Posted by: rosenthorn | July 7, 2011

Who We Work With.

After the Ogham fews started appearing in my minds eye, while I was walking back and forth from my apartment to my part-time job in Columbia, Maryland; I was soon introduced to The Merlin and The Arthurians. The dragons had introduced themselves, a decade earlier, back in graduate school, sometimes in startling ways (who says training to be a science librarian had to be boring). I read a lot of Arthurian legends, Arthurian based fantasy and Arthurian based magick and metaphysics, ranging from the teachings of Dion Fortune and Gareth Knight to the various works of John and Caithlin Matthews.

A couple of psychics, who did not know each other, one in Baltimore, one in Ellicott City and another couple in Atlanta, told me that I had been a disciple of Merlin in a couple of my lives.  Yet I knew that “The Merlin” i trained with was probably not, “The” Merlin, that everyone wanted to be hooked up with and was supposed later St. Germain.   I know this as I was told i was a “Lady of the Lake” (which strangely enough, was later confirmed by my  Tibetan Root Guru and Vajra Master.  He gave me all my vows, accepted me as his student,   and officially gave me as a Dharma name, a Tibetan version of the “lady of the lake”.  It was literally his first few weeks in America, and he had never heard of King Arthur or read his legends.)  So I realized that, like Dion Fortune indicated, these were Office titles not specific personages. therefore the Merlin I work with is part of an overall energetic archetype, not a specific being.  The same thing is true about my so called “title”; there are too many other women who are also “Ladies of the Lake” so  apparently this was past life work coming through.

Most of us believe that we are here to grow, to evolve, to have fun and help make the world a better place.  I’ve come to realize that these beings are fragmented oversouls.  Every time someone assumes the office title, (i had major karma to burn off myself, which was why i guess i allowed them to give me the “lady” mantle … the more the merrier?) they inherit all the energetic karma, both good and unpleasant of all the predecessors who held the office before them.  Some lives were overwhelmingly out of balance and could cause major problems to those who take up the mantle in the here and now.  This is why the spirit “King Arthur” told me to emphasize that those who work with these beings can treat them like older brothers and sisters but to not “assume them as god-forms” or “draw them down” into a living being.  There is a ritual for partaking of their energies in small amounts so as to gain benefit from their wisdom and skills, but that is a far cry from energetically becoming them.  The spirit Arthur said that they volunteered to work with the dragons on this so that they can release some of their crazy karma and balance out at their level and not have to depend on humans to help.

The nice thing about working specifically with the Arthurians, especially for protecting the earth from the “prayer warriors” is that they can used by either pagan or christian magick users.  Sadly these archetypes are being used by a lot of the dominionists and reinforcing the Arthurians lower impulses: that of might makes right.  Working with them on this project, both by pagans and christians will help free their energies from the taint.  They are a good tactical source as since many kids summer bible and adult training camps use this mythos for their focus and archetypes, thus we’ll be able to access the energies easier.  Some aspect of the Arthurians are already in touch with the negative energies and they can help use access and shift them.  Then they can help use them properly.

We have the honor and privilege to focus on their higher aspects, which helps them lift themselves up.  I do not think you can get more “win-win” than that.

Danse in the DragonWinds. DolmaDraka


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