Posted by: rosenthorn | October 22, 2011

Opening the Life “Taproot”, Linking to the New Earth Grid and Re-activating the OP Energetic System …

First, I’m in the process of getting my 3 part Otherkin article (An Introduction to OtherKin; A Hypothetical Energetic Organ System Which Connects Otherkin Essence/Soul with the Human Body; and an Accompanying System of Integration and Healing in Three Parts. by VajraNagini Om, Dragonkin), reviewed by several people; 2 holistic healers (including a psychologist) have already looked at it and i’m awaiting a few OtherKin to comment on it.   I plan to post this article on and i guess maybe i should do it here also.
Most of us are familiar with having some form of an energy beam/tube/pole of light from the earth, going through our spine into the sky.  It can be linked to the Hindu chakras, the Qabalistic Tree of Life and maybe even be part of the Microcosmic orbit.  I’ve noticed sometimes while doing reiki and other healing work, another tube nearer the spine, hidden by the familiar tube: some healers have tried to explain to me what it is, but all i remember is that it has cosmic ascension purposes.  We’re looking for a faint tube found in front of the main energy “pole” that we are used to; if you do not find it, “pretend” that it is there and act accordingly.  One thing you learn in hypnotherapy in that your subconscious does not know the difference between “pretend” and “reality”.   The first two steps of the following visualization can actually be set-up and done while you run, dance, do tai chi or yoga or some other body movement of meditation if you like.  I did not realize i do this while i danse over my lunch break in the loading dock.
Energizing the tube and linking to Gaias new grid of consciousness.
1.   Set up however you’re used to: ground, center, protect and relax while you gently breathe.  Imagine the room you’re in being filled with rainbow light and intend that this light is able to transform any and all darkness and negativity into more rainbow light.  ….  Now as you inhale, let the light flood your body, on all levels, from cell to emotions, from head to toe … as you exhale see all toxins, blocks, negativity, anger, frustration, aches, pains etc being exhaled on the breathe as a black fog (thank the Buddhists for that idea).  Once this black fog hits the surrounding rainbow light it is shifted into more rainbow light.  Now you may discover your subconscious chooses another color at this stage and that is fine.  Go with it.  Let your body know s/he is safe, being blessed and secure while you look at other things.  …

2.  Now intend that as you inhale, light finds and re-opens, energizes the “taproot to the mother”.  As the tube opens up and fills, after a while you will feel it at the top of your head and flowing downwards.  Relax into it, let it flow out of your body  …  now intend that it link you with the New Grid of Gaias’ consciousness.   You may find it passing through the patriarchal grid, but that experience should be pretty brief  (imagine your “tap-root” as a very hot but solid nail being driven through a thin piece of metal and see how it cauterizes the edges as it passes though, if you do end up going through the p-grid).  …   After awhile you will feel rainbowesque energy flowing back up to you; if you don’t in the beginning it is okay, just pretend.  It will in time.   Establish a circuit of energy coming into your being as you inhale and it also coming up from the new grid.  You can inhale energy and as you exhale, you can feel energy come from the grid if you want to create a pattern.
Re-establishing the Horizontal Grids of Connection with the 5 realms.
3.   After you are comfortable with this new energy line, ask for a dragon to please come help you re-active the horizontal “chakras” and their accompanying grids.   At first, let the areas fill with balls of  the appropriate colored light.   …   after a while the balls of light turn into a flower bud that has Gaia in the center of it once it opens.    If you can, open the crown center first so you can ask for a special spirit guide to come help you with the openings and integrating of the new energies.  Also note that i mention rose, but you could see a lotus or any other flower that resonates deeply with you.  …..    (please see the file for rose/grid areas –sorry but for some reason my software is being snarky and my artwork is not as good as i would like).  here are the basic associations for the 5 centers.  There are mudras that you can use, but i will not get into them now.

energy center …..       flower bud color     ……..   realm linked to            …… appropriate sonic              ….   tone
Crown                           white bud                           spirit realm                            “U” (oo)                                high comfy pitch
throat                            green bud                          plant realm                              “E” (eee)                              moderately high
heart                     blue/sunset red bud          Gaias’ essence & humanity          “O” (Oh)                              middle tone
gonads(f)/groin(m)       red bud                       animal realm                             “I” (eye)                              moderately low
feet                               black bud                        mineral realm                           “Ah”                           (lowest comfy pitch)

After a while, you will see the flower open and Gaia arises in the center.   For a while it will stay in that state. …   just go with the flow … in time you will notice the lowest original petals growing larger and then shredding at the edges … stay relaxed, they are now forming the horizontal grid that will re-link you to the realm of interest.   as more energy is poured into the center more petals arise and fall into the larger petals to feed the creating of the grids.  The petal edges send the webbing out and in time you will see the webbing completely circling the flower and stretching to infinity.  As long as Gaia is till in the center of the flower, you are not completely connected … once Gaia is replaced by a Double Dragon Eye (you could call it a merkaba or a double tetrahedron) you are permanently connected.  The DDE may or may not spin.  This is an area that is too new for any of us to really know.

When all 5 centers have the DDE you are re-linked into Gaia.  During this time work closely with your various dragons and guides;  one is them will be your integrator.  S/he will help you create, behind (or at the back of) your pineal gland, a special room for viewing the information you will be able to access …  without this being to help integrate these new energies, you may be overwhelmed.   However, once you are comfortable with these new energies you can more easily find the patriarchal grid, transform prayer bombs, etc.  you will have access to energies to help you in your work.
These beings will teach you how to use these energies and connection in magickal aikido and defense.  You will, by your very connection, be able to more easily dissolve the underground patriarchal grid.  Like i said in a earlier post, we should focus on the grounded grid which will weaken the aerial one.  Another post on how this system is to be used in magickal aikido will be written in a hour or two.  Have another brief date with Harry Potter.   LOL.   danse


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