Posted by: rosenthorn | October 23, 2011

How the OK/OP Energetic System Helps in Magickal Aikido and Defense …

Simply put, with this energetic system in place, even if it is not well-established, we have an easier time tuning into what is going on in the energetics of Gaia and Her realms.  I’ve said before that my 3rd eye is not very open, yet i can use my dragon eyes and find prayer bombs etc.

We have the ability to access more energy for our protective and healing work.  I had an interesting experience today after work.  i stopped in a hidden spot within a set of 3 pine trees by the Michaels craft store i work by on my way home.  i like to stop here and radiate reiki to the trees and animals as a way of giving back to the area, at at times it is the only way i can give animal reiki as my area is not very open.  (I got my Herne contact by giving reiki to the honey bees who were visiting the daffodils by my parents basement door when no one was looking.  i figured they needed it as they live in an agricultural area.).  Today I stopped, hid myself from the on-going car traffic and went to light my heart up and just radiate, letting the birds and all take what they want and leave when they want.  Today i discovered that i had a strong ball of rainbow light in the general area of the hindu solar plexus and it was linked to the rainbow grid below us.  Was i surprised?  yes.  so today i radiated rainbow light.  i suspect that it will take time for everything to come back in balance; i can tell already my reiki is going to be very interesting.
you’ll find it easier to look into the various energetic levels of the area you are focusing on.  it will be easier to see/feel what belongs there and what needs to go and be shifted.  you will also have more help when you shift prayer bombs and the like.  this is still too new so i can only surmise what else is possible, but i would rather flow with it to help heal the damage, transform the crap and send the new “fertilizer” where it is needed to most benefit the most beings.

tashi dalek and danse in the dragonwinds …


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