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Reference Section

Stones, Gems and Metals of Interest.

AGATE.   Generally empowers.   Agate geodes strengthen psychic abilities.
AMAZONITE.  Courage, ability to speak clearly and truthfully.
AMBER.    Absorbs negativity (needs to be cleared), brings in good fortune.
AMETHYST.  Transmutes negative into positive energies, reconciles opposites, moderates
passions, balances imbalance, brings peace to troubled places and protects in
unpleasant environments, dream healing, protection.
AMETRINE.  Assist’s the intellect to reach beyond bounds toward consciousness; can
help reach higher states more quickly; disperse negativity – fills auric voids with
high vibration energy; penetrates and releases blocks in the physical, mental,
emotional and auric bodies.
APACHE TEARS (obsidian).  Excellent for grounding and protection.  Shields against
negativity; disperses unloving thoughts; provides clarity to cause of disease,
heals grief, lets one understand the true situation so as to provide acceptance.
CALCITE Gold.   Integrates energies/ideas, fear dispeller, good study aid/academics.
CARNELIAN. Gentle energizer. Banishes sorrow, Increases desire.
CITRINE.  Transforms negativity into positive energy also; aids in business, clears Aura,
illuminates root chakra, also balances, useful for solar plexus chakra.
CRYSTAL.    Very versatile, can be programmed for most anything.  Very high vibrations.

EMERALD.   Love, success in legal matters, harmony.
FLUORIDES.   Organizers of thought.
GARNET.    Stone of transmutation, negative to positive. Protection, health.
JADE.   Wisdom, calmness and peacefulness, fidelity, longevity, relates to nature, helps
release suppressed emotions in dreams, brings devotion to ones purpose.
LAPIS LAZULI.  Psychic impressions, third eye chakra, opens up to spiritual realms.
LODESTONE.   Attracts whatever you energetically intend that it does.
MICA.  reflective, mirror-like.

MOONSTONE.  Divination, psychic aid and emotional stone.
PEARL.   Wealth, healing, womens mysteries.
QUARTZ, Rose.   Self love, love of all kinds, healing on all levels.
QUARTZ, Smoky.    Grounding, protecting, dissolves, slowly, negativity.  Intense.
RUBY.  Strong life energies, love and passion.
SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN.  Gets stagnate energies moving and balances them out
SUGALITE.  Heals star children fears, good to help accept evil in the world if sensitive,
balances the right and left, perfection of spiritual love, good to release
discouragement of resentment for being on earth.
SUNSTONE (Oregon).  Wealth through service, dispels fear, forms a cleansing elixir,
increases mood and vitality.

TIGERS EYE.   Success, grounds spiritual energies into the earth plane, banishes fears,
gives courage and clarity, energy and brightness.
TOPAZ.    (Blue).   Releases anger and unblocks the throat, success.
TOURMALINES.   Protective, healing.
TURQUOISE.  Protection, contentment, good luck, healing, wealth, balance,

Brass:  A solar metal, adds power.
Copper:  Metal of Venus, good for healing and love.
Gold:  Purity, solar or masculine energies.
Iron:  Metal of Mars, stops fey energies as the fey folk can not be around it without being harmed, useful to stop energetic disturbances.
Silver:  Metal of the moon, conducts psychic, lunar, watery energies and purposes.

Colors and their associations.

WHITE:  spiritual matter, purity, can cover for any other color in a pinch.
RED:  vitality, matters of the body, of the military, medicine, zoology, physical strength, lust,  blood, courage and energy.
ORANGE:  attraction, ego strengthening, materialism and economics.
YELLOW:   mind power and organization and thaumaturgy/magic.
GREEN:  fertility, agriculture, nature and new growth.
BLUE:   wisdom, health, peace, theurgy/spirituality and emotions.
INDIGO:   meteorology, space, burning off karma, space and time travel.
PURPLE:  spirit, passion, power, drive out demons and politics.
GOLD:  purity, spiritual arts and sciences.
SILVER:   psychic arts and sciences.
PINK:   healing from the heart and romance.
BROWN:   wealth, ecology, grounding of the emotions, is more material than orange.

Numbers and their associations.

ONE:  unity, beginning, origins, purity.
TWO:  duality, polarity, masculine, choice or direction offered, division.
THREE:   trinity, feminine, structure;  pattern imposed so that the impulse takes shape.
FOUR:   solid, stability, authority, manifestation;  the first manifestation is seen.
FIVE:  obstacles, strife, energies and efforts scattered.
SIX:    balance, where mind and matter meet, harmony, victory, illumination, success.
SEVEN:  decisions on how to use resources available;  experimentation, the Arts.
EIGHT:   restructuring, hard work pays off, academics, sciences, communications.
NINE:  good luck.  Individual completion. Illusions, foundation, mysterious and psychic
matters, solitude; can you let your project go, or will you keep it a secret.

Glossary.   (includes when possible, the appropriate Ogham few combinations)

Alternative Dimension: a reality that may be directly above, below, besides, or at a tangent to our own.   It may be several dimensions away from ours too.   A generic term.

Anchors:  Any energetic creation within you that links you and another person, situation or being.  See also implants, cords, links and hooks.

Angels:  Most likely to be found in the upper Astral; part of the Celestial Hierarchy.  They meditate physical energy to the Divine and Divine energy to the physical realms.   Most can be referred to as Beings of Light.  Compare to “Fallen” Angels.

Archangels:  A high level of Angelic Being.  They oversee aspects of creation and reality.

Artificial Elementaries:  (Also known as Servitors.  Egregores are group versions that includes very high energies from the Cosmos).  These are magically made entities for a single purpose.  They may be guardians, peacemakers or deliverers of justice.  Whatever can be dreamed up as a “designer-made being”, is here.  Usually you will not encounter them.  They’re dedicated to a specific purpose and do not stray from that purpose.  Fundamentalist Christianity’s’ AVENGING ANGELS are here and can be a problem to spiritual people.

Astral:  A generic term for the conscious, energetic protoplasm of creation.  It is a specific level of energetic vibration in some traditions of metaphysics.  Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki says its’ name is Levannah and we should become friends with it in order to succeed.

Astral Beings:   This is a generic term for the inhabitants of the lower and upper astral planes.  (Grove plus the Hawthorn; add Birch for the higher level beings.)

Aura:  A generic term for the energy body/bodies that compose you.  Different systems have different layers.  In boundary building we focus mostly on the layers nearest your physical body, usually called the etheric, and the astral levels.

Banishing:  The removal of live entities and heavy level energies, as a part of clearing.

Beings of Light:  Another generic term referring to Energy Beings who are part of the Hierarchy of, and serve, the Light, not Chaos.

Blessing:  The bringing in of positive vibrations which fills the vacuum left over from cleansing activity.  Also, the sending of non-specific positive energy to another person to help them overcome blocks and ruts in their life.

Boundaries: Fluid, living, flexible borders of your being that allow for internal organization, protection, discrimination and a space to grow.   These allow in whatever you choose and continually remove and release anything harmful.

“Ceremonial”/Ritual” Magic: standard “Judeo-Christian” or wesoteric work.

Circle:  depending on the tradition, this is usually an energetic structure that:
a) contains the energy gathered/raised and keeps things focused.
b) can create a perfectly sterile and protected space for certain energetic work.
c) is protective of you or the beings, when inviting Beings to “visit” .

Clearing: the removal of gross obstacles, cords etc, before cleansing.

Cleansing: a general, thorough, multi-level cleaning up so a blessing can follow.

Consecration:  includes blessing;  a formal dedication of a space/place to a certain energy/deity.

Cords:  energetic links/tubes of light that extend from you to another person, place, time, being or energy source.

Curses: When someone deliberately sends powerful, negatively intended energy at another person. The strongest are those done upon one’s dying breath and uses all their remaining life-force. The infamous “evil eye” is a variation of this.  (Blackthorn plus willow and/or Beech, if it comes form a past life.)

Demons:  Many of these are fallen angels; others were created as negative counterparts of Angels; still others are of our own creation.  Many come from the Chaos and Hell realms as they were allowed access to our world after the explosion of  the first atom bomb and more recently the result of  the bombing of the Twin Towers on 9-11.

EGREGORE or “divine thought-forms”.  A composite entity, the joining of divine energies with human consciousness.  Not all deities are egregores – there is an ultimate set of “deities” that egregores/deities are the “intercessors/intermediates” between us and the Great Ones.

Elemental:   This is the traditional name for energy beings who are composed of only one energetic element, such as fire salamanders, etc.  Many of them enjoy hanging around magical people who use the elements in ritual as it aids their evolution too. (The appropriate spirit few plus vine, willow or morning glory; blackthorn and honeysuckle.)

Elemental Plane: aka “the plane of forces“, “the etheric plane”, “the bio-plasmic plane”.  This is slightly  higher than the physical plane, the four elements and nature work here.

Elementaries:  See Elemental.

Energy Vortexes:  Where the energies of other realms are very strong.  May create a portal.

Etheric Beings:   These beings are much lower in vibration than the Astral ones.  Chances are, these beings will have to run or walk in some way, as they’re not as able to move between dimensions  easily, at least the ones I have met.  (Blackthorn plus The Ocean).

Expressional Magic:  very freeform, mix and match, whatever works, “Kitchen witchery”.

“Fallen” Angels:   These are those that fell from grace in different stories of the “war in heaven“.  Overlaps with demons and lower astral beings (Blackthorn, mistletoe plus grove).

Fewsets:   These are combinations of Celtic Ogham Fews that form a charm, rune or sigil.  They are created and used as needed.

Glamor:   The art of enchantment.  In occult lore glamour is the ability to create an illusion around a person, place or thing.  In legend, the art of glamour was used to make the old appear young or to disguise one’s appearance in different ways.  It was also used to hide or camouflage something and to make one thing appear to be another.   Now it can also be considered an energetic hook that is placed on an item to make you desire to buy something that you may not be interested in otherwise.

Ghosts:  Usually refers to dead humans who have not realized that they are dead and moved onto their next level of evolution; can refer to energetic shells left by humans upon a violent death, or energetic memories of a place, someone who used to live there or an emotionally laden situation (Yew plus Grove;  Blackthorn plus Grove).

Grammary:  An old English word for a Grimoire or “Book of Shadows”, in essence a magical “cliff notes” book.

Hooks:  A situation that opens you up to being corded, implanted or linked by another person.  Due to some lower level emotional reaction in you, a breech is formed in your energetic defenses and allows a connection to be made between you and the intruder.

Implants: These are similar to links, but appear to be mostly from beings from other planets, according to various channellers.   See also anchors, hooks and links.

Links: This can be an energy or something physical, a symbol or desire that you share with another person, place, time or being. (See also anchors, hooks and implants).  Some people can use your birth-date as a link to figure out everything about you. My guru, the Most Venerable Drikung Ontul Rinpoche, was able to not only name me but know me instantly upon meditating upon the strand of hair he took from me, upon my “Going for Refuge” with him back in 1998.

The Magicians’ Pyramid: TO KNOW, TO DARE, TO WILL, TO KEEP SILENT.

Mind Magic/Mysticism:    usually goes without or only uses a few props or tools and little ritual, emphasizes prayer and energetics

Nature Spirits:  These are a broad range of creatures that are part of the created world, usually seen as nature.  Some elementaries may be here such as sylphs of air, earth gnomes, water undines, fire salamanders; also Devas, elves and certain forms of “fairies”.

Parallel Dimension: a reality lying above, beside or below ours, separated by a tone or frequency.

Portals:  Openings between the dimensions, can be permanent, cyclic or sporadic.   May be natural, caused by activities of man (I.e. 9-11 terrorist attacks), made by spiritual beings or various combinations.  Can let energies or entities in and/or out; and/or let others travel among different realms available here.

Psi-tronics :  Tools based on psychic energies, many come from Tesler technology.

Psi-vamps:  People who have the ability to suck energy from another person.  They may also be extreme empaths: often if they can take energy, they can give it back, sometimes amplified.  Many are not conscious of what they are doing.  They do not realize they can get energy from safer, more uplifting sources such as nature or Spirit.  Some really get into the predatory aspects, albeit unconsciously, especially if they study negative forms of magic and spirituality.  2011, there is now a major movement of ethical vampires, sanguine and psi- that explore this as a valid means of spirituality.

Pug-uglies:  A tongue-in-cheek term to refer to any energetic being that has moved into your energy fields as their “home” without paying rent. ;;-). Many are parasitic, some are trapped  but others are deliberate troublemakers. Energetic versions of parasites, bacteria, virus and fungi.

Shamanic Magic:  more along the native peoples forms of earth magic.

Shielding:  The process of creating special protective boundaries around oneself, another person, place, situation or thing.

Shields:  I see this as a more personal, protective version of boundaries, that may or may not be temporary.  There are many forms.  All major religions and spiritual traditions have them, from a simple white light sphere to complex Tantric or ceremonial imageries.   Many healers across the board, use a mirror shield while they are with patients or clients and then drop them after their day is done.

Spiritual Alchemy:  this can be seen as a blend of mind magic + psi-tronics + props

Thoughtforms:  a generic term for the creation of any energetic idea, essence or being; may be created by a group or a single person.  Examples are Temple Guardians or energy balls of blessing to another person.

Triangle of Manifestation.  The theory is that it is a balancing of time, space and energy.  Thus if you select a time, space, a “goal”, and focus energy, you will get manifestation.

Warding/Wards: the setting up of energetic boundaries/walls and alert systems; to contain and protect.  My preference is to use this term in regards to places and things; and use shielding for people and living beings.

Walls:  Fossilized boundaries that keep most everything, both positive and negative out.  The psychologist Wilhelm Reich has called them “Character Armor”.   Sometimes you need a major disaster to break them down in order to open up to life.   (Voice of experience)


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