Posted by: rosenthorn | October 14, 2011

A shift in Direction for this blog … shifting the patriarchial world grid

Might as well record what the dragons showed me while i was wandering around the field earlier this week.  I saw a hawk that spiraled about for 5-10 minutes before he flew away and got me to wander around.  i started feeling a mishmash of the yellow grid lines under my feet around the house; (they are hard to feel under concrete in cities, towns and suburbia, but are there).  i wandered back to where the railroad tracks used to be and noticed that the grid lines were strong but sparse, they connected to the neighbors all around and felt old; older than me; older than our house having been built there; some lines were not connected to anything or any other lines, nor were they connected to the house, garages or garden shed.   i followed one loose line to the hawthorn trees i played under as a kid by the edge of the field and discovered the trees are dying …

the dragons started explaining that we humans, since we moved into the patriarchal system of existence, created a new energetic relationship and connection to the mother: we linked ourselves only about 5 feet deep so as not be be “dirtied” by the mother and by nature.  the grid lines we created energetically are partially formed by personal religious feelings, partially by our general emotional outlook and partially by our chosen religious groups energies; some areas have a more positive feel to the grids; yet the whole grid system is based on the anti-mother negativity.   but do not despair as deeper in the earth is a new grid system that once it replaces what we have created, will reconnect all of us in proper harmony with the mother.  we just need to shift the grids: rainbow light is the preferred colors as that will make the merging with the new grid smoother and easier. i am not sure how to do that yet but apparently magickal aikido is part of the process and now that we know it exists, it will be easier to be transformed …

right now you can find and tap into the grids by using the following symbol

the above with rainbow energies

i hope this aids in our dismantling the patriarchal energy grid to allow Gaias’ new grid to arise … tashi dalek



  1. By the way, i asked my Druid Mentor to look in on this site.

    i hope she gets the chance to do so – you and she SEEM to be on the same angle as i’ve said before.

    Anyways, any friend of the “chaotic good” and “lawful good” kind of dragon – i have using D &D terms, but can’t think of anything else – is a friend of mine.

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