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Tarot for Transformation and Sonics.

Greetings and welcome back.  I woke up this morning realizing that since my Dragons Graal tarot is still unpublished and in limbo, i needed to include how you can use tarot here; hence this quick post.  Most of the material is taken from my tarot books rough draft.
First William G Gray wrote a wonderful book THE SANGREAL TAROT which gave me a lot of good ideas.  He inspired my tarot deck; i hope he did not mind.  He’s up there with Dion Fortune as a  primary teacher for me.   It was thanks to to this book that i realized i could create sonics (wesoteric “mantras”) using tarot and the tree of life.   I’d been using tarot for spiritual alchemy for years but sonics were something new and interesting since they were able to be toned.  I do not have a picture anywhere but for me Earth/Pentacles is the Vowel A;  Water/Graals is the vowel O;  Fire/Swords is the Vowel I;  Air/Wands is the Vowel E and Spirit/Cords is the Vowel U.   My tarot deck already has the vowel or consonant on each card but until i can publish it …

Here is a way to use any tarot deck for spiritual alchemy; that is magick specifically focused on shifting energies and manifestations.  Decide what it is you want to shift, which in our case could be the energies of a jack chick track etc. Do the reading that lets you know what is wrong, using the bible tract as a focus. Take the cards that you want to shift and replace them with cards you are comfortable with or want to see instead, after turning the bible tract upside down or even removing it.  Redo the reading and get a sense of the new energies and situation.  Take a picture of this and use the picture as a focusing aid when you send energy to the situation.  Pretend the new situation is what was read the first time, not what you originally saw.  Make any changes needed to help assure the manifestation of the new situation.

If there is something you want to transform that was not shown to you by a tarot reading, then decide exactly what you want transformed and the end results. A simple Elemental Cross would work as would any other spread that appeals to you. The sonic creating spreads are good to spell out the energies of the end results. I have incorporated crystals, ritual, music, chanting and Reiki for my spiritual alchemy as these engage all the senses, but it is up to you how you want to perform it.

    Creating Sonics.

Here are a few ideas on creating your own sonics for healing, blessing, magick, and transformation.  Once you understand the process, invent your own ways to make them.  Even though each of the spreads is preceded by a reading, you can skip the reading and create a sonic using your intuition and what looks, sounds and feels right, Please note: if you get any of the following transcendent cards, you need to use what is on the card for the vowels, no matter what the rest of the reading may say; Lords of Light, Dames of Darkness and the Dragon Kin.  These allow a flexibility that you may not get otherwise.  You can separate the vowels along with using them as they are shown on the card.

Don’t forget, do these to heal parts of Terra too; use Her spread and create healing sonics for Her elemental and other children!  However, I suspect it’ll take time to get our collective unconscious primed enough to let the tarot read more that just our personal stuff. Keep playing with these ideas until things click.  Terra needs our help.

One tool I’ve recently discovered is the Himalayan Singing (metal) bowl. These’re popularly known as Tibetan Singing Bowls. These are wonderful to use while you are chanting mantras or sonics or toning. You can place samples of water, soil or water in the bowl and send healing that way.  You can place a crystal in the bowl and intend that it link with Terras’ crystalline grid and send healing that way.  Once you have your sonic, you can use drums, rattles, singing or crystal bowls or even harps to help you carry your healing to Mother Earth.  Obviously magickal aikido can be treated likewise.

CREATING A GENERAL SONIC. Randomly shuffle the whole deck and then improvise a reading with the intention to create a sonic.  (Try using simple sacred geometry forms as patterns to create sonics if you’re into sacred geometry).  Another way is to choose cards out of the deck and make your own sonic.

AN ELEMENTAL SONIC CREATING SPREAD.   Shuffle your deck and do a reading using only five cards.  Bypass the reading if you only want to create a sonic.   #1 is what is going on in your earth plane;  #2 is what is going on in your area of passions; #3 is the gift of spirit, #4 shows what maybe blocking your watery element and #5 shows the flaws in thinking.  If the reading indicates that trouble is coming or energies need to be shifted, then you take it to a second step.  You have several choices at this point.
Creating a Single Element Sonic. If your reading indicated problems only in one element, then use the one of the following ways to create a remedial sonic.
A) Separate the suits into individual piles. Shuffle the element of choice (i.e. Graals) with the transcendent cards.  Leave the others aside.   Now shuffle with the intent to create the perfect sonic, using only the transcendent powers and element cards.  Lay them out and see what they “spell“.  If the spelling appeals to you, use it as it is.  Otherwise, add a melody that you enjoy and play around with the “spelling” to create something that “sings”.
B) Bypass the shuffling and reading, look through the element and major cards to spell out something specific.
Creating a Multi-Elemental Sonic.  Follow the procedure for a single sonic but use up to all of the elemental suits.
Creating an All-Encompassing Elemental Sonic.  This has mini-sonics using the Transcendent card and each elemental card woven into a longer sonic.

A COSMIC SONIC CREATING SPREAD. Shuffle your deck, then do a reading using only three cards. These represent the Cosmic Father, the Earth Mother and Space/Spirit which underlies, ties and binds. Again, bypass the reading if you want.  #1 is what is going on cosmically;  #2 what kind of space is there, what kind of ties or blocks are you encountering; #3 how are things manifesting.  If the reading indicates problems,  move to the next step.
Creating a Single Cosmic Sonic.    Do a reading using only the Transcendent Power cards.   Create a sonic to shift however many are negative.
A)  Choose the ace of each element and the Transcendent Power card of interest.  Randomly shuffle the six cards, face down.   Lay them face down and turn them over, one at a time.  The two elemental aces around the card are the ones to use.  If they spell something that flows, then use what you have laid out.  Otherwise play with them until they “click” into something that feels right.
B) You can choose to spell something out without a reading.
Creating a Multi-Cosmic Sonic.  Follow the procedure for a single sonic but use two or all three of the transcendent cards.
Creating an All-Encompassing Cosmic Sonic.  This would have mini-sonics using all three Transcendent cards and each elemental card woven together.

A TERRA SONIC CREATING SPREAD.  Shuffle your deck and do a reading using the spread below; note that for position #3, you need to lay out 3 different cards.  #1 shows the air quality, the state of the atmosphere.  #2 is what is going on in the area of energy, soil, volcanoes etc.  #3 represents any or all of the following:  the effect that our group mind/collective unconscious is having on Terras’ mind, the effects our emotional energies are having on Terra in general and the effect our activities are having on Her.  #4 shows the state of the waters, oceans, lakes etc and  #5 is what is going on in the land, soil and earth.  (You can use a card for each of the three concepts mentioned in #3, just change the card numbering to reflect the extra cards.)  After this reading, lay out a reading that is more positive and create a sonic from it.  You can use any of the earlier techniques to help shift things too.  In a pinch, use the pendulum over Fionns’ Window to create a sonic.

3 Special Earth healing and protecting cards

Here are the pictures of 3 transcendent power cards, of my copyrighted but not yet published tarot deck to be used in our and Terras’ defense.    You can meditate on the pictures while asking for help or use the images as part of a spell.

22. Lords of Light
Card Description:  A large yellow and red triangle set against a dark sky scene.  At the top point is a Sun, at the lower right point is a glowing wand and the lower left tip points to a radiant sword. Its number is 22, is a source of cosmic energies, its sound pattern is an ascending IAO and its Ogham is THE MISTLETOE.
Card meanings: “The Lords of Light” is a fairly common phrase in the metaphysical and spiritual communities; here it is used to represent a special trinity of interest to this deck and Earth Service. The Sun represents MABON, the SUN KING; The Sword represents Michael, the WARRIOR-KING (a.k.a. Archangel or Saint), and the Wand represents “The Merlin”, the PRIEST-KING (a.k.a. The Magickian or Wizard). Young Son, adult Warrior and elder Mage are special energies to aid Terra with.
General meanings: Special cosmic help is available if you ask, this is especially good for ridding areas of negative energies and working with Cosmos.

23.  Dames of Darkness
Card Description:  A similar triangle, except being dark blue and silver, is set against a cloudy sky during a lunar eclipse.   At the base is a quarter moon;  the upper left hand point is a dark glowing Graal and the upper right hand point is a Cosmosgrid.  Its’ number is 23, the symbol is of THE MORNING GLORY, its sound is a descending OAI and its Ogham is MISTLETOE going upward.
Card meanings:  Here, we have another trinity: The Dames of Darkness. These Beings of Cosmos, are comrades of and co-workers with the Lords of Light. They are willing to aid us as we bring healing to Terra, Her children and life. The Moon represents the young maiden, Nimue; the Graal represents the Mother, Modron (Mabons’ mother) and the Cosmosgrid represents Dame Ragnall, the Crone. Light and the Creative, Positive Darkness are both part of the cycle of life on Terra.  Here we have the velvety dark of the creative womb and the healing power of the night.
General meanings:  special cosmic feminine energies are available if you ask, these are specially geared toward working with the womb/void, the creative dark;  they can help you deal with the dark side of life and yourself.  Do not ask to work with them about your darkness until you are truly ready though.  As you work with them, more meanings will arise.

24.  The Dragon Kin
Card Description:  A Dragons Tree of Life is set against a deep sky with lots of brilliant stars.  A red and yellow dragon and his partner, a blue silver dragon are holding up the Tree.  Its number is 24, symbol is of the elements, sound is a continuous UUUEEEUUU and its’ Ogham is THE GROVE.
Card meanings: Dragons, in various forms and environments, have been universally recognized both through time and the world. They exist around the world and are recognized and befriended by magickal people in the present. My experience, and I am NOT an expert, has been that they tend to be elemental; but some reside in the different parts of the Tree of Life. Treat them with the same respect that you would like to receive from them.  Prove that you are reliable and willing to work to help our beloved Terra.  Then they will come and become co-workers with you.
General meanings: special energies are available, but you need to befriend the dragons before you can work together to benefit other beings.  Once befriended though, you can do much good for Terra.

Thank you for your patience with the scattered approach of this blog; i hope something inspires you to help shift the energies of the religious reich.  There is all that energy out there causing harm, we have the skills and knowledge to shift it to do good.   Tashi Dalek and Danse


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