Posted by: rosenthorn | November 1, 2011

Mother Earth is helping make things easier for us …

Last night, Hallowmas night, i spent twilight with a friend at a local graveyard.  I knew that the veil was very thin that night but except for a shadow out of the corner of my eye that i am unsure about, i did not “see” anything.  Later on i got the sense the whole graveyard was boiling with anger, not from a specific spirit but from the Mother.  I started seeing the bright yellow-yet queasiness making energies that i associate with the dominionists and any form of excessive patriarchal energies.  These were floating on top of a stagnant little creek and on the surface of an area of the graveyard that was very dense and dark.  I realized that Mother Earth is literally throwing up these energies to the surface for us to find.  Once we get connected to the rainbow grid, we can more easily see and shift this “sh*t”.  I stood and tapped into the rainbow energies at my SP with the intention that it shift the PEC (patriarchal energy crap) into a higher vibration.  I just started when my friend was ready to leave so i stopped.  But it is good to know that the Mother is actually spewing these energies out of Herself so we can come by and clean them up easier.
Graveyards might be a good place to start cleaning up these energies once you are linked in.
tashi dalek and danse in the dragonwinds …


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