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Attacks Day 1

Greetings and welcome to Magick and the Green Dragon.

Again, last night was very interesting and unexpected.  i had hoped to go the the hindu chanting group but was forced to admit i do not like walking alone in the dark in this city (even if it is for only 2-3 blocks; I’m hoping to arrange for rides in the future).  But being that last night was DC40s’ first night of attack, i decided to do some energy shifting.  I set up a simple field of protection with a layer of psilence so the mentally challenged woman above me would not freak out and either call the cops for no real reason except being freaked out (has done it before, she gives wrong apartment numbers in the process) or suddenly turn the radio or TV on so loud i could not hear myself think.  (Fortunately i was able to close the energetic hole she kept tearing between our apartments; plus i have a special protection placed to reflect her back to herself so she can not sense what is in my place.).  I had the standard dragon magick altar up that i use, plus my Buddhist and Vaastu Shastra shrines.

I had expected to just tap in and shift energies; but apparently being Otherkin meant i was able to link with Dragons who were in the area.  I found myself floating over the main island in the dark and saw bright yellow prayer bombs being planted while hearing  someone say to destroy the prayer bombs.  With dragon help we destroyed all the bombs we could find. There was one bomb from someone who was not very happy with its destruction.  We followed up with rainbow light in every island and everywhere possible. ***  It looks like as a prayer bomb is planted, there is 1 strong link to the creator(s).  As it settles in and is further empowered, then it looks like it sprouts more cords and helps create grids.   ***   Once “the vision” was ended i was able to use a map, a large amethyst and a dragon tarot deck to help shift energies and to affirm that the elements and Spirit of Hawaii is pure and free from taint and harm.  Looks like this’s what i’ll be doing every night i can.  I’m glad my body can handle chocolate, as eating lightly helps keep me focused.

Tashi Dalek and Danse in the Dragon Winds

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gridding and spiritual dna in cities ….

Greetings and welcome to Magick and the Green Dragon.

After that situation when i was shown the gridding of my friends property by the xtian crazies, i started wondering how much of the world is actually gridded this way; not just here in the USA but the world?  The city i live in, is proud of being a “red city” in a purple state.

I reread the 5th Sacred Thing  by Starhawk which was, as usual, excellent.  She hinted at magick being used by the Millennialists (her descriptions of the microbes they made and sent are an example) yet it was never formally stated. Realize that many of these preachers study what is in essence hypnosis and neuro-linguistic-programming to get their troops “caught and committed”.  There is so much variation on metaphysical teaching out in the world now that you can find most anything to fit your framework.  The more we learn and know about how the mind and emotions work the more manipulators will have tools at hand and the desire and will to use them.

I know it sounds weird, xtians using magick to destroy magick users; but a few months ago i read a fiction book at work about the Inquisitions really being a battle btwn 2 magick viewpoints: love and fear. I finally found the information for it: THE BURNING TIMES: A Novel by Jeanne Kalogridis.  In it, she posits that The Pagan folk were motivated by love and an acceptance of mystery while the Inquisition was using their gifts to destroy the mystery (especially the feminine) and were acting out of fear.   My friend made a comment about the flaming ball & cross being a symbol she knew was linked to a certain radical group who, a year ago, went to StoneHenge to destroy the ley lines and the druid/pagan magick there.
While i was emailing my friend with the horse, i went back to Wikipedia and re-looked up the spiritual warfare materials as something i read a while ago started popping back up in my mind.    A couple years ago i read a humorous book that actually turned out to be very informative.  Robert Lanhams’ THE SINNERS GUIDE TO THE EVANGELICAL RIGHT. He toured megachurches, organizations and interviewed people, until they realized he was not sympathetic to them, but wanted to expose their dark sides.  One of the things that struck me was how many people and groups were engaging in spiritual warfare to reclaim their cities.  Block by block.  Below I have some information from the Christian Science Monitor article about how a citys’ spiritual DNA can be changed using spiritual warfare and prayer.

the infamous Kenyon pastor Thomas Murthee is one of the people they look at in the article.  The lesser known C. Peter Wagner is the other.  here are a couple of very interesting quotes.

Kenyan pastor Thomas Muthee ….. Through “spiritual warfare” and an in-depth research effort called “spiritual mapping,” they aim to bring people to Christ and, in their words, “break spiritual strongholds” holding communities in their grip, whether they be vices, “false religions,” or “territorial spirits.”
C. Peter Wagner, head of Global Harvest Ministries in Colorado Springs, Colo., is in the vanguard of the movement. He defines three levels of spiritual warfare: “Ground-level” involves casting demons out of individuals; “occult-level warfare” involves more organized “powers of darkness” [They target here New Age thought, Tibetan Buddhism, Freemasonry, etc.]; and “strategic-level warfare” directly “confronts ‘territorial spirits’ assigned by Satan to coordinate activities over a geographical area.”
If you recall in an earlier post i had the wikipedia quote about Mr. Wagners spiritual mapping.  As I was working with the Dragons, I realized that prayer bombs and the gridding of the land under our feet is a big part of what they are doing.  They intend to reclaim the land (the whole planet) “for the Lord” in every way they can.  You have to create grids if you are creating a map, so why not use them.  Since they are using “magick” and “gifts from god”, they are probably consulting with their own version of spirits (“avenging angels”) who are telling them ways to accomplish their goals. We who practice minority religions and forms of spirituality are not used to “thinking big” as that is not where we really are headspace-wise.  Yet these guys are; some areas are more infected, shall we say, than others, but they think big and put everything they got behind it and are willing to take as along as they need to get everything they want.

They believe that crime will go down, poverty will decrease, etc once the “undesirables” have left an area.  Yet i do not know exactly how they can claim that; i remember what Patrick McCollom said about the CA prison riots and how the Wiccans were the only ones who did not take part in the violence.  I remember the TM studies that were done that claimed something similar.  But they make a big thing about it, creating a better world.

So after having a brief glimpse of the grid before it was dismantled, it make me realize that is how they are reclaiming the cities and changing the “spiritual dna” as they said in the christian science monitor.   It makes sense, say you are part of a prayer group, someone hands you a map of an area and you all put your hands upon it and pray over it to rid the area of “undesirables”.   Now not only are you filling the area with energy but you are creating an energy grid.  i do not know if this is a conscious act but it can and needs to be dismantled, if life is to go on and Gaia Herself is to Awake up.

It looks like the basic grid pattern is a bright fiery, yellow grid of light, making squares about 2.5′ by 3′ boxes of soil surrounded by the light grid.  I suspect that some areas have more intense energies than others.  This maybe where prayer warriors are focusing verses areas that no one is looking at OR areas where stronger life-affirming spirits are living.  I do not believe that every inch of land is gridded, but i would look for grids in heavily religionized cities where there is a high population of people willing to be tapped into and manipulated by these guys.
I am starting to feel, sometimes, the queasy-making gridding underfoot as i walk places, but not always.  I speculate that in areas where the grids are not strongly established, they may pop in and out depending on how dedicated the prayer warriors are in keeping the energy pressure up.   It may depend on the skills of the people involved too; some may be very energetically skilled while others are not.   In ways, just like us.   Like i said in my email to my friend, what a waste.  if we could work together we could change the world for the better.
Well, looks like things are continuing to unfold. Tashi Dalek and Danse in the Dragon Winds

Lampman, Jane.  Targeting cities with ‘spiritual mapping,’ prayer.    9-23-1999           9-25-2011.

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The Discovery of xtian Prayer Bombs and their defusal

Greetings and welcome to Magick and the Green Dragon.

Last night was very interesting.  A friends’ horse was having some health issues and i was going to send animal reiki to him.  Yet the Dragons stepped in and showed me the horse was part of a religious attack; my friend is a leader in Pagan Rights through the media.   I basically followed what the Dragons told me to do as we worked together.   However, thanks to both her Horse and the Dragons we now know one important way the xtian crazies magick is formulated and works.

They’re creating what i call “prayer bombs” and planting them about 5 feet under the surface of the soil.  I only saw one under the horse but it was strong enough to thoroughly cord the horse and grid my friends property completely.  There must have been a large group creating it with a smaller group sustaining it.    The image i got was of a 12″ diameter ball of fire that either had a face showing or a flaming cross with bible and wings would pop in and out of it.  The people living on the land had also been corded and gridded: it appears the lungs were targeted; on the horse i could see why but i do not know why on the humans.

With dragon help it was not that hard to drain the sphere into a containment field and then completely shift the energies releasing them into emptiness, the akasha, the illiaster or whatever you want to call Spirit.   I had a Tibetan Sword of Manijushri (had both Dragons and flames on it).  I visualized the sword channeling the energies into a Cosmosphere (3 ring energy trap) that was created to contain the energies.

Once in there i used a silly plastic kids wand that was rainbow colored with moving sparkles to focus on shifting; plus a Buddhist emptiness mantra and a special image i have when i want to dissolve something completely.  There was Dragonic help while i did this as I remember calling for my Dragon Magickal Teacher (found in DJ Conways’ 2nd Dragon Magick book).  Once the ball was gone, it looks like all the cords in living beings and in the land vanished.   Being DragonKin, i was told to send energy into the voids from my heart and rainbow light came out. The Dragons were working on the horse and people.   Wherever the source, these dragon energies were not only bringing in healing and protection but also re-consecrating the damaged lands.

It looks like, with a sword that can handle intense fire energy and dragon help, anyone can remove and shift these.  To fill the void use a kids rainbow colored sparkly wand as it represents a more innocent  but powerful view of life.  Just call upon the Dragons from the following picture.   It maybe that you need to ask the Dragons (or other spirit beings)  to show you if there are prayer bombs in your area;  i do not know if they appear to the human minds eye without a spiritual being to help find and focus on them.   Once cleared Dragons will come and protect the area, though they recommend that you grid the area with stones and dedicate it the Herne and Gaia.  These prayer bombs must be how they are reclaiming cities etc.

Got to run to work, hope this makes sense and that if you find them you can defuse them …

Tashi Dalek and Danse in the Dragon Winds

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figured out what i can do, finally

Yes, i have all these great ideas on shifting the curse energies but did not know what i was going to do because of my own circumstances.  Then the dragons showed me what i can do. The first picture is my sucking in and shifting board.  The back is plain cardboard.  But it is an LP frame and you may notice the mac screen reflected on it.  I used the fewsets i mentioned earlier inside; on both one side of the cardboard backing and the inside orange page.  Between i placed the MBC “letter”  i got while at the bible college where i lettered in volleyball. i placed several bible tracts (alas no jack chick ones right now) plus a print out of the dc40 & NAR materials from online.  I asked the dragons to empower and activate everything.  You will notice tarot cards facing out, they represent the recepients of the shifted energies: the elementals and all life. 

Since i work mostly with sound I realized a Tibetan Buddhist wrathful tantric Yidam singing bowl would be perfect to shift the energies.  So now whenever i play the bowls as a offering for the spirits or strike the bowl in passing the energies are being shifted. I apologize for the pictures, i had just figured out how to use my cell phone to send pix to a yahoo account, then yahoo upgraded and now i can not get any pix from my cell phone out of my email accounts so i have to take pix in front of the mac.  that is a heavy bowl.

Well, i probably will not post much more until i finish my sound healing training.  Hope i gave you ideas of what you can do to help turn this manure into fertilizer ….   tashi dalek and good fortune

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found the reiki based prayer shifter

print the following off and tape/glue it on a large jar candle; use reiki to bring the energies into the candle and as you burn it, the energies are stripped of negativity & shifted;  can use white, purple or even a rainbow jar candle.


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here is the art for round tables to the rescue …

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Simple All Level Essence Healer & Restorer

Just a quick post as i have to get to work but here is a proposed stone/flower essence blend to help people recover from any energy damaging psychic attack, including by the extremist xtian sorcerers …

Simple All Level Essence Healer & Restorer:
Use a clear quartz crystal to set the following stone energies: rose quartz, rhodonite, turquoise and aquamarine.  Let the crystal touch/set on the other stones for 3 hours.  Then make a stone essence using the crystal for 3 hours in 4 oz. of rainbow color infused distilled water in sunlight.  (Do the same thing for a moonlight version.)   Add FES Yarrow and Sunflower (Lotus is good but optional) essences unless you make your own.  According to my researches these stones and flowers will, over time, repair damages on all energy bodies.

This is your “Mother Essence”.   Add 1-2 T brandy as a preservative; store  in an amber bottle in a cool dark place.

Take a 1 oz dropper bottle and add 1 dropperful of the Mother Essence and 1t brandy as preservative.  Fill the rest with rainbow color infused distilled water.  Shake well (i use metal singing bowls to mix and further empower).  This is your stock essence.

Take another 1 oz bottle and place a dropperful of the stock essence in rainbow color infused water in the bottle.  This is your dosage bottle.  Take 4 drops of this 4 times a day, either in water or directly, under the tongue.


Tashi Dalek.

for some reason, the site is refusing to upload my artwork for the last 2 posts … it sticks the art in limbo so i will wait until mercury retrograde is over.  sorry.  rosenthorn

Greetings and welcome back.  This will probably be the last post for a while as i am exhausted most of what is applicable.  Hopefully my blog will let me upload this one.  i am not sure why i can not load artwork, but will load them when i can.   So here is a rag-tag group of spells, etc for magickal aikido work. 

First, even though the “american taliban” doesn’t use the following book, i say we “harry potter” the following book: The Malleus Malleficarum.  “The witches hammer” has caused endless misery over the centuries and still is a guide for many.   Harry used a basilisk tooth to destroy the energy of tom riddles’ diary, we can pull the energies out of the infamous “witches hammer”.  Do not destroy the book proper; well what can i say?  i was a librarian once and hate to see any book destroyed (unless someone barfed on it or something like that).  Wikipedia has a picture of an early edition of the MM, download it and see it in the center of a black energy web, sending out pain and misery.  Start filling the image with violet white light, do this repeatedly until it no longer radiates bad vibes.  This may only take a slight bit of the negativity out of it, but if hundreds of people do it, the energies behind the book may be diminished unless others replace the hate and fear.  Take the picture of the MM and place it in a homemade spirit trap to trap the malevolence spirit within, turning it into an intellectual shell of a book.  If i can upload the artwork, i can show you examples.  I have a spirit trap, inspired both by ceremonial magick and Jason Miller.  Since I’m now mainly working with dragons, I’d invoke dragons as the spirit keepers, though you can invoke the Lords of Light and Dames of Darkness.

You can make an avenging angel catcher.  I believe Ariel, editrix of the Green Egg is looking to find the original article so the gentleman can get credit for this idea.  Fill a large mason jar 2/3’s with salt water and place a cheesecloth with a brilliant orange pentacle over the top.  Screw on the rim or use a rubber band to hold the cloth in place.  Place one near your shrine or magickal altar, place them in the 4 corners of your home and one by your bed if you want.  If you are feeling very stressed and in a hostile area, you can place one in each room.  You just have to remember to every few days dump the water from all the bottles down the toilet and flush it.  Rinse and renew. 

I used to do a monthly candle spell. I’d take an orange jar candle, daily walk around my place counter-clockwise affirming that all prayers and interference were sucked up into the candle.  I started on the First sliver and do it daily until the Dark Moon.  On the dark moon i would place a white and 2 purple candles around the orange one in a pyramid layout, with the white on top and the orange in the center.  I’d have a few amethysts around.  I’d light the white candle asking for divine guidance first, then the 2 purple candles asking to transform the negativity and interference into energies that i could use.  Finally i would light the orange candle with the affirmation that they meant well and so the energies were going to be turned into something i could use rather than be used against me.    You can take this idea and make it as complex as you want, depending how much you love ritual; i need ritual to keep me focused.

You can work tarot into a spell, use the the devil over the tract, then surround the tract/card with the alchemist, the mage, the priestess and the star as powers to shift the energies.  Make it more precise by using the ace of each elemental power and placing the tool in its’ correct spot on the elemental cross.  the above 4 transcendent powers would be place at the cross quarters, between each element.  You then affirm that the extremists taint has been lifted from the power of the mind, from the power of speech, from the realm of emotions and passions and from the realm of action and daily life.   Add it to a ton-glen meditation; then things would really sing.  This may be what I’m going to be doing, as it is simple, doesn’t take up a lot of space and, being asthmatic, would force me to pay attention to my breathing.  I have a dragon deck out of england that would be perfect for this. 

There are mazes that you can make using stained glass paints that you place in your windows and let them catch prayers until they roll off the glass then you know they are full.   Again, if i can, i will post artwork for examples.  You can get a special statue or stone and ask a protective spirit to live in it.  ask the spirit to attract the prayer energies then counteract the energies for your benefit.   I used to have a reiki based piece of artwork that i would place on a jar candle and use it to collect and transform energies, but i can not find the artwork; moved too many times i guess.  If i can find it, i will post it.  

What i can tell you of sound right now is mainly about himalayan singing bowls (or crystal ones for that matter).  If you use singing bowls, play with the intention that curses be lifted and shifted.  Place a bible tract into the bowl and sing the bowl with the intention the sound follows the link back to the source.  You may discover you see a group of people praying and so let the sound of the bowl float above them, shifting their prayers into something better.  Most of my life I had dreams where hard-core religious extremists crashed into my home and held prayer-bible studies, in front of me without my permission.  Where they undermined everything i ever did … i could never walk anywhere as the floors/foundations were always rotten and i would fall through.  Not fun.  It was only after i started using the bowls (2008) that i had a dream where my mother and a church group manifested in the middle of my apartment, right where i wanted to do a ritual.  This time i became aware enough that i kicked them out 3 times.  Next thing i knew a huge elderberry bush, laden with berries manifested and they have never invaded my dream space again.  Using the bowls again, play your bowls with the intention to restore the damage done by the extremists; someday i hope to travel to deconsecrated lands and play the bowls and do Tara practice to help re-consecrate sacred lands. 

Of course you can use the web imagery i mentioned earlier.  If you are looking for hot spots that need energy and shifting around the planet, if i can post them, use the 2 maps i created or make your own.  Divine the USA into 5 groups and color them and the different continents of the world differently.  Use a pendulum while holding your other hand over a tract and ask where damage is being done.  Then you can do reiki, send energy or even use symbols of energy shifting to help shift the crap going on there.  I have a couple of stars from St. Germain; which i will post if i can.  There is a three ogham few sequence that is excellent for shifting and bringing in new energies: hawthorn, silver fir or pine and birch.

If you do shamanic work, you could carefully focus on a bible tract and journey to see what it has stolen from the world around you.   If you study D.J. Conways dragon magicks, you can ride the chaos dragons asking to strip the curses of the extremists and to restore balance to the world.  If you use the teutonic runes, make a bind rune and bind a chick tract with the intention that it can not emotionally hurt others. 

Everything i have talked about is behind the scenes, shifting the energies that support craziness … it is not really a new idea, it is just new to us as we’ve never really thought of it; many of us just can not safely come out of the closet, except online.  But we want to help too.  This is a way that we can help without being on a picket line, mingling with crazies or having them attack us on our own doorstep.  Many of us are solitary; i’ve been out of the wizards-buddhist closet before; but I’m back again due to being in my hometown with my parents just a knock away.  Two of my four best friends have moved out of state (i live in a purple state and one remaining friend is a green spiritual Christian).  The internet is better than nothing, but this is an advantage of being part of a coven or group; you have support.

This is all i can think of right now.   There are some forms of Tara that may work, but I do not feel qualified to pass them on yet.  Maybe in the future I will be able to do so as She’d be very helpful in pulling the poison out of these  prayers.  I am mainly interested in getting others to be inspired to create their own ways to shift these energies.  I mean, look at it, we have a humongous energy source if we are willing to work with it, shift it and direct the energies to where they can best serve.  Look at all the benefits that can manifest as a result.  

When i figure out why i can not post artwork and have fixed the problem, i will post the art for the last 2 posts; (mercury retrograde?)  So I say thank you to Dion Fortune, William Gray, Dolores Ashcroft-Novicki, Laurie Cabot and Christian Day, Taoist Master Mantak Chia and all the others who helped me understand how to shift energies and reminded me it was possible.  May we all be blessed to the ability that we may receive. 

Tashi Dalek and Danse in the DragonWinds  Vajranagini Om.

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