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Book One:  General Herbal Notes.

Time  according to the phase of the moon.
For solvents, use brandy, distilled or spring water or an oil such as almond or olive.
Have clearly marked containers for edible creations in contrast to inedible ones.
These recipes are balanced by smell and feel, not exact measurements.  When you create something you like, note the measurements so you can recreate it later.
Empower the herbs, the solvents, and the heating process, with Fews & runes.
Please do a PATCH TEST, if you are unsure if you are allergic to an herb, spice or resin.  Moisten 1t of dry or 1.5t fresh herb and place it on your inner forearm.  Cover with a large bandage and leave for 10 minutes;  remove the bandage and herbs;  scrub the area with soap and water.   Watch that spot for the next 24-48 hours.  Note any itching, rashes, pain or redness and its intensity.  Realize that the reaction would be much worse inside your body as it can affect breathing, digestion or many things that you can’t see.  If you are clear, it is safe to use as a tea or on the skin.
G.  I find the energetics of using saltpeter is not much different from making regular incense and then using a self-igniting charcoal.

Book Two:  A  “How-To” GLOSSARY.

ASTRINGENT.     Steep herbs in a pure water/alcohol blend for 1 week.  Strain.  Repeat until pleasantly scented.   For each 1/4c, add 1/2c witch hazel,  2t. Glycerin, 1/2t boric acid powder& 1/8t benzoic tincture.  Add 1t. Peppermint extract for extra tingle.

BATH SALTS.      This is a base of kosher salt, Epson salts, borax and baking soda.

BODY LOTION.      Melt 1 oz beeswax, 3 oz regular oil, 2 oz. Herbed water and stir.  Remove from heat, add 5 drops scented oil and a fixative.  Pour into an opaque bottle.  Shake until cooled.

DECOCTIONS.        Boil 1 oz of dry root or leaf in 1 pint of water.   Strain & use the liquid.

ESSENTIAL ELIXIR.   Place 1 drop of herbal tincture in 2 oz of solarized distilled or spring water and shake well.

Gem, Crystal or Stone.   (Make sure these are non-toxic)     Place a rough stone, gem or crystal in a clear glass bowl with solarized distilled or spring water.   Let set in the sun for 4-8 hours.   Create according to moon phase if you can.

EXTRACTS.       Alcohol:  see tinctures.
Oil:   Mix 8 oz of oil with 3 oz of herb mix.  Steep in the sun for 2 weeks; shaking or stirring at least once a day.  Drain the oil off, adding a bit more to remove the oil from the herb proper.  Squeeze the herbal blend to drain off as much rich material as you can.   If you want it strongly scented, repeat this process for several more extractions until you get heavily scented oil.  (mark down the extraction level, i.e. Triple Strength …)
Water:      Repeat the same process but use water.

“HOLY WATER”.   Sprinkle 3 pinches of blessed salt into special spring water in a special container.   Hold the bottle in your weaker hand, draw a circle of light around it and then image a sacred symbol integrating with the water, cleansing, purifying, blessing and consecrating it to the Light.  Pray over it and dedicate it to the service of Light.  Add rose water or mistletoe tincture if you wish.

INFUSIONS.        Steep 1 oz dry herb in 1 pint boiling water.

INCENSES.     Always have the proportion of resin to herb at a 1- 4 ration if you want it to burn well;  plus use 1 part saltpeter to 10 parts herbal powder.  When it smells right,  add the liquid guar gum solution*.  (*Use 1/4t gum in 1/2c water and let it set a bit (you can dilute or add more later)).   Add the liquid to the powdered incense with enough extra water to turn into a “dough”.  Spread out on tin foil.  Press until 1/8” thick at most, then partially cut into squares (1/2” x  1/2”).  Dry in sunlight or a gas oven that has a pilot light.  After the top dries, flip it over so the base dries too.   When thoroughly dry, cut into squares and store in a sealed container.

Create a triple strength oil extract.  Heat one part herbed oil together with 1 T
home-made benzoin tincture (1/2t if store bought), 1t beeswax, 4 parts ghee or  coconut oil, & 1/4t paraffin.  Melt all together, strain and place in an appropriate container to solidify.
Heat ghee or coconut oil with herbs, spices and resins of interest.  Simmer until the
solution is heavily scented and colored.  Drain and add more to increase the strength.  Strain & add tincture of benzoin as a fixative.  Place in a sterilized container and cool.

PERFUMES.   Take an extract or tincture and add essential oils, waters and a bit of sweet almond oil OR blend various essential; oils and tinctures together in a small bottle.  Add brandy or oil or both.  Add a small crystal or stone to act as a shaker;  you may need a bit of lecithin if you are trying to mix oil and water without using brandy as a solvent.

PHILTER.   An herbal based potion that is placed in a drink, tea, juice, or beverage for enchantment purposes.  Best stored in a colored bottle.

POULTICES:  Pour boiling water over herbs to moisten and place between layers of gauze; place on the would of affected area.

POWDERS.    Pulverize the herbs, spices and resins of choice.

ROSE WATER.    Gently warm the petals from 2 organic flowers in 1 c. solarized, distilled water until the petals are translucent.  You can eat the petals. Store in the refrigerator.

“SMUDGE STICKS”.     Dry fresh leaves of culinary sage, some form of fir or pine and another herb of choice.   When 3/4th’s dry, roll the pine and herb into the sage leaves and tie into a bundle.  Knot every 1.5 inches so that as you burn it, the bundle won’t fall to pieces when the string is burnt.   By varying the herbs used, you can create sticks for abundance, peace, healing, prosperity, purification and so on.

SOAPS.    Obtain an organic, unscented liquid soap, then add essential oils, extracts or teas to it.    Use a single herb or make blends depending on your needs and purpose.

SOLARIZED WATER.   Place a glass jar with water in a window with direct sunlight.  Add a tiny crystal or appropriate stone to further energize the water, if desired.  Place the water to be used in a colored glass so it vibrates to the appropriate color if you want to add the vibration of color.

SPLASH.    Steep herbs in a pure water/alcohol blend for 2 weeks.  Strain.  Repeat until pleasantly scented.   Add 2 parts water after straining.  Then for each 1/4c, add 1/2c witch hazel,  2t. Glycerin, 1/2t boric acid powder& 1/8t benzoic tincture.  Add 1t. Peppermint extract for extra tingle.

TALC.    Mix 4t. Spice powder to 1 lb. Cornstarch or arrowroot.

TINCTURES.     Mix 12 oz of water with 8 oz of apple brandy and 4 oz dry herb in a jar with a tight lid.  Steep 2 weeks, shaking or stirring at least once a day.  Add more fluid if too much evaporates…  Drain off fluid and rinse with extra alcohol.  Again, you can make it stronger by repeating the process until you have a heavily scented, colored tincture.

WATERS.   Mix 8 oz of spring or distilled water with 1/4 oz alcohol and herbs of your choice.  After a while, strain off the herbs and use the “water”.  Add these to dish, laundry or bath waters etc.

Book Three:  Non-Ogham based Herbs of Interest.

AIR.   Anise, benzoin, cinnamon, nutmeg, sage, and spearmint.
FIRE.  Angelica, basil, cedar, chamomile, clove, dragons blood, frankincense, ginger,
hyssop, lavender, tobacco.
WATER.  Camphor, jasmine, mugwort, myrrh and rose.
EARTH.  Catnip, comfrey, patchouli, poppy, valerian, vervain (blue).
SPIRIT.    Mistletoe, Saffron and Solomons Seal.


Book One.   Round Table Specific Formulas.

These can be alcohol tinctures, oils or incense.
Round Table Incense and Oil:   Birch, Pine, Oak, St Johns Wort and Mistletoe.
The Merlin incense/Oil: Vine, poplar, elder, black walnut, ash, morning glory, mistletoe.
Dame Brisen incense/Oil:   birch, elder, willow, white polar, ash, hazel, mistletoe.
Dame Ragnall incense/Oil:   elder, silver pine, ivy, ash, black walnut, holly and mistletoe.

Book Two.   Extracts, Oils, Tinctures and Perfumes.

Elemental.    Fill a ½ oz bottle with brandy, then add one of the following herbs
Air:  Beech leaves and bark or Bergamot
Fire:  St. Johns Wort plant material or  Bay
Water:  Add a pinch of sea salt and 25-75 alcohol and camphor, myrrh or jasmine
Earth:  Honeysuckle flowers and leaves or barberry
Spirit:  Use Mistletoe, Morning Glory or both.  (Grove needs a pinch of each to make it).

Oils for a PURPOSE.
Abundance:  equal parts of mint, cinnamon & sweet pine tincture and add to oil.
Academic/Study:  4 parts orange, 2 parts mace, 1 part rosemary until it smells nice.
Anointing:   simmer bay and cedar in oil, then add frankincense.
Blessing:  mistletoe, honeysuckle and birch.
Clearing:   allspice, lemon, mint.
Cleansing:   mistletoe, white pine and hawthorn.
Consecration: amber, frankincense, cinnamon, myrrh, sandalwood & lapis.
Earth Goddess:   3 pt myrrh, 2 pt. Patchouli, 1 pt vetivert in olive oil.
Healing (elemental):  Birch, pine, poplar, oak, rose and mistletoe.
Holy Water “drops” (make holy water):  mistletoe, saffron or rosewater
Meditation Oil: jasmine, sandalwood & mistletoe
Magnetic Oil:  place a lodestone, a 4-leaf clover and a citrine or tigers eye into oil or
brandy;  start the day before the DM and finish on the FM.
Moon Oils:  Full:  jasmine, sandalwood and almond.  Dark:  myrrh, camphor and poppy
Prosperity:  birch, mint, pine, honeysuckle and mistletoe.
Protection:  mistletoe, poplar, black walnut, holly, alder and oak.
Releasing Ties:  myrrh, basil, mistletoe, frankincense, camphor;  smoky quartz and oak.
Romance Oil:   Camilla blossom, sandalwood oil & extract, amber.
Success:  cardamom, frankincense and mistletoe with citrine or a topaz.
Transformation:  hawthorn, pine, birch, basil and mistletoe.

Elemental Herbal Tinctures.
Air:  nutmeg, sage, spearmint, star anise, lemon peel.
Fire:  Bay leaf, hawthorn berry, basil, hyssop, rosemary.
Water:  apple, hazelnut, myrrh, mugwort, willow.
Earth:  barley, holly, elder flower & elderberry, poppy, sassafras.

To the instructions in the glossary, add: (you may need  an alcohol extract of resins)
BANISHING:  holly, myrrh, oak, pine, thistle
BLESSING: rose, sandalwood, frankincense
CONSECRATION:  Mistletoe, Solomons Seal and frankincense
HEALING: Ylang-Ylang, birch, lavender, clove
PEACE:  rose, cinnamon, birch,
PURIFICATION: hawthorn, myrrh, camphor, oak

Book Three.    Incenses.

Elemental Incenses.
Air:  anise, benzoin, cinnamon, mint and sage.
Fire:  carnation, frankincense, oak, chamomile, bay, vervain
Earth:  mugwort, honeysuckle, dittany, elder, bayberry, pine
Water:  rose, sandalwood, eucalyptus,  jasmine, apple,
Spirit:  Mistletoe, Morning Glory, Solomons Seal, Saffron.

General Incenses.
Ancestor:  3 parts holly & rosemary, 2 parts birch, 1 part myrrh and patchouli.
Blessing:  Birch, Beech, Honeysuckle, Mistletoe, Morning Glory, Oak & St. Johns Wort.
Breaking a bad luck streak: mix equal parts of sandalwood, myrrh, basil, mint and
dragons’ blood; add a small amount of NATURAL camphor, if desired.
Circle:  benzoin, frankincense, myrrh, rose, pine, cinnamon, pennyroyal.
Cleansing:  Sage, a pinch of natural camphor, pine, myrrh and mistletoe.
Consecration: birch, rose, cinnamon, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, mistletoe.
Divination:  Black walnut or rowan, jasmine and a pinch of natural/real camphor.
Healing:  Birch, oak, poplar, rose and cinnamon.
Healing A Broken Heart:  Birch, jasmine, rosemary, patchouli, vervain.
House blessing:  cinnamon, rose, frankincense, pine, sandalwood.
Prosperity:   cedar, pine, mint, cloves, cinnamon, and a 4-leaf clover.
Protection:  Birch, oak, black walnut or rowan, poplar and mistletoe.

Equal parts of frankincense, myrrh, vervain, rose & cinnamon.
Equal parts of basil, rose, jasmine, vervain & cinnamon.
“CELTIC OFFERING”  A nice blend of mistletoe, oak, birch and pine.

The base: local dried leaves, grasses, flowers and herbs; make several handfuls.

YULE/WINTER SOLSTICE   Incense: bayberry, frankincense, cedar, juniper, mistletoe, myrrh and pine.    Bonfire: bayberry, cedar, frankincense, holly, myrrh, oak, pine,  wintergreen.

Incense I : dragons’ blood, frankincense, jasmine, hyssop, mistletoe,  rose and myrrh.
Incense II : frankincense, jasmine, oak, rose, benzoin, local herbs and grasses.
Incense III : frankincense, jasmine, hyssop, rose, benzoin, a pinch of dragons’ blood.
Any of these can be used in a bonfire …

SPRING EQUINOX    Incense: 3 parts rose, plus equal parts: frankincense, oak, anise, vervain and mistletoe,    Bonfire : rose, frankincense, oak, anise, vervain & mistletoe,

Incense I: lilac, apple blossoms, and other flowers of the season
Bonfire : local seasonal flowers plus oak, frankincense, myrrh, rosemary

SUMMER SOLSTICE  Incense: mistletoe, oak, St. Johns Wort, frankincense, rose.   Bonfire: oak, basil, frankincense, lemon peel, chamomile,  mistletoe, rose, carnation, juniper, rosemary and St. Johns Wort.

Lammas   Incense: dry local flowers such as sunflower, marigolds, add some powdered seasonal grain flour and a pinch of dragons blood.   Bonfire: oak & other tree leaves, hops, sage, juniper, pine and myrrh.

FALL EQUINOX     (Bonfire incense: the same as the incense)
Incense: seasonal flowers and leaves, sassafras, frankincense, myrrh, tobacco.

Hallowmas    Incense: myrrh, basil, poppy, rose, elder, cedar, dragon’s blood
Bonfire: rose, frankincense, myrrh, holly & oak leaves, cedar, a dried apple peeling, poppy, pinch brimstone.

Book Four:  Powders.

Ancestor/Turtle Island Blend:  Tobacco, cornmeal, barley, and oats + mistletoe.
Blessing  Powder:     Frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, rosemary, mistletoe.
Cleansing:   basil, frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, salt.
Money Drawing:   cinnamon, mint or nutmeg, pine and magnetized iron filings.
Prosperity:   basil, clove, cedar, rose and pine.
Protection:  basil, holly, oak, dragons blood, rose geranium & mistletoe.
Power:   myrrh, frankincense, dragons blood and sandalwood.   Use to empower
Success:   basil, benzoin, nutmeg, frankincense, mistletoe.

Book Five.  Personal Aura Cleansing.

Blends for Bath salts.
1.   Herne the Hunters’.  Juniper, pine and wintergreen.
2.   Yule.   Cedar, pine, cinnamon, and birch.
3. Cinnamon and basil;  Opt. jasmine, or rose, cedar and/or sandalwood.
4.   Star anise, wintergreen and cinnamon.

Bath pouches or “teas”.
Hearty Healing Bath.      Rose, cinnamon, pine, basil and birch.
Ritual Baths.   Simples and Blends.
Simples: bay, cedar, hyssop, pine, rosemary, vervain, valerian, frankincense or myrrh.
Soap Blends.
Simples: bay, cedar, hyssop, pine, rosemary, vervain, valerian, frankincense or myrrh.

Book Six:  Special Cleansing and Blessing Materials.
(Add any  or all of the  following flower essences: cleansing: crabapple, sagebrush and/or chaparral; blessing: Morning Glory)

Cleansing Salt.  Blend equal parts of earth, sea, kosher and non-iodized table salt.
Cleansing Smudge Stick.  Dry fresh leaves of culinary sage, pine and peppermint.
When 3/4th’s dry, roll the pine and mint into the sage leaves and tie into a
bundle. Or use sage and lavender spikes …
General Cleansing Solution:  Blend mint, lavender and lemon.
Celtic Cleansing Solution:  Lemon, hyssop, birch, camphor, pine (or mint) & mistletoe
General Blessing Solution I:   Equal parts of lemon, clove, mint, jasmine and mistletoe
Celtic Blessing Solution:   Blend cinnamon, birch, jasmine, bayberry and mistletoe


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