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Tools to use.

You will need some basic tools for your rituals.  

Elementally you need: an Air Wand, a Fire Blade, a Water Chalice or Cauldron, a Round Table of Law or a Black tile with a Silver Pentacle on it, a Spirit purple cord and purple votive cup, plus a Round Table of Life.
A round table for the altar, a white altar cloth, red and white tapers plus candle holders (or use jar candles), a general wand, a general blade, an incense burner, a Dragon statue, a symbol representing the Lord and Lady, a Himalayan (metal) singing bowl and striker, a silver bough*, a drum and or rattle, a Sangraal Circle, your Grammary (BoS), ritual garb if you desire them and a ring and pendant.
If you are using the Dragons Graal Tarot, you will need the reading Cloth along with the above for your work.
If you are working with the Round Table of Life, you’ll need to make your own Ogham Fews, have a bag for them and a casting cloth if you are so inclined (use the Tarot reading cloth, it works very well).  You will need to set aside a special box and collect various trinkets to aid in your magick and spiritual alchemy.  You can print off the archaic symbols I’ve included and glue them to wooden “nickels”. When you start collecting your trinkets for spell-casting, you will be amazed where they come from and what shows up.  It will become a life-long search for the perfect symbols to use on your personal RTL for your personal Life spell.     You will need to make the various oils, incense and powders found in the Materia Magicka if you plan to use them.

Making your Ritual Tools.
Make a general wand out of oak or willow;  your air wand, out of hazel and your staff out of oak, ash or black walnut.  Your chalice can be a goblet or cauldron.  Just make sure it is safe to drink from.  The fire blade is a knife that you need to paint the handle red.  Use both a square “Pentacle” and the Round Table of Law.
Consecrate these tools on a Full moon.  Dedicate them to the service of the Light, the Creative positive dark, and to benefit all beings, to the Arthurians, to your own growth and to Terra.  If you have the opportunity and are interested, obtain a large wooden chest and line it with silk.  Paint sigils and fewsets over it and decorate it any way you like as long as it is protective and contains the energies of the tools.
Robes plus a special ring and pendant are a part of your ritual wear.

Other tools to use with the Round Table.
The Round Table of Law is another symbol of the element of earth and of the north.  It is easy to make.  Make a black and white copy of the Law table itself, color in the red sections and attach to a solid black base, be it wood, a picture frame or a ceramic floor tile.  I recommend a square shape, but the round form works well too.
The Sangraal Circle is very simple.  Obtain an “Advent wreathe” set: they are usually available around Yule at mainstream religious supply shops.  This is a four candle metal wreathe (save the candles for other uses).  Designate which holder will hold what element by painting each holder the elemental color.   Unless you are doing something specific, place a white or purple candle in the center.   Use it instead of colored votive cups when you ground your work by placing elementally colored tapers in the holders and lighting the tapers, one by one as you chant the spell.  Use it to decorate your seasonal home shrine.  If Hallowmass is coming, alternate orange and black candles with a skull or other shape in the center; if Yule is coming, use the candles in the Solstice count-down; if Roodmass, use green and flower colored candles with a maypole in the center, and so on.   Decorate it with pine, rosemary, holly and mistletoe for Yule, green leaves or flowers for the growing and flowering seasons and, if you are careful, dried leaves and grain for the harvest season (just don’t light the candles while flammables are part of the wreathe at the base.)
A Containment/Storage “box” is a useful item if you deal with a lot of negatively charged items needing cleansing.  Ideally you need a large lead-lined box.  But for most things, use a large five gallon popcorn tin.  Clean it out well; cleanse using the elements.  Paint the outside, plus the lid, midnight blue or white and line the inside with silk.  Draw the general tool and box fewsets in gold and silver.  Create fewsets and sigils for not only the Arthurians, but also the Archangels Michael and Ashtar and add them on the outside.  Paint the special protective fewset on the inside of the lid with gold.  Empower it using the consecration ritual.  You may want to shellac the inside, as you will, often, have to throw salt and herbs in the can with your item(s) when you use it.
It is easy to use: take the item, wrap it in extra silk, if you can, and place it in the “box”.   Depending what it is, pack salt and herbs around it or just toss in a handful of salt and herbs.  Then close it.   Invoke a cosmosphere around the item inside.  (Treat the tin like a single-room TARDIS from Dr. Who, in the sense that it becomes a special void, outside of time, space and matter/the world.)  Thou art trapped in time, secured in space and confined in containing cosmic consciousness.  This (name of item) is trapped and sealed by Spirit, and is bound by TRUTH in Service  to the Light.  So mote it be.  When you’re ready to remove the item, release the cosmosphere while saying:   Thou, (item), as you come back into time and re-remerge into space, art still contained, constrained and bound to and in the Light . So mote it be.

*A Silver Bough.  Respectfully cut an apple branch that is about the length of your forearm and paint it silver.  Using silver wire, attach silver bells.

To prepare to cleanse, bless, empower and consecrate your  tools.
Once you’ve obtained the appropriate tool or tools, cleanse using each of the four elements, (unless something will stain or dissolve).  Thus your blade can be run through incense smoke,  waved through a candle flame or small fire (don’t get burned), sprinkled with water and then earth using the chants below.  If you received your tools from an unknown source, please cleanse daily from the first sliver of the moon to the full moon (ideally you should cleanse from a full moon to a dark moon, then just let the item soak up good vibes during the waxing moon until you empower it) to make sure that there are no surprises and that they are completely attuned to you.  Remember that you use these same techniques for your Round Table of Law, and any other other tools; plus the Dragons Graal Tarot deck.  Note, you do not draw fewsets in the corners of the Table of Law.

Elemental chants for tool preparation.
Powers of air, cleanse and bless this tool, to be fair.
Power of fire, cleanse and bless this tool, with your energies inspire.
Powers of sea, cleanse and bless this tool, to work for me.
Powers of earth, cleanse and bless this tool of worth.
Powers of three-fold Spirit, cleanse and bless this tool, of negativity, clear it.

To Consecrate the Round Table, your tools and/or your tarot.

After doing a general blessing for everything in your Round Table set or for your Dragons Graal tarot work, you need to do a formal dedication, blessing, empowering and consecration.  To the Tree ritual you need to add the following:  water in the grail or cauldron in the west,  salt in a small bowl in the north, a lit candle in the south and smoking incense in the east.  You need the Cord of Space and an Anointing Oil.  Have your Fews, the Table, your trinkets and anything else ready to be consecrated and empowered.

After you declare the purpose in the basic ritual, you take the Table or item and go to the east.  Here you hold the item over the smoke and say “I cleanse and bless  thee by air”.  Next you move to the south and hold it carefully, over the candle flame and say  “I cleanse and bless  thee by fire”.  Move to the west, sprinkle with water and say “I cleanse and bless  thee by water“.   Move To the north and sprinkle with salt and say “I cleanse and bless thee by earth”.  Return to the center and wrap with the cord and say “I bind thee by truth to the Light”.

Now show the item to every direction, asking the Arthurians to bless and empower it.
East:   Hail Taliesin, Mighty  Teacher & Guardian of Wind & Storm, Securing the Staff of Life;  Hail ye Ayrverns, elemental dragons of Air. Please bless and empower this (item name)  Together may we serve the Light always.

South:  HAIL King Arthur, Mighty Protector and Guardian of Fire and Flame, Wielding the Sword of Light.   Hail ye Firedrakes, elemental dragons of Fire.   Please bless and empower this (item name). Together may we serve the Light always.

West:  “HAIL Lady of the Lake, Mighty Seer and Guide to the Watery depths, Carrying the Cauldron of Love.  Hail ye Waterwyrms, elemental dragons of Water.  Please bless and empower this (item name).  Together may we serve the Light always.

North:  “HAIL Dame Ragnall, Mighty Transformer and Guardian of Form & Earth, Revealing the Round Table of Law.   Hail ye Terralisks, elemental dragons of Earth.    Please bless and empower this (item name).  Together may we serve the Light always.

Above:  “HAIL Sir Galahad,  Mighty One who Has  achieved the Graal and Moved on, wearing the Crown of enlightenment, ye Celeverns, elemental dragons of Enlightenment. Please bless and empower this (item name).  Together may we serve the Light always.

Below:  “HAIL  Sir Bors, Guardian of Malkuth and Terra, wearing the shoes of Sangraal service to all sentient beings, ye Immalisks, elemental dragons of Immanence.  Please bless and empower this (item name).  Together may we serve the Light always.

All Around:  HAIL Dame Dindraine, weaving the girdle of truth,  Mighty one who Ties and Binds  & ye Ouralisks, elemental dragons of  Circumference & Binding.     Please bless and empower this (item name).  Together may we serve the Light always.

Repeat for each set of tools then return to the general ritual process, do a divination to make sure everything is okay.  Offer a libation, and give thanks.  Close down.   Record experience.   Wrap in silk and store in a special place.


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