Posted by: rosenthorn | October 21, 2011

How Things are Fitting Together in the Context of 2012, Otherkin and the Awakening of Mother Earth …

Many of us are feeling the drive to find our place in the world or our niche in life, where we belong so as to contribute to the awakenings of Mother Earth, the “New Age” and to help others in the aftermath of the earth changes that are coming.  We seek places to live, careers, living off the grid as much as possible, communities to contribute to and our expression of how we are to benefit others during these changing, at times very harsh times.  Yes the world is a kaleidoscope of colors and concepts; we do not always see the underlying threads.  The last 3-4 months’ve been overwhelmingly like that for me; of course moving to menopause does not help.  Yet in the last week a lot of things have fallen into place, whether they make sense or do is a different story.  (They do to me.)

When i discovered that my magickal co-workers were dragons back in graduate school, i figured i was crazy anyway and took it in stride (though they added a funny dimension to some of my less interesting classes …)  Not realizing I was Otherkin added to the confusion. Back when the Harmonic Convergence occurred, i was out in a park, alone, wanting to make a difference but not knowing how.  The Dragons Graal system of magick that i worked with these dragons to create, over 20 years ago, was not meant to be revealed until now as it is truly a system for this time of transition and change; but i did not know that.  I am just glad things have come together.

I do not claim there is any scientific or physical evidence to support the following but i want to propose an idea that gives us a basis to build upon.  I wish there was a way we could send an energy healer back to the Goddess cultures so “see” if my proposal has validity but right now only HG Wells has a time machine; though the Dragons’ve been explaining things to me.  We do know that in the matriarchal, pre-patriarchy cultures, people had a more tribal consciousness, there was less rampaging individualism going on.  I’d like to propose that back then we had a set of “chakras” that linked us horizontally to the various realms of mother earth, rather than the mostly vertical chakras we have now.  Our energetic life tube/channel expended deep into the mother but not above our head.  We were not that differentiated from each other or other life forms; we had a vague sense of self and other.

As the patriarchy took over, our deep “taproot” and horizontal connections were severed and we were energetically shifted. We only grounded as much as was barely necessary, we were told to reach toward the sky and away from each other.  Most likely a new set of “chakras” manifested. They gridded our bodies but we were continually told to focus up and outward, so we lost the original link to the planet and her realms.  We developed individuality and an overactive ego.   Maybe this was a necessary part of our evolution; i am not wise or knowledgeable enough to say one way or another.  We now see the results of that.  A small group that wants to live the high live while parasitically living off the rest of humanity and life itself.  (If you have not read CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN by Jonathan Perkins, you may find it very revealing and amazing).

However, we are moving toward Yule 2012 and are already in the “Age of Aquarius”.  Many of us are forming groups to accomplish activities to help bring back the Mother, benefit others and aid in her Awakening.  Before “Occupy WallStreet*”, was Paul Hawkins talking about “Blessed Unrest” (you’ve got to watch the video — i watch it as often as i can, as a reminder i’m not alone, though what i’ve read of the book is amazing too). He was able to first see the underlying thread that we can now call “the green dragon” (  He was able to show that Mother Earth is awakening though the power of small, de-centralized groups.  It is wonderful.
How many of you read the “anti-tract” called “The Other People”.  I mentioned it in an earlier blog posting.  It is the story of Oberon and Morning Glory Zell-Ravenhearts’ encounter with 2 door to door missionaries.  Using the missionaries bible OZR proved that the bible did not apply to them as they were “the other people”.  I’d like to use this phrase “The Other People” to refer to those with the horizontal chakra system.

Since I discovered Otherkin, I realized they were a vital part of the awakening process of Mother Earth.  I now realize that OtherKin and “the Other People” are both needed to help the energetic re-wiring an awakening of Gaia.  This’s because both groups can re-activate their presently dormant horizontal “chakras” and their resulting grid. The Otherkin bring the voice of mostly the animal kingdom, though other realms are represented, into the human arena of experience.  “The Other People” re-connect humanity with the main aspects of the Mother: the mineral kingdom, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the spirit kingdom and Gaias’ consciousness Herself.  If the Internet is Gaias nervous system then OtherKin and OtherPeople are Her neurotransmitters (hope i remember my A&P correctly).
One thing that i did not explain, as i just learned it last night, is that in order to re-active your OK or OP energetic system, you need to open the dormant “life tap-root/tube” in your being.  Once you fill it with rainbow light, it automatically, moving past the patriarchal grid, seeks to link with the new grid of Gaias consciousness that the dragons are helping to form in the crystal layer of the planet.

I’d been asked by a couple to people to explain how i saw what i saw and did what i did and i did not know what to tell them.  That is when, wandering the mown alfalfa field at my parents, the dragons told me i’d been using my otherkin senses, not my third eye and regular senses.  they told me others can do something similar once they link to the newly forming grid and re-activate their old horizontal “chakras”.  There’ll be slight differences between OK and OP but the differences will be harmonious and to the advantage of Gaias’ awakening.

It is not hard to link to the newly forming grid and re-activating your OK or OP energetic system.  Then you will find it much easier to destroy prayer bomb, and dismantle the patriarchal grids, first below our feet and finally in the air.  The aerial one is the one that is heavily monitored and i believe should be left alone until the one underground is dissolved and the new grid pulled up.  Then the aerial grid will have a hard time staying stable and will be easier to dismantle.
I will get into details in the next posting (am writing it tonight) on how to reenergize the life “taproot” and OK or OP energetic system.            ……….                     tashi dalek and danse in the dragonwinds …



  1. Please keep posting on this subject. I am working on joining my root, meditating each night to link to the system.
    Blessed be

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