Posted by: rosenthorn | October 24, 2011

the basic magickal aikido process and the underground grid

The process is fairly simple, if you want to do what i have been doing, which doesn’t use much ritual or raise a lot of energy, due to my circumstances and the woman upstairs being a psychic-spy of sorts.  (I have come to realize that even though she is mentally challenged, the church she goes to is using her energies to spy out activities in the building …   I tried a fancy ritual a couple of times and not only felt i was being spied on by her energetically but she started stamping on the floor and making all sorts of noise. )  The process is fairly simple, how you choose to follow it is up to you.

First you set up “psilent” (energetically quiet) sacred space (you can use the rosy cross or sealing ritual of Donald Michael Kraidgs’ MODERN MAGICK if you like).   Then protected space.   Call in your Allies, Guides, Guards, Deities, totems etc.  Then call in the Dragons of the Dragon Graal.  (Meditate on the DragonKin card if you wish).  For what i do, all i use tool-wise are a sword of fire, (I have been told that others who clean up the inner planes also use a sword of fire), a large amethyst crystal and a childs rainbow glitter wand;  i add both energy (mostly rainbow light and violet flame, but my sword uses a very pure flame) and mental imagery.

Ask the Dragons to show you either the area you plan to focus on or what they want your help with.    You should see darkness all around.   Look in front of you.  If you are focusing on a state you should see its outlines in a faint yellowish light.  Just look it it.  You may see what you feel are prayer bombs, you may see ghoul knights (these are what’re dragging the Arthurians down; they’d love to help you take them down;  do not hesitate to call the Arthurians for help.)  You may see blobs of light with lots of tentacles.   You may see symbols from various rabid reverends who are placing prayer shields to protect against occult attack from “witches”.  These too can be dissolved.

You may find a prayer bomb with a cord that you need to cut off.  If you follow the cord you must be cautious as it may lead you to a strong xtian sorcerer, who may try to mess with you.  do not follow the cords alone, ask the dragons to do so or what should be done.  Oft’times, if you are working alone they will tell you to stop and leave things alone:  there are large energetic masses that should not, i repeat, should not, be tackled by solitaries or small groups.  I have been told to leave several things alone.

If you see nothing, then visualize a round table of life/law being embedded in the darkness.  This image seems to help bring crap to the surface.  If nothing happens then you may need to stop and try again another night as that means the energies have to take time to perculate and bring stuff up.

However, you may find native spirits who arise asking to be released.  Gently do so.

Keep dissolving things and focusing the energies until the dragons say you are finished, until you feel no more energy flowing though plus you do no longer feel connected to whatever it was you were doing;  there will be a sense of completion and release when you have done what you were to have done.

I recommend that we focus on shifting the underground patriarchal grid.   This is a similar process but you can image the symbols i blogged about in an earlier post being placed over the area of interest and let it sink and and wait for the grid to appear. Then you can use the triskel, St. Germains Stars or whatever you feel is appropriate to shift and release the grid.  All the while you can feel the energy from the deeper grid flow into and through you.

Now that i think about it i am not sure the deep grid is meant to come closer to the surface, i suspect that once we remove the patriarchal grid, the new deeper grid will have an easier time attracting all life to connect with it.

If anyone is very serious about doing the shifting work and dismantling the patriarchial grid and wants to know more details and maybe work with a few others, s/he should leave a comment with their email and i will get back to them to discuss things further.  If you are curious, Ariel Monserrat of Green Egg and the show “pagans tonight … Over to Oberon and Ariel” will be interviewing me Wednesday Oct 27;   below is the link.   2 articles about the same subject as this blog were published in the latest Green Egg.

Well, I will continue to blog off and on, but by next friday I will be back at the Grey School of Wizardry; this week Petsmart is finally going to train me for cat rescue work and i have to start seriously planning my career, my move and studying Tibetan.  So i will wish you all well.   Check out the Pentacle Project on facebook and on the net.   This has been some of my contributions to their hard work.   Tashi Dalek and Danse


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