Posted by: rosenthorn | September 24, 2011

The Discovery of xtian Prayer Bombs and their defusal

Greetings and welcome to Magick and the Green Dragon.

Last night was very interesting.  A friends’ horse was having some health issues and i was going to send animal reiki to him.  Yet the Dragons stepped in and showed me the horse was part of a religious attack; my friend is a leader in Pagan Rights through the media.   I basically followed what the Dragons told me to do as we worked together.   However, thanks to both her Horse and the Dragons we now know one important way the xtian crazies magick is formulated and works.

They’re creating what i call “prayer bombs” and planting them about 5 feet under the surface of the soil.  I only saw one under the horse but it was strong enough to thoroughly cord the horse and grid my friends property completely.  There must have been a large group creating it with a smaller group sustaining it.    The image i got was of a 12″ diameter ball of fire that either had a face showing or a flaming cross with bible and wings would pop in and out of it.  The people living on the land had also been corded and gridded: it appears the lungs were targeted; on the horse i could see why but i do not know why on the humans.

With dragon help it was not that hard to drain the sphere into a containment field and then completely shift the energies releasing them into emptiness, the akasha, the illiaster or whatever you want to call Spirit.   I had a Tibetan Sword of Manijushri (had both Dragons and flames on it).  I visualized the sword channeling the energies into a Cosmosphere (3 ring energy trap) that was created to contain the energies.

Once in there i used a silly plastic kids wand that was rainbow colored with moving sparkles to focus on shifting; plus a Buddhist emptiness mantra and a special image i have when i want to dissolve something completely.  There was Dragonic help while i did this as I remember calling for my Dragon Magickal Teacher (found in DJ Conways’ 2nd Dragon Magick book).  Once the ball was gone, it looks like all the cords in living beings and in the land vanished.   Being DragonKin, i was told to send energy into the voids from my heart and rainbow light came out. The Dragons were working on the horse and people.   Wherever the source, these dragon energies were not only bringing in healing and protection but also re-consecrating the damaged lands.

It looks like, with a sword that can handle intense fire energy and dragon help, anyone can remove and shift these.  To fill the void use a kids rainbow colored sparkly wand as it represents a more innocent  but powerful view of life.  Just call upon the Dragons from the following picture.   It maybe that you need to ask the Dragons (or other spirit beings)  to show you if there are prayer bombs in your area;  i do not know if they appear to the human minds eye without a spiritual being to help find and focus on them.   Once cleared Dragons will come and protect the area, though they recommend that you grid the area with stones and dedicate it the Herne and Gaia.  These prayer bombs must be how they are reclaiming cities etc.

Got to run to work, hope this makes sense and that if you find them you can defuse them …

Tashi Dalek and Danse in the Dragon Winds


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