of light from the earth, going through our spine into the sky.  It can be linked to the Hindu chakras, the Qabalistic Tree of Life and maybe even be part of the Microcosmic orbit.  I’ve noticed sometimes while doing reiki and other healing work, another tube nearer the spine, hidden by the familiar tube: some healers have tried to explain to me what it is, but all i remember is that it has cosmic ascension purposes.  We’re looking for a faint tube found in front of the main energy “pole” that we are used to; if you do not find it, “pretend” that it is there and act accordingly.  One thing you learn in hypnotherapy in that your subconscious does not know the difference between “pretend” and “reality”.   The first two steps of the following visualization can actually be set-up and done while you run, dance, do tai chi or yoga or some other body movement of meditation if you like.  I did not realize i do this while i danse over my lunch break in the loading dock.
Energizing the tube and linking to Gaias new grid of consciousness.
1.   Set up however you’re used to: ground, center, protect and relax while you gently breathe.  Imagine the room you’re in being filled with rainbow light and intend that this light is able to transform any and all darkness and negativity into more rainbow light.  ….  Now as you inhale, let the light flood your body, on all levels, from cell to emotions, from head to toe … as you exhale see all toxins, blocks, negativity, anger, frustration, aches, pains etc being exhaled on the breathe as a black fog (thank the Buddhists for that idea).  Once this black fog hits the surrounding rainbow light it is shifted into more rainbow light.  Now you may discover your subconscious chooses another color at this stage and that is fine.  Go with it.  Let your body know s/he is safe, being blessed and secure while you look at other things.  …

2.  Now intend that as you inhale, light finds and re-opens, energizes the “taproot to the mother”.  As the tube opens up and fills, after a while you will feel it at the top of your head and flowing downwards.  Relax into it, let it flow out of your body  …  now intend that it link you with the New Grid of Gaias’ consciousness.   You may find it passing through the patriarchal grid, but that experience should be pretty brief  (imagine your “tap-root” as a very hot but solid nail being driven through a thin piece of metal and see how it cauterizes the edges as it passes though, if you do end up going through the p-grid).  …   After awhile you will feel rainbowesque energy flowing back up to you; if you don’t in the beginning it is okay, just pretend.  It will in time.   Establish a circuit of energy coming into your being as you inhale and it also coming up from the new grid.  You can inhale energy and as you exhale, you can feel energy come from the grid if you want to create a pattern.
Re-establishing the Horizontal Grids of Connection with the 5 realms.
3.   After you are comfortable with this new energy line, ask for a dragon to please come help you re-active the horizontal “chakras” and their accompanying grids.   At first, let the areas fill with balls of  the appropriate colored light.   …   after a while the balls of light turn into a flower bud that has Gaia in the center of it once it opens.    If you can, open the crown center first so you can ask for a special spirit guide to come help you with the openings and integrating of the new energies.  Also note that i mention rose, but you could see a lotus or any other flower that resonates deeply with you.  …..    (please see the file for rose/grid areas –sorry but for some reason my software is being snarky and my artwork is not as good as i would like).  here are the basic associations for the 5 centers.  There are mudras that you can use, but i will not get into them now.

energy center …..       flower bud color     ……..   realm linked to            …… appropriate sonic              ….   tone
Crown                           white bud                           spirit realm                            “U” (oo)                                high comfy pitch
throat                            green bud                          plant realm                              “E” (eee)                              moderately high
heart                     blue/sunset red bud          Gaias’ essence & humanity          “O” (Oh)                              middle tone
gonads(f)/groin(m)       red bud                       animal realm                             “I” (eye)                              moderately low
feet                               black bud                        mineral realm                           “Ah”                           (lowest comfy pitch)

After a while, you will see the flower open and Gaia arises in the center.   For a while it will stay in that state. …   just go with the flow … in time you will notice the lowest original petals growing larger and then shredding at the edges … stay relaxed, they are now forming the horizontal grid that will re-link you to the realm of interest.   as more energy is poured into the center more petals arise and fall into the larger petals to feed the creating of the grids.  The petal edges send the webbing out and in time you will see the webbing completely circling the flower and stretching to infinity.  As long as Gaia is till in the center of the flower, you are not completely connected … once Gaia is replaced by a Double Dragon Eye (you could call it a merkaba or a double tetrahedron) you are permanently connected.  The DDE may or may not spin.  This is an area that is too new for any of us to really know.

When all 5 centers have the DDE you are re-linked into Gaia.  During this time work closely with your various dragons and guides;  one is them will be your integrator.  S/he will help you create, behind (or at the back of) your pineal gland, a special room for viewing the information you will be able to access …  without this being to help integrate these new energies, you may be overwhelmed.   However, once you are comfortable with these new energies you can more easily find the patriarchal grid, transform prayer bombs, etc.  you will have access to energies to help you in your work.
These beings will teach you how to use these energies and connection in magickal aikido and defense.  You will, by your very connection, be able to more easily dissolve the underground patriarchal grid.  Like i said in a earlier post, we should focus on the grounded grid which will weaken the aerial one.  Another post on how this system is to be used in magickal aikido will be written in a hour or two.  Have another brief date with Harry Potter.   LOL.   danse

Many of us are feeling the drive to find our place in the world or our niche in life, where we belong so as to contribute to the awakenings of Mother Earth, the “New Age” and to help others in the aftermath of the earth changes that are coming.  We seek places to live, careers, living off the grid as much as possible, communities to contribute to and our expression of how we are to benefit others during these changing, at times very harsh times.  Yes the world is a kaleidoscope of colors and concepts; we do not always see the underlying threads.  The last 3-4 months’ve been overwhelmingly like that for me; of course moving to menopause does not help.  Yet in the last week a lot of things have fallen into place, whether they make sense or do is a different story.  (They do to me.)

When i discovered that my magickal co-workers were dragons back in graduate school, i figured i was crazy anyway and took it in stride (though they added a funny dimension to some of my less interesting classes …)  Not realizing I was Otherkin added to the confusion. Back when the Harmonic Convergence occurred, i was out in a park, alone, wanting to make a difference but not knowing how.  The Dragons Graal system of magick that i worked with these dragons to create, over 20 years ago, was not meant to be revealed until now as it is truly a system for this time of transition and change; but i did not know that.  I am just glad things have come together.

I do not claim there is any scientific or physical evidence to support the following but i want to propose an idea that gives us a basis to build upon.  I wish there was a way we could send an energy healer back to the Goddess cultures so “see” if my proposal has validity but right now only HG Wells has a time machine; though the Dragons’ve been explaining things to me.  We do know that in the matriarchal, pre-patriarchy cultures, people had a more tribal consciousness, there was less rampaging individualism going on.  I’d like to propose that back then we had a set of “chakras” that linked us horizontally to the various realms of mother earth, rather than the mostly vertical chakras we have now.  Our energetic life tube/channel expended deep into the mother but not above our head.  We were not that differentiated from each other or other life forms; we had a vague sense of self and other.

As the patriarchy took over, our deep “taproot” and horizontal connections were severed and we were energetically shifted. We only grounded as much as was barely necessary, we were told to reach toward the sky and away from each other.  Most likely a new set of “chakras” manifested. They gridded our bodies but we were continually told to focus up and outward, so we lost the original link to the planet and her realms.  We developed individuality and an overactive ego.   Maybe this was a necessary part of our evolution; i am not wise or knowledgeable enough to say one way or another.  We now see the results of that.  A small group that wants to live the high live while parasitically living off the rest of humanity and life itself.  (If you have not read CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN by Jonathan Perkins, you may find it very revealing and amazing).

However, we are moving toward Yule 2012 and are already in the “Age of Aquarius”.  Many of us are forming groups to accomplish activities to help bring back the Mother, benefit others and aid in her Awakening.  Before “Occupy WallStreet*”, was Paul Hawkins talking about “Blessed Unrest” (you’ve got to watch the video — i watch it as often as i can, as a reminder i’m not alone, though what i’ve read of the book is amazing too). He was able to first see the underlying thread that we can now call “the green dragon” (  He was able to show that Mother Earth is awakening though the power of small, de-centralized groups.  It is wonderful.
How many of you read the “anti-tract” called “The Other People”.  I mentioned it in an earlier blog posting.  It is the story of Oberon and Morning Glory Zell-Ravenhearts’ encounter with 2 door to door missionaries.  Using the missionaries bible OZR proved that the bible did not apply to them as they were “the other people”.  I’d like to use this phrase “The Other People” to refer to those with the horizontal chakra system.

Since I discovered Otherkin, I realized they were a vital part of the awakening process of Mother Earth.  I now realize that OtherKin and “the Other People” are both needed to help the energetic re-wiring an awakening of Gaia.  This’s because both groups can re-activate their presently dormant horizontal “chakras” and their resulting grid. The Otherkin bring the voice of mostly the animal kingdom, though other realms are represented, into the human arena of experience.  “The Other People” re-connect humanity with the main aspects of the Mother: the mineral kingdom, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the spirit kingdom and Gaias’ consciousness Herself.  If the Internet is Gaias nervous system then OtherKin and OtherPeople are Her neurotransmitters (hope i remember my A&P correctly).
One thing that i did not explain, as i just learned it last night, is that in order to re-active your OK or OP energetic system, you need to open the dormant “life tap-root/tube” in your being.  Once you fill it with rainbow light, it automatically, moving past the patriarchal grid, seeks to link with the new grid of Gaias consciousness that the dragons are helping to form in the crystal layer of the planet.

I’d been asked by a couple to people to explain how i saw what i saw and did what i did and i did not know what to tell them.  That is when, wandering the mown alfalfa field at my parents, the dragons told me i’d been using my otherkin senses, not my third eye and regular senses.  they told me others can do something similar once they link to the newly forming grid and re-activate their old horizontal “chakras”.  There’ll be slight differences between OK and OP but the differences will be harmonious and to the advantage of Gaias’ awakening.

It is not hard to link to the newly forming grid and re-activating your OK or OP energetic system.  Then you will find it much easier to destroy prayer bomb, and dismantle the patriarchal grids, first below our feet and finally in the air.  The aerial one is the one that is heavily monitored and i believe should be left alone until the one underground is dissolved and the new grid pulled up.  Then the aerial grid will have a hard time staying stable and will be easier to dismantle.
I will get into details in the next posting (am writing it tonight) on how to reenergize the life “taproot” and OK or OP energetic system.            ……….                     tashi dalek and danse in the dragonwinds …

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an aerial patriarchial grid that is being used

odd discovery: it appears when people pray, depending on intention, they “lob a prayer bomb” into the space around them,  if they are skillful, they apparently can send their prayer through what looks like an aerial patriarchal grid about 50 feet above the surface of the planet.  there is protection removing the bombs outside of the grid so they are shifted.  However, there are angels of a sort monitoring & protecting this aerial grid: 5 per state: 1 in the center and 1 at each of the states cardinal points … but the angels do not seem to like each other so they are not working very harmoniously.    The grid appears to be held in the hands of the largest angel out west.

dismantling the grid should not be a problem, i do not know about the “angels” though.  need to learn more.

tashi dalek and danse in the dragonwinds …

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oops …

i finally realized they are focusing on DC from each state, ah working check to check makes one tired.

people might want to listen to blue fire witches’ utube video …

plus i guess the crazies will be attempting to destroy samhain  on oct 31, nov 1 and nov 2, not the days i thought …

you might also want to chant or somehow use sound on Nov 11 to counteract their use of sound for black magick …

Might as well record what the dragons showed me while i was wandering around the field earlier this week.  I saw a hawk that spiraled about for 5-10 minutes before he flew away and got me to wander around.  i started feeling a mishmash of the yellow grid lines under my feet around the house; (they are hard to feel under concrete in cities, towns and suburbia, but are there).  i wandered back to where the railroad tracks used to be and noticed that the grid lines were strong but sparse, they connected to the neighbors all around and felt old; older than me; older than our house having been built there; some lines were not connected to anything or any other lines, nor were they connected to the house, garages or garden shed.   i followed one loose line to the hawthorn trees i played under as a kid by the edge of the field and discovered the trees are dying …

the dragons started explaining that we humans, since we moved into the patriarchal system of existence, created a new energetic relationship and connection to the mother: we linked ourselves only about 5 feet deep so as not be be “dirtied” by the mother and by nature.  the grid lines we created energetically are partially formed by personal religious feelings, partially by our general emotional outlook and partially by our chosen religious groups energies; some areas have a more positive feel to the grids; yet the whole grid system is based on the anti-mother negativity.   but do not despair as deeper in the earth is a new grid system that once it replaces what we have created, will reconnect all of us in proper harmony with the mother.  we just need to shift the grids: rainbow light is the preferred colors as that will make the merging with the new grid smoother and easier. i am not sure how to do that yet but apparently magickal aikido is part of the process and now that we know it exists, it will be easier to be transformed …

right now you can find and tap into the grids by using the following symbol

the above with rainbow energies

i hope this aids in our dismantling the patriarchal energy grid to allow Gaias’ new grid to arise … tashi dalek

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well, so much for finality … ::/

Greetings and welcome to Magick and the Green Dragon.

i really did believe that i needed to close this blog as i do not want to tip off the crazies with what is going on in our defense, but with the Hallowmas/Samhain attack coming up i was told to share the following idea to help protect each state capitals energies.

The day before, Hallowmas, and the day after there are going to be DC40 people in each state capital to pray and destroy our holy day through their black magick prayers.  I am somewhat under the radar which is why i do a lot of cyberspace and energetic work so as to help shift this situation to the better.   However, a simple way to help protect your state capital, and you can start the visualizations right now, is to visualize a Round Table of Life or Law superimposed over the whole city area.   If you have having problems getting this image over your capital, you can use a spinning violet flame triskele to dissolve the blockages in your capital.  Then you can image the RTL over it.   Your goal is to have the RTL so integrated in the capitals energies that the prayers fall apart.  The  RTL is a symbol of balance; the prayers are energies of extremes; if the RTL is integrated it’ll cause the prayers to dissolve or absorbed and shifted, as the energies will not be susceptible to being manipulated.

Do not forget you can call upon the Lords of Light (Mabon, Merlin and Michael, the Sun-King, the Priest-King and the Warrior-King) and the Dames of Darkness (Nimue, Modron and Ragnall, Priestess, Guardian-Mother and the Transforming Crone) plus the Dragonkin for help.  Just meditate on the pictures i have included.

Here is the artwork you can use … you can use the RTL over each state and the USA too to help bring balance back to the state or USA.

triskele …   violet flame balancing Round Table of Law

Lords of Light

Dames of Darkness

the DragonKin

You can also use ideas and techniques from earlier posts …

danse in the dragonwinds,

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