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Round Tables to the Rescue …

Greetings and welcome back.  Here is the essence of how the dragons have shown me to use the Dragons Graal Round Tables in magickal aikido: this is a group activity though unless the solitary has space.  You take the following ideas and incorporate them in the rituals of the tradition.  This is serious intensive work,  it is going to take time and energy to construct everything; once you set the system up, you work twice a month with it.  I am having trouble posting artwork, if i figure out the problem i will be able to post the art that goes with this.  sorry.

You are going to have to make 3 special Round Tables:  2 Round Table of Laws and 1 Round Table of Life.   I recommend that you use the large black square LP frames that you can get from a craft store for each one as you need to stuff each table with something different.

The first Table you need to make is the Attracting Round Table of Law:  You either add a 1″ border of orange paper or mount the Round Table of Law on orange poster-board.  You then use another piece of orange poster-board to act as a base of the table, orange side facing outwards.   You can stuff it with jack chick tracts;  with bible tracks people gave you, stuck in your door or you have found in a book.  I have a college sports letter from my letter sweater from the bible college i went and can use that as a link to the energies.   Remember we are only looking for the extremists materials.   On the inside of the orange poster-board draw various fewsets, runes, symbols of attraction AND CONTAINMENT.   I have a sample of what i use, but use whatever you feel most comfortable with.  Once the attracting table has been created, go ahead and consecrate it as a table of attraction and containment to be used in “magickal aikido”. 

The second Table you need to make is the Transforming Round Table of Life:  You either add a 1″ border of purple paper or mount the Round Table of Life on purple poster-board.  Again, use a piece of purple poster-board to act as a base of the table, purple facing outwards.   This can be stuffed with symbols of fire, of transformation and so on. On the inside of the poster-board draw various fewsets, runes, symbols of transformation and containment; use what works best for you. Once the transforming table has been created, go ahead and consecrate it as a table of transformation and containment to be used in “magickal aikido”. 

The final Table you need to make is the Releasing Round Table of Law.  Depending on if you have your own land, if you can access a safe park  or tract of land or have to keep it inside your home, this is made differently depending on the site.  Ideally you paint a rainbow square on a large stone slab in a grove of trees, by a lake, in a meadow etc.  Then you paint a basic Round Table of Law on top of the rainbow (see pix). 

However, if you are inside or do not have safe access to land, you can make it like the other two: place the RTL on a rainbow square inside a LP frame and make a rainbow square poster-board base. Stuff it with symbols of beauty, of justice, of health, wealth and happiness, and of land free from pollution.  Have pictures of animals and all life being happy and at peace.   Once this has been made, either inside or outdoors, go ahead and consecrate it as a table of releasement to be used in “magickal aikido”. 

Other special items you will needs are as follow, with explanation:
1.   apple size pieces of granite, limestone, or other stones from the outdoors that are easy to hold and have a somewhat flat surface.  You can use a couple large chunks of quartz crystal if you are inside.  
2.   Candles:  1 brown and 13 orange for the attracting table; 13 purples candles for the transforming table and 1 white for either form of the releasing table.  Votives may work best, especially if you have them in clear glass holders; tea lights might work.   If you’re like me and can not use candles safely, can use light sticks of various colors or paint them the colors needed.  
3.  Lodestones and/or small magnets that you charge to pull in the prayer energies; amethyst or ametrine stones to aid in the process of transformation.  
4.  Wax paper or tin foil to protect the surface of your tables while you burn the candles.

The basic process is on the New Moon (first sliver actually), activate the attracting round table, making sure each chair is active; place a stone in the center with a brown candle and one orange candle on each chair.  Use lodestones and/or small magnets if you wish to further emphasize the “attraction”.  Draw runes on the votives to help them become charged with the “prayer” energies that they pull up through the RT.   The apple size stone also becomes charged with the energies.    

On the Full Moon, the day before and after included; you move the orange & brown candles & the stone to the transforming RL.  The first night of the full moon phase you do the ritual, adding a purple votive to each orange on with again the stone in the center (here is where you may want to use the tin foil or wax paper to protect the surface of your round table).  Add the amethysts to the spread, placing them outside of the RT.  Make sure to call Dames Brisen and Ragnell plus The Merlin to help.  After the candles’ve burned out (safely; snuff them if you have to leave the RT unattended and relight later), burn 1 single white votive near the center until the final night of the full moon phase.   (3 days total here).

The final step start as the moon actively starts to wane.  Place the charged apple size stone in the center of the RT of release; you can light 13 white candles, one in each chair, or use a rainbow spread of candles, one color per chair. Here is where the energies from the stone are released back into the Cosmos and into Gaia.  Once the Dark Moon (literal dark moon, before the first sliver) appears, you can remove the stone.  If you are outdoors, start a cairn with them; use them to build a medicine wheel  etc.  If you are indoors or stuck in the city like i am, you can re-use the quartz.  However, I still like the idea of giving the stone back to a natural spot to bring good vibes to counteract the trash.  If you are a student at WSI or of the Corellian tradition, you can add the completed stones to their crystal web that they are building.

This would be a lot of work, but once you got the system down, it would mostly work on its own.  A solitary could do this as long as s/he has the space; i wish i could; i’m doing something simpler because of my circumstances.  However, if as you work it, you discover you are to move the activities to different moon phases, follow what you are being shown.  It is important to be done, not that what i say is taken as the “word of god”.  The Dragons Graal tradition has moved from me to another person and his group.  They may take it beyond what i can imagine.  I was just the midwife to bring this forth; others will take it to the stars. 

My last post for a while will be on other ways to transform; various ideas for spells etc.  Then i will post occasionally if i get another idea.  I know sound can be used but until i finish my sound training, i am not sure completely how to use it. 


Tashi Dalek and Danse … Vajranagini


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