Posted by: rosenthorn | September 13, 2011

figured out what i can do, finally

Yes, i have all these great ideas on shifting the curse energies but did not know what i was going to do because of my own circumstances.  Then the dragons showed me what i can do. The first picture is my sucking in and shifting board.  The back is plain cardboard.  But it is an LP frame and you may notice the mac screen reflected on it.  I used the fewsets i mentioned earlier inside; on both one side of the cardboard backing and the inside orange page.  Between i placed the MBC “letter”  i got while at the bible college where i lettered in volleyball. i placed several bible tracts (alas no jack chick ones right now) plus a print out of the dc40 & NAR materials from online.  I asked the dragons to empower and activate everything.  You will notice tarot cards facing out, they represent the recepients of the shifted energies: the elementals and all life. 

Since i work mostly with sound I realized a Tibetan Buddhist wrathful tantric Yidam singing bowl would be perfect to shift the energies.  So now whenever i play the bowls as a offering for the spirits or strike the bowl in passing the energies are being shifted. I apologize for the pictures, i had just figured out how to use my cell phone to send pix to a yahoo account, then yahoo upgraded and now i can not get any pix from my cell phone out of my email accounts so i have to take pix in front of the mac.  that is a heavy bowl.

Well, i probably will not post much more until i finish my sound healing training.  Hope i gave you ideas of what you can do to help turn this manure into fertilizer ….   tashi dalek and good fortune


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