Posted by: rosenthorn | August 28, 2011

Simple All Level Essence Healer & Restorer

Just a quick post as i have to get to work but here is a proposed stone/flower essence blend to help people recover from any energy damaging psychic attack, including by the extremist xtian sorcerers …

Simple All Level Essence Healer & Restorer:
Use a clear quartz crystal to set the following stone energies: rose quartz, rhodonite, turquoise and aquamarine.  Let the crystal touch/set on the other stones for 3 hours.  Then make a stone essence using the crystal for 3 hours in 4 oz. of rainbow color infused distilled water in sunlight.  (Do the same thing for a moonlight version.)   Add FES Yarrow and Sunflower (Lotus is good but optional) essences unless you make your own.  According to my researches these stones and flowers will, over time, repair damages on all energy bodies.

This is your “Mother Essence”.   Add 1-2 T brandy as a preservative; store  in an amber bottle in a cool dark place.

Take a 1 oz dropper bottle and add 1 dropperful of the Mother Essence and 1t brandy as preservative.  Fill the rest with rainbow color infused distilled water.  Shake well (i use metal singing bowls to mix and further empower).  This is your stock essence.

Take another 1 oz bottle and place a dropperful of the stock essence in rainbow color infused water in the bottle.  This is your dosage bottle.  Take 4 drops of this 4 times a day, either in water or directly, under the tongue.


Tashi Dalek.


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