Posted by: rosenthorn | October 14, 2011

well, so much for finality … ::/

Greetings and welcome to Magick and the Green Dragon.

i really did believe that i needed to close this blog as i do not want to tip off the crazies with what is going on in our defense, but with the Hallowmas/Samhain attack coming up i was told to share the following idea to help protect each state capitals energies.

The day before, Hallowmas, and the day after there are going to be DC40 people in each state capital to pray and destroy our holy day through their black magick prayers.  I am somewhat under the radar which is why i do a lot of cyberspace and energetic work so as to help shift this situation to the better.   However, a simple way to help protect your state capital, and you can start the visualizations right now, is to visualize a Round Table of Life or Law superimposed over the whole city area.   If you have having problems getting this image over your capital, you can use a spinning violet flame triskele to dissolve the blockages in your capital.  Then you can image the RTL over it.   Your goal is to have the RTL so integrated in the capitals energies that the prayers fall apart.  The  RTL is a symbol of balance; the prayers are energies of extremes; if the RTL is integrated it’ll cause the prayers to dissolve or absorbed and shifted, as the energies will not be susceptible to being manipulated.

Do not forget you can call upon the Lords of Light (Mabon, Merlin and Michael, the Sun-King, the Priest-King and the Warrior-King) and the Dames of Darkness (Nimue, Modron and Ragnall, Priestess, Guardian-Mother and the Transforming Crone) plus the Dragonkin for help.  Just meditate on the pictures i have included.

Here is the artwork you can use … you can use the RTL over each state and the USA too to help bring balance back to the state or USA.

triskele …   violet flame balancing Round Table of Law

Lords of Light

Dames of Darkness

the DragonKin

You can also use ideas and techniques from earlier posts …

danse in the dragonwinds,



  1. i assume by RTL you do not mean Right to Life – or do you?

    Having been a born-again churchianity member in my errant youth – when i was just plain totally confused about everything and questioning the propaganda i was raised with for the first time: i know that you are right to say they are working on the Dark side of the Force; however, most of them don’t realize they are. Yet i would say that any working that seeks to control another and is based on fear for them rather than unconditional love – which is what the word “grace” is supposed to mean – when done by anyone, church member, Pagans, etc.would seem to me to be very much evil and harmful use of psychic power or “gifts of the Spirit” – whatever one calls it.
    Just a thought!
    j/L “granny” matrika

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