Posted by: rosenthorn | July 17, 2011

Oh what a tangled world we weave ….

Greetings and welcome back to Magick and the Green Dragon.  Today we are going to look at what “as above so below, as within so without” can really mean for us, energetically.  We talk about living in a world of energy, but many of us don’t have a clear image of what that may mean, since we may not be very psychic, energetically sensitive or on the other extreme, we’re overwhelmed and have energetically shutdown so as to survive our muggle lives (guilty as charged …  empathy is a bummer, especially when you work retail).  I was struck with a realization about this when i saw what i thought was a shabby but berry heavy vine at my parents.  Turns out it was a grapevine that was covered with dozens of japanese beetles; that image made me think about all the prayers that suck and rip away a persons energies over time;  hence this post.

Have you really thought about how energies work, at least personally and magickally.  BAB in her book, hands of light, has a remarkable page showing the various energetic defense systems humans use.  These range from the standard energetic shield taught for self-protection, to people whose energies form into prickles, tentacles and even overwhelming with a massive energy dump.  Later I discovered Richard Millers book The Psychic Energy Workbook; plus during my brief time with the Bujinkan Ninja (9 Gates Institute of Stephen K Hayes) there was talk about energy awareness.  I have plans to hold workshops and classes exploring this, as for a lot of us, including me, it’ll be very useful.

Most of us are familiar with the idea of thoughtforms; many are familiar with the idea of creation artificial elemental, servitors; and some are familiar with the creation of god-forms.  We discuss, and search for, links and cords.  Yet most of the time we do not think about the energetic versions of viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungus.  Nor do we think about how small energetic “critters” may wear our defenses down.   If you’re like me, you may not see the energetic “free-for-all” that surrounds us.  As with the physical body, these “pug-uglies” usually do not affect us as long as our defenses are strong.  But seeing those japanese beetles overwhelming the grapevine made me think of all the prayers the extremists send pout daily; and the concentrated prayers of revivals and 5th sunday rallies.  (My parents still pray for my salvation even while i am at the table with them, i usually invoke Green Tara.)  Many of them are in serious battle mode so they send major energetic volleys of energy out at us continually.

Now, yes in general, strong defenses are the best way to handle energetic critters and interference.   I’m not a good example of strong shielding and defenses, due to empathy, being born in the wrong kind of magickal family and a psi-vamp for one of my parents.   Let us look at the things that can slip past our defenses.  Obviously karma and karmic contracts play a role; i can put up all the shields i want but my parents prayers may move on past them, since they are my parents, and we’re still on speaking terms. It’s helpful to look for energetic links that need to be acknowledged and dissolved, and for karmic contracts that need to be re-written.  The sheer amount of energy that was put in their prayers and the amount of time they have spent praying, adds up, over years, (especially when they get people at church and preachers to pray for me too …).  Compare that to my feeble attempts at shielding, thus the energies may get through.  Like being overwhelmed by japanese beetles.

However, for those who do not have the continual energetic exposure to these destructive energies, they still may get hit by them.  Now the energies may come in unexpected ways. The gentleman who wrote the wonderful article about creating avenging angel catchers is an example of discovering one way of being attacked.  Some fundies are now creating their own avenging angel thoughtforms to cause harm to anyone they dislike, want converted and/or out of the limelight.  I personally believe that even the strongest mage can be worn down if s/he’s been targeted over several years.   Gods I hope I’m wrong.

Continual sending of nasty energies can break through when the Mage is tired, sick or has a down moment.   We are human, we are going to break down, at least mundanely.  These guys take advantage of that.   I was told the Jack Chick tracts were designed to make you feel like sh*t so you would realize you needed to repent and accept JC as saviour.  I almost committed suicide thanks to receiving a JC track back when i was first stepping out on the magickal path.  I’d finally left the crazies behind, and had worked up the courage to do a stripped down version of a ritual from Al Mannings “Helping Yourself with White Witchcraft”. The day i planned on doing my first ritual, i got a package from some guy i didn’t know, who lived in kansas.  he sent me the book THE SATAN SELLER and a JC tract.  I spent 3 intense, emotional hours going back and forth between fear and the future; i finally said screw it, there had to be something better than what i was leaving behind,  i threw the book and tract away, did the ritual and the rest is history and bad memories  ;;).

But for those Mages and Sages who’re well protected and have never had any connection with these crazies, i believe there’re still ways they can be reached and slowly harmed.   Please remember, I’m not attempting to get us paranoid and full of panic, I’m interested in having us see what is possible and if that helps explain why so many elders, authors and teachers have been hit with cancer, misfortune and death.   I suspect that even Aleister Crowley had some interference due to all those praying for him.  They may be reachable through the group mind, the group soul and the collective unconscious.  Sometimes even the deities can be a vehicle.  I will get more into this in the next posting.

Next post I will propose an explanation, besides karma and lessons we choose to learn, why i believe we need to step up and protect our energy systems, deities and the energies of our planet from these “prayer warriors”.  Danse in the freeflowing DragonWinds,

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