Posted by: rosenthorn | July 7, 2011

Who We Are: Dragons’ Graal Mages

The Dragons Graal is an Earth Healing/Serving tradition that uses magick and energy work to aid in the clean up of polluted areas, the healing of damaged sites on Terra; we protect those same energies from those who would “pray them into nonexistence”.  i have been working with the Arthurians and Dragons Graal Dragons for over 20 years on this.

We transform toxins, disable disease, clean-up crap and re-consecrate or enliven areas that have been badly damaged.  We work with stellar, archetypal and earth energies to bring balance back to places, animals, plants and people.  We are Guardians in that we are Knights and Dames of Terras Roundtable.  We are charged with the protection of Her energies from various “prayer warriors”.  Being we seek to manifest real skill and ability in order to succeed where the EPA and others may not have, we need to be extremely focused and dedicated to this;  thus, ideally, we work within a guild structure.  Eventually we need to have Journeymen, Masters and Adepts so as to succeed. These indicate real skill levels, not ego games. I highly recommend a person also study at the Grey School of Wizardry ( as we Mages need creativity and diversity in order to succeed.  Technically, I’m a senior journeyman in this system, but am studying at the GSW to fill in a lot of holes.  I do not know much about the Master and Adept levels as others will take it to those levels.  (I’m more like a midwife that aided the birth of this information and steps aside to let it go out in the world and grow up.)

This system is composed of three different energy sources:  the Archetypes are represented by the Arthurians (from both the Mabinogion and the later french romances, so they are both Pagan and Christian);  Mother Earth is represented by Herself and Father Sky, too; an Americanized version of the Celtic Ogham Fews;  and finally are dragons who come from across the spectrum.  This is a complete system of magick.  I suspect most who get involved with be involved with some form of Earth religion or maybe Buddhism (I’m both Neo-Pagan and Tibetan Buddhist), but anyone who holds Terra in their heart with love and respect and is willing to keep their “religious differences” outside of the circle, may join.  Variety is not only the proverbial spice of life, it is vital to keep a system healthy; as long as it is balanced with a common purpose and general structure.  We work as Arthurian ritual magickians and wild green witches.  At times we use formal Arthurian based ritual magick; at other times we work with a wide variety of earth and nature spirits; at all times we work with Dragons and the tree energies. We do a form of “celtic shamanism” since it is connected to the Arthurian mythos.

In ways this is another ritual magick tradition in that we use mostly commonly accepted tools:  air has the wand;   fire has a blade;  water has the graal or cauldron;   earth uses both of the following:  a pentacle on a black square tile or a ROUND TABLE OF LAW;  spirit can use a green glass graal, a purple cord and a ROUND TABLE OF LIFE and we use white and red candles to represent male and female.  Both of the ROUND TABLES were specifically designed for this tradition, along with a specialized tarot deck (the DRAGONS GRAAL tarot).  We use a dragon-inspired Ogham Few set.   Garb is a lot of fun, but under certain circumstances, gets in the way, so we are flexible on it.

One of the major tools used is the Dragons Graal tarot (details later).  The other major tool (that will be focused on and posted here on this blog later) is the “Round Table” of both Law and Life.  This is a grid-like mandala board loosely associating the zodiacal houses with the 13 chairs of the Round Table of King Arthur.  It represents the framework of our subconscious and is a guide to the collective unconscious; it is a divination devise, a mechanism for magick, a tool for transformation, a helper in healing and a gateway to other realities depending on set-up, intention, lay-out and action.

Fiat Artos!   Fiat Terra!   Fiat Draco!    So mote it be.


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