Posted by: rosenthorn | November 7, 2011

let us start cleaning up the p-crap

It seems that many of us who want to shift this p-crap tend to be older and ill.  I probably have had adrenal fatigue for a couple of years (ever since our store became part of a district & had gotten popular).    a friend from facebook posted a wonderful post on moon work.  It made me wonder if the magickal aikido for someone like me right now should only be done on the DM proper.  (I should have enough vacation days that i can take one off for every DM, just need to get my next paycheck, thanks to the hellish holiday season i may not be able to start this until january — will have to see).  BUT we can start shifting the p-crap that GAIA is forcing out of Her soil to Her surface.  That is what i discovered was happening at the local graveyard on Hallowmas night.
If we let ourselves visualize that the most important p-crap to remove is now on the earths surface, as a sickly bright yellow, queasy making color, then we can start shifting this.  Graveyards seem a prime place to start.  if we ask the dragons to show us what they want shifted in our minds eye, i bet that will work too.  Since we are cleaning up crap, the less crap left in Gaia Herself, the less energy the crazies can pull from and maybe it will be easier to get back into the MA and release that stuff.
The best way to shift this p-crap is to connect to the link to Gaias’ new grid, bring forth rainbow light (I am told by another friend it is actually more rainbow pearlessence color) and send it into the blobs of p-crap; you might need to use some of the ogham fewset symbols of transformation in violet flame, use a St. Germaines Star or a violet flame triskel to help you.   Once the p-crap is shifted, it becomes a beautiful golden warm loving energy.
This could be something that people who are a bit newer can do as it is less risky — we are shifting leftover sh*t, not deliberately destroying planted p-bombs etc.  I bet if you are a Reiki person you can ask the dragons to use the Reiki symbols to help you connect the crap needing shifting.  We have a couple of millenia of p-crap to shift and the sooner we start the better.

tashi dalek and danse in the dragonwinds …


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