Posted by: rosenthorn | July 27, 2011

An idea to deal with the 50 state prayer warrior attack this Hallowmas

I’ve been showed by the Dragons I work with, a couple of visualizations to use to help shift the upcoming prayer warriors energies in their attack on each of the 50 states (  These can be used alone or as part of a ritual, by individuals or groups.

The simplest is 13 layers, one on top of another, of very strong but very fine mesh of violet light.  See this violet light webbing as a complete sphere, encompassing the target above and below ground: be it a group, a city, an area or a state.  At the very top place a glowing orange pentacle, or let an orange holographic pentacle image permeate the web, so the energies definitely get diverted to the webbing.

See the prayer energies as a sharp dark energy that crackles and sizzles when it hits the violet flame.  You can call on St. Germains help if you want
St. Germain, let your flame, transform these malicious energies,
Help keep us free and guard our Liberty,
So that all beings can live happy, healthy and free.
So mote it be.

Once the energies have passed through the webbing, they should be stripped of their negative intent and now be a fairly mellow light energy.  Ask that part of the new energies be sent to strengthen our American Lady of Sovereignty: Columbia and the rest just benefit the target area and all of Gaia and Her children in that area.

#2.  Use the above process but use the image I have included of dragons on an orange web.

Call on the dragons to help you create the web, chant 3-9 times or more.
Dragons, Dragons Wild and free, Dragons weave this web for me …
the dominionists prayers to attract, channel and hold,
where they can be transformed from dross to gold.

Then activate the violet flame center:
St. Germain, use your violet flame, the dominionists prayers to shift
with dragonic aid, the transformations are made,
to us these prayers become a gift
so we can use these energies as we will
with Life, Light, Love, Law, Mystery, Truth and Spirit ….  may our life overfill.

You can take either of the webbing ideas and place them over each state in the beginning (Kitka says hi) and build the webbing too while focusing on each days targets to help shift.  You can add the following to make them into a simple ritual: 2 violet candles, 1 orange candle, and ametrines and/or amethysts.

Well, thank you for your time and good fortune to you all … Just thought of something, once we get these webs firmly established, and the Arthurians brought back into a higher energy level & their Pagan aspects restored, as long as the dominionists keep praying, we will have access to a lot more energy than we ourselves could come up with … Danse in the DragonWinds,



  1. Sort of like a big Bug Zapper… i likeit! 🙂

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