Posted by: rosenthorn | October 4, 2011

Attacks Day 1

Greetings and welcome to Magick and the Green Dragon.

Again, last night was very interesting and unexpected.  i had hoped to go the the hindu chanting group but was forced to admit i do not like walking alone in the dark in this city (even if it is for only 2-3 blocks; I’m hoping to arrange for rides in the future).  But being that last night was DC40s’ first night of attack, i decided to do some energy shifting.  I set up a simple field of protection with a layer of psilence so the mentally challenged woman above me would not freak out and either call the cops for no real reason except being freaked out (has done it before, she gives wrong apartment numbers in the process) or suddenly turn the radio or TV on so loud i could not hear myself think.  (Fortunately i was able to close the energetic hole she kept tearing between our apartments; plus i have a special protection placed to reflect her back to herself so she can not sense what is in my place.).  I had the standard dragon magick altar up that i use, plus my Buddhist and Vaastu Shastra shrines.

I had expected to just tap in and shift energies; but apparently being Otherkin meant i was able to link with Dragons who were in the area.  I found myself floating over the main island in the dark and saw bright yellow prayer bombs being planted while hearing  someone say to destroy the prayer bombs.  With dragon help we destroyed all the bombs we could find. There was one bomb from someone who was not very happy with its destruction.  We followed up with rainbow light in every island and everywhere possible. ***  It looks like as a prayer bomb is planted, there is 1 strong link to the creator(s).  As it settles in and is further empowered, then it looks like it sprouts more cords and helps create grids.   ***   Once “the vision” was ended i was able to use a map, a large amethyst and a dragon tarot deck to help shift energies and to affirm that the elements and Spirit of Hawaii is pure and free from taint and harm.  Looks like this’s what i’ll be doing every night i can.  I’m glad my body can handle chocolate, as eating lightly helps keep me focused.

Tashi Dalek and Danse in the Dragon Winds


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