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THE 7 HERMETIC PRINCIPLES: Principles for Transformation ….

THE 7 HERMETIC PRINCIPLES: Principles for Transformation ….

Greetings and welcome back to Magick and the Green Dragon.  Here is my understanding of the 7 Hermetic Principles.  I originally discovered them through Laurie Cabots’ POWER OF THE WITCH book, which i highly recommend in general.  i later got my own copy of The Kybalion.   i studied Taoist Chi Gong with Master Mantak Chia back in the 1990s for a few years and have continued to study it on my own ever since.

The 7 Hermetic Principles as defined by the 3 Initiates’ The Kybalion.

1. The Principle of Mentalism.

2. The Principle of Correspondence.

3. The Principle of Vibration.

4. The Principle of Polarity.

5. The Principle of Rhythm.

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect.

7. The Principle of Gender.
1.   Principle of Mentalism.  “All is Mind”.   Illiaster,  Chi, Prana, Spirit.   This unknowable and indefinable, appears to be at the root of every religion.   i tried to think how we might be able to envision how it works and realized that the “Holodeck” of Star Trek was probably the best concept.  Once you are in the holodeck you tell the system what you want, in detail and specify danger levels (if you are fighting or doing something along those line).  Within seconds, what you want manifests completely around you, fully formed to your senses.    “thought creates everything.”

2.   Principle of Correspondence.  “As above, so below; as within, so without”; also “”As below, so above; as without, so within”.  I noticed that the emphasize is different depending on what spiritual path you are looking at.  Zen and Ayurveda have you tidy up your earth-plane surroundings first, with the understanding that it both reflects upward and yet back to you your inherent cosmic order.  Other systems appear to have the cosmic mainly reflected down and outward.
If you think about it there is more to life than meets the eye.  Everything exists in every dimension.  I do not know if that is the result of wormholes, of black and white holes or what.  But everything is connected and this allows us to use correspondences for our magick and spiritual work.  Say we want to feel abundance as we have never really had it in our life.  We use this principle to tap into the energy of abundance and bring it into our being so we can draw it or manifest it in our lives.   This is something i am working on, how to be abundant yet still in harmony with Mother Earth and all her children.

3.    Principle of Vibration.  Everything is in motion, even if it feels “solid” to the senses.  Quantum Physics has now discovered what mystic have known for centuries, everything is energy and vibrates. At one time i was taught that the average atom is itself 90% space (though things are more complicated than that now).   Things that feel solid are just very slow moving energies.  Look at the four elemental states: solid (earth), fluid (water), gas (air) and radiation (fire).  Israel Regardie has a nice little book out entitled THE ART OF TRUE HEALING which shows a way to accomplish this law quite nicely using sound, color, chant, and the Hermetic Tree of Life.  Attune  to the vibration of what you want in your life and it will manifest.

4.    Principle of Polarity.  All energies vibrate from their lowest to highest expressions.   You can shift energies from one extreme to another.   This is “Mental Alchemy”.    I’ve found similar concepts in hypnotherapy  and books by martial artists.  This is of big interest to us in magickal aikido and shifting the energies of the prayer warriors into energies we can benevolently use.  The Hermetic Tree of Life is a useful tool to show us polarities, though i’m showing one set of planetary meanings:

saturn: devotion and bitterness
jupiter: benevolence and bigotry
mars: courage/ justice and cruelty/revenge
sun: illumination and arrogance
venus:   sensuality and decadence
mercury: logical thought and rigidity
moon: creativity and spaced-outness

you can balance opposing sphere energies:
mercy (jupiter) and force (mars)
aesthetics/creatvitiy (venus) and logic (mercury)

here are some general polarities:

poverty and abundance
fear and love
illness and health
loneliness and companionship
hate and peace
anger and compassion
pain and pleasure (freud appeared to like this one)
worry/anxiety and hope
doubt and certainty

5.   Principle of Rhythm.  There is rhythm to the universe and to every aspect of it.  For every action there is a corresponding reaction.  Rise above these tides by using them so you’ll no longer be trapped by them.  Determine where you want to be then polarize yourself with the energies.  This neutralizes the swinging back and forth.  From a strictly intellectual viewpoint this makes sense to me, but from a practical viewpoint i have a long way to go.

6.   Principle of Cause & Effect.  Until you can rise above the realm you are most conscious of, you will be victim to its prevailing energies.  Once you start working with Law at a higher level, you’ll start living life as a game, and have mastery over your material plane.   Still working on this one too.

7.  Principle of Gender.   There’re two great polarities in the COSMOS, this concept applies strictly to all creating, generating and regenerating.  It composes everything in existence; the dance of life is an interplay between these:   Force and Form, Yin and Yang, Shakti and Shiva, Life and Death, Male and Female …  The masculine is the positive/energy/force aspect and the feminine is the negative/form aspect.  We are used to living in a world of dualities so this makes sense.

These flow together to help create what I call “Spiritual alchemy”, the ability to shift the negativity from any situation and end up with positive results.  The next post will cover the transformation process itself.   If you like ideas like these, you might want to check out Dr. Quantum (Dr. Fred Alan Wolff).  You can watch him on youtube and check out his really cool materials.

Cabot, Laurie and Tom Cowan.  POWER OF THE WITCH.  NY: Delta.       1990.  0-385-30189-8


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