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As below, so above; as without, so within … or so we thought

Ephesians 6:10-12 (comments in italics are mine). Finally, be strengthened in the Lord (a mediterranean tribal deity run amuck who gained ascendency mostly by fear and bloodshed … ) and in the strength of his power (think of all his followers, blindly doing his bidding, offering him energy).   6:11 Clothe yourselves with the full armor of God so that you may be able to stand against the schemes  of the devil. (anyone they do not like, trust or who opposes Gods’ [really their] will)  6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood (actually it is but they already much of big businesses, much of the military, and politicians: they just want it all),  but against the rulers (our Gods and Goddesses), against the powers (Spirit, the elements and forces of nature, throw in science to be complete … ), against the world rulers of this darkness (hey, there is too much temptation, uppity women etc…),  against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens (our deities again).   (1)

Greetings and welcome back to Magick and the Green Dragon.  I grew up with a tame version of the above admonition.  But being a woman, they made sure to remind me that i was saved through the blood of christ, otherwise i was damned just because i was a woman.   Today we are going to look at what group minds and souls are, the role they play in “spiritual warfare” and why we need to step in to add energetic protections and magickal aikido to the equation.  One magickal mindset against another.  I know I have mentioned Dion Fortune a great deal of the time;  however another source i highly recommend (that i have just unpacked) Dolores Ashcroft-Nowickis’ Ritual Magic Workbook.  She gets into the concept of Group Minds and Souls in Month Seven.

From Wikipedia:  I honestly can not say this any better than they did, so here it is in its entirety.  “According to the Christian Science Monitor, “C. Peter Wagner, head of Global Harvest Ministries in Colorado Springs, Colo., is in the vanguard of the [spiritual warfare] movement.”[8] Others might disagree.[citation needed] In the version of spiritual warfare of Wagner and his associates and followers, “spiritual mapping”, or “Mapping” involves research and prayer to locate specific individuals who are then accused of witchcraft, or individuals, groups, or locations that are thought to be victims of witchcraft or possessed by demons, against which spiritual warfare is then waged.[9] Peter Wagner claims that this type of spiritual warfare was “virtually unknown to the majority of Christians before the 1990s”.[10] According to Wagner, the basic methodology is to use “spiritual mapping”[9] to locate areas,[6] demon-possessed persons, occult practitioners such as witches and FreeMasons, or occult idol objects like statues of Catholic saints,[11] which are then named and fought, using methods ranging from intensive prayer to burning with fire, “they must burn the idols… the kinds of material things that might be bringing honor to the spirits of darkness: pictures, statues, Catholic saints, Books of Mormon… and what have you…. the witches and warlocks had surrounded the area … When the flames shot up, a woman right behind Doris [Wagner’s wife] screamed and manifested a demon, which Doris immediately cast out!” [12]”(2)  Scary, crazy stuff.  I grew up with ostracizing, whispering behind ones back, and heard rumors of de-programming in high school and college. Obviously it was not enough for these guys.

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki says that group minds can be considered like “team spirit”.  The very root of a group mind is that it takes intense emotion and energy to create it.  If the group does not last long, then it will dissipate.  But if the group gets back together it quickly and easily reforms.  You find a negative group mind manifests when mass hysteria creates a mob.  Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki mentioned that Hitler knew how to use words and emotions to create a negative group mind and look what happened. I remember some visiting preacher at one of the churches i grew up in telling us that if we did not repent we were as bad as Hitler.

How many of you have noticed how powerful and manipulative advertising is? What do they target?  Our emotions and group minds.  This whole concept is a more behind the scenes way of looking at things, yet it is equally valid.  Growing up I never heard of being “gay”; women knew their places and many never dreamed of equality.  It took people willing to create an emotional energetic “thought-form” (a mini-group mind) and then live it, for these concepts to finally become “mainstream”.  I read a marvelous book recently about the life stories of both Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune and how they lived their “dream”, helping to usher in the energetic free-for-all and life affirming possibilities that we now enjoy and may have to participate in magickal aikido to keep.

We can call our “labels” a type of group mind.  There’re ethnic group minds that we participate in by our very ethnic group.  I’m your basic WASP (white anglo-scottish panentheist).   I have a different emotional set, being from the Stoic MidWest compared to other parts of the USA where people are free with their emotions (I know, I’ve been called a computer by some repair men down south when i worked as a telephone dispatcher.)   School creates a group mind; I know I miss the GSW and am getting things done so I can go back; the GSW is home for me.  Being a sports fan or loving some musical group has you participate in a specialized group mind.  it is alright, it’s all part of our energetic reality.  Group minds, when created in a spiritual group, can attract higher energies and “ensoul” the mind making it an “artificial elemental”.  This is how “contacted” mystery schools are formed.

How many of you have discovered the fact, that if you and a fellow magick-user who is hostile toward you, share the same spirits — these joint spirits can be used against you. I’m dealing with a crazy lady who’s heavy into shamanism but we share a similar animal totem.   My GSWs’ DADA 101 professor said that if she wanted, she could use that totem to cause me harm.   I believe the Arthurians are being used against us since their lower “might makes right” vibrations are being called upon in many bible camps around the USA.  For example: there is a billboard on a main drag  that i go by with my parents that advertises “Power Bible Camp”; their cross is a stake with a cross on top.  Are they calling on the Arthurians? I do not know but would not be surprised.  However, I believe that we can help the Arthurians to be free of the shackles they are in now by calling for them in their Mabinogion Pagan aspects, or even using John and Caithlins Matthews THE ARTHURIAN TAROT.

These prayer warriors are creating their own avenging group minds and “angels” to cause harm to the rest of us.  I personally believe that they are warping the Christed One too.  I know they took their projections and named it “Satan”.  Now I believe they are warping Jesus Christ: he’s not the being that Hindu gurus, and other religious leaders from other religions admire because of his calls for compassion and harmony.  He’s the avenging christ found in revelations.  Once when i was back from college, i went to one of the churches i grew up in, just to see how i’d react.  I am not that psychic, but i swear, the visiting minister was standing in a column of flames with a distorted christ overshadowing him; whether in agony or anger i do not know.  it creeped me out royally.  what was even scarier was that the preacher had been at the same bible college when i was there.

So they send out the revelations version of christ from who has came to divide the world with a sword.  They believe strongly enough that their energies are in the right that they create very strong group minds; plus they have the money, they have the networking, they have the sheep and they have the clout.   I remember working with a guy who was planning to go to law school so he could make christian laws and make this a christian nation. “again”.

They may actually be able to cause harm to various concepts (look what is happening to abortion rights and how many are proud to kill the doctors involved) and our deities; especially some of the newer ones who are just being manifested (Caffenia [sp. ?] is an example).  I believe they are studying our ways; when they discovered we were not like sheep who could be led around by guilt they had to find another way to get to us.  I know this was a concern; back in the 1980s, at my parents place, i noticed a Christian Standard newsletter that talked about the problems converting Pagans (they were too strong, did not believe in the authority of the bible nor did they defer to the authority of gods messenger … gee i wonder why).  There is a customer who buys new age and occult stuff but i was taken aback when she mentioned the devil was in the occult … remember The Book of Five Rings is a very popular book for businesses and groups. Since they can not  or rarely convert us, they are turning to their forms of magick … we are seeing the result.

Using their spiritual mapping, they  can drive out any and all “unwanted”.  Remember how Sarah Palin was said to be associated with a prayer warrior group that drove out a Wiccan Chaplain from an Alaska prison; not only that but she developed cancer and they blinded her in 1 eye.   I live 3 blocks from my my parents church;  a couple times a year get anonymous bible tracts, i believe the men who deliver them are cowards.  I spent 17 years in very big, scary cities and learned to only open the doors when people properly identify themselves. At least the last 2 were, they did not give their full names, they just stuck a bible tract in my door and ran away.  I am not that much of a discordian, but if i get an anonymous bible tract, i mail the church an anonymous latter about Buddhism and other religions as a reflection of their tract (the first one i did was on the 4 noble truths – the tract was about the 4 steps to heaven …) and ask them if they enjoy the not knowing?   I’ve not been able to afford the “anti-tracts” yet from the ATC; the best one is we are the other people”, the story of Oberon and Morning Glory Zell-Ravenhearts encounter with 2 Jehovah witnesses I think they were.  It is jam-packed with bible verses proving that “we are the other people”

Group Souls, fortunately are harder to reach; however even they are able to be affected.  These are astral energetic patterns, archetypes etc that various beings evolve away from.  Example: my cat come from a cat group soul;  my cat has heard 500,000 Tibetan Buddhist mantras;  she relays that experience back to the cat group soul, hopefully bringing benefit to the whole.  I do not know as much about the group souls; just that whatever is reinforced in the mainstream group mind becomes part of the group soul in time.   Going back to how i grew up is not my idea of a good, positive, life-affirming time.

Next time I will finally get to how to shift and transform energies.  Apparently this blog was my way of releasing all the crap i got back in bible college and did not realize it.

Tashi Dalek and Danse in the DragonWinds,!bible/Ephesians6:10-12  (8-6-11)  (1)

Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores.  Ritual Magic Workbook.  York Beach ME: Weiser  1998   ISBN: 157863-04502    Seventh Month discussion covers the Group Mind & Soul. (8-6-11) (8-6-11) (2) (8-6-11)


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