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Celtic Ogham Few Information.

The “Ogham Fews”, also known as “tree runes” or “Druidic runes” are a wonderful tool to use to help sentient beings heal, make decisions, grow, handle problems, transform energies and evolve.   Historically, we don’t know exactly HOW they were used, we just know they WERE used. This system is my own understanding, based on general research and inspiration from a spiritual being I knew as The Merlin and from Dragons.  This is, in spite of the fact, that these originated, according to mythology, with the Celtic Being known as Ogma.

We find the trees being named, along with their attributes, in the Welsh “Battle of the Trees” (Cad Goddeau).  Robert Graves, in his book THE WHITE GODDESS saw them as a poetic system of spirituality.   Some claimed they were an everyday script; others, that they were a sacred script like Hebrew or Sanskrit; while others claimed they were a powerful system of magick in their own right, like their cousin, the Teutonic runes.   They have a presence, even in fantasy literature.  Ursula le Guin, in her EARTHSEA trilogy, hints about them when she discusses the sacred grove of trees as part of this magical world. At present, many serious, dedicated Neo-Pagans, Druids and Mages are researching and reconstructing their purpose and uses.   Apparently the Druids used trees to represent Universal Forces and archetypes.  Each tree had a special place in their world view and a special symbol to represent it.

Introduction to the Fews.

If you look at the Ogham Fews as symbolic images that the subconscious uses for communicating with your conscious mind, it will be very helpful in your explorations.  They are actually more than that, but this is a good to start with.  So how do we get to know the Fews on different levels?

First, like the tarot, you need to have them about your person for about a week; have them under your pillow as you go to sleep at night.  This way your subconscious gets used to them and they get integrated with your energies.  When you are ready, draw out a few from your bag and see what it is.  Next, ask yourself if you’ve had any experiences with the tree you drew out and what you know about it.  For an example, say you draw out the Hawthorn.  So see what you remember as a kid about the tree.  How it had long pointed needles on it and white flowers.  How you used to play under it as a child.   Then you might recall learning at the health food store how hawthorn berry tea or extract is used to help the human heart be healthy.   Then you may recall hearing that fairies like hawthorn trees.   So you jot down what you know on computer or a notebook and start compiling what you are learning.

Next go to the woods and explore all of the local trees.  You might discover that there are mainly pin oaks in your area; and that rowan is hard to find but black walnut is easy.  See how the trees are part of nature.  Take both an ecology and a botany class so you understand the physical functioning of plants and exactly how they fit into your local ecosystem.  See if you can get a special plant walk from your local specialists.  Find a guidebook that discusses trees of your region of the USA.

Next go to the library, surf the web; see what has been written about them.   Find Robert Graves’ book, THE WHITE GODDESS.  Find the Welsh story called BATTLE OF THE TREES.  Look into the local herb and folklore of your area as you’ll have to make these real for your part of the world.  These are gifts from our ancestors to those of us who’ve wandered all over the world.  Learn the medical herbal lore and what ones are used in Flower Remedies. Some of these are toxic like the Yew, Ivy and the Mistletoe.  Others are used as teas or food like the Apple or the Grape.  Don’t assume a plant is edible until you’ve researched it, even then work with a medical herbalist so you get the right species and way to use it for those of you who may want to use medically.

Meditate on the symbols themselves and see what they show you.  Dialog with the trees in your minds eye and ask them for knowledge.  Offer to take responsibility for a small area of a park or grove of trees as a gift back to them.   Draw the few in a glass of water with the intention of consuming wisdom and then drink the fluid, knowing you are bringing knowledge closer to the surface.  Make a cake with the few drawn on it in color and eat it as another way of taking in this knowledge.   If you have connections to spirits from the old country, ask their help.

Approach them in a spirit of play and you’ll go far, as long as you keep a bit serious too.  But don’t rush anything, enjoy your learning and your play.  In time these meanings and even the spreads I have designed and included for you will trigger you into your own knowings and associations
Ogham Few Key Phrases.
Beith/Birch.   “The Old is discarded, the new begins, bringing vitality”
Luis/Black Walnut (Rowan).  “I protect against enchantment by helping you see what is REAL”.
Fearn/Alder.     “Be true to your principles, but open to growth”
Saille/Willow.   “Ignore the subtle realms at your own cost!”
Nion/Nin/Ash.     “As above, so below;   as within, so without”
Uathe/Whitethorn or Hawthorn.   “By cleansing are you freed from what weakens you”
Duir/Oak.    “Look to strength for a vision to overcome obstacles”
Tinne/Holly.  “The force that balances (injustice)”
Coll/Hazel or Filbert.  “Consciously incorporate wisdom & ideas from the unconscious”
Quert/Apple.   “Be strong, there are many choices of Beauty in Life”.
Ailim/Silver Fir or Pine. “To progress properly, bring in wisdom from other/past lives.”
Ohr/Barberry.  “Collect & synthesize what you need”
Ur/Heather. “Seek to temper ecstasy and passion with wisdom & restraint.
Eadha/Aspen or White Poplar.  “Don’t let your fears stop or trip you up”
Ioho/Yew.  “Descending transforms & brings you to cosmos also.”  (TOXIC)
Muin/Vine.  Release prophetic powers systematically with care & discipline.”
Gort/Ivy.   “Danse lightly in the world while following your spiritual  path”.  (TOXIC)
NgEtal/Reed.  “Adapt situations at high levels to be in tune with your spiritual truth”.
Straiffe/Blackthorn.  “Survive the Fenix Fire & arise to become your own true being”.
Ruis./Elder.  “Let go of what is holding you back;  transformation magic”
Uchelwydd/Mistletoe.  “Transcendence’ all around, just look”  (TOXIC)
Phagos/Beech.  “Wisdom from the past comes in many guises & disguises …”
Oir/St. Johns Wort.  “Satisfaction with a job well done;  enlightenment”
Wua/Morning Glory.  “I bind & hold all together, Yet I am nothing.”
Mor/Ocean.  “Pray to the Moon when it is round, so hidden knowledge will be found”
Uilleand/Honeysuckle. “Look to the energies behind the superficial energies.”
Koad/The Grove.   “Read the divine pattern: past, present & future.”
The Wild Rose/Fionns‘ Window.   “Come home to your niche in the world”


Ogham Few Key Words.
Beith/Birch.    Beginnings,  Vitality, Driving out evil, Good Luck.
Luis/Black Walnut.      Protection;  Seeing what is really there .
Fearn/Alder.      Chivalry;  Flexible Principles
Saille/Willow.    Caution;   Ignorance;   Subtly;   Psychism.
Nion/Nin/Ash.      Broader Perspective;   Cunning.
Uathe/Whitethorn or Hawthorn.     Cleansing;   Purification
Duir/Oak.      Strength;  Leadership;  Vision;  Stability;  Gateway
Tinne/Holly.   Balance;  Justice;  Martial Matters
Coll/Hazel or Filbert.   Essence;   Mastery;  Facilitation;
Quert/Apple.     Choices;   Beauty;   Terror;    Gateway.
Ailim/Silver Fir or Pine.   Moving to a more stable place;  Progress.
Ohr/Barberry .   Collect;   Synthesize;   Harvest
Ur/Heather.     Innocence;   Restraint of Passions;   Lover.
Eadha/Aspen or White Poplar.    Shield while healing;   Buffer Zone
Ioho/Yew.   Release;  Death;   Personal Transformation;  Rebirth Potential.
Muin/Vine.    Systematic Study;   Prophetic Powers;   Discipline.
Gort/Ivy.     Lighten up; Handle others with care.
NgEtal/Reed.     Adaptation;   Take to a higher level;  Let flow.
Straiffe/Blackthorn.     Chaos;   Breakdown;   Destruction;   Bad Luck.
Ruis./Elder.  Cosmic Transformation;   Leaving the Wheel;   Transformation Magic
Uchelwydd/Mistletoe.     Transcendence;  The DragonWinds;  Cosmos
Phagos/Beech.    Knowledge;   Education;   Past Lives;   Spiritual Force of LIFE
Oir/St. Johns Wort.    Enlightenment;   Satisfaction;   Masculine Mysteries;   LIGHT;
Wua/Morning Glory.   Space;   Void;   Unlimited Potential;   Needs Focus;  TRUTH
Mor/Ocean.    Feminine  Mysteries;   Hidden Knowledge;  Psychic Realms;  LOVE
Uilleand/Honeysuckle.   What’s hidden;   Binding;   LAW
Koad/The Grove.    Patternings; Immanence;   Terra,
The Wild Rose/Fionns Window.   Lineage, religion, tradition


III.  Ogham Few In-depth Meanings.
“The old is discarded, the new begins”.  Sweet birch == black birch.  Travel to the realms of faery, dryads, blessing the start of something new, healing  A Vital energy that drives out evil/negativity, it protects by filling the space/area with positive energy; new opportunities, good fortune, luck, health and light;   keeps negativity at bay;   too much may mean potential burnout or unable to control or focus energies, forces of growth, energy and beginnings.
“I protect against enchantment by helping you see what is real.”    weather magick, ritual initiation, (walnut) life transitions, manifesting intentions to the material plane, DRAGONS, elves, poetry, astral travel, protects ley liens and stone circles, contacts elementals, control of the senses, speeding things up, wealth, highest and purest magick is being tapped into and used,  dedication to a tradition or cause,  foresight and healing Protects by giving foresight, insight and knowledge of ALL influences involved: hidden and apparent, within and without.  Helps you chose your influences.  Helps keep you from being overly influenced but also keeps you from over-extending yourself.  Prevents being “fascinated” or caused by a “glamour”.
“ Be true to your principles but open to growth.”    weather magick, moderates the 4 elements, guardianship, oracle heads, scrying, protection of self and country   Helps resist decay and corruption. awareness, contentment and power,  If lacking, find or create connection with a spiritual tradition or, moral principles to live by to help you in times of trial.  Look within if you can not find any without.  Know what is real verses what is assumed.  Be vigilant and determined.  Do not fear defeat so much that you let yourself become defeated.
“ Ignore the subtle realms at your own cost!”     birth fertility, enchantment, moon energies and rituals, contacting fairies, flexibility, night vision, encouragement to trust your own intuition, dowsing, scrying using fluids, Be aware, look out for possible deceptions on any and every plane of being.  There may be danger, often involving a female, but it will be a lesson you can transform and grow from. psychic power, Through the skilled use of mental and psychic abilities you will achieve your goals.  Seek out hidden forces – safely.
NION/NIN   (NEYE-ON/NINE)    THE ASH.      connects back to the natural world, union of opposites, aquarian age energy, connections,m quick intellect, perception, .     MASCULINE.    AIR.      “ As above, so below, as within so without!”     happiness, rebirth awakening,   Link different levels and realms together.  A weaver of fate and a peaceful acceptance of fate.   Able to see in a broad view yet be grounded with the feet on the ground.   Subtle guardianship.   Functions in the shadowy, watery depths.
“By cleansing are you freed from what weakens you”.  love, pleasure, elves, fairies, doorway to other worlds, guardianship. elves, fairies, defense, healing, protection,  Inaction, stalemate, poverty, delay, chaos, illness, weakness, defeat, being misled, ignorance.  To rise above this you need to transform your own shadows.  You need restraint, isolation and possibly outside help to make sure you are not sabotaging your own efforts.  Forces beyond your control maybe interfering, so use them to get rid of unwanted habits.


“Look to strength for a vision to overcome obstacles.”    truth endurance, elves, fairies, ancestors, door to the mysteries, building or rebuilding solid confidence and inner strength, loyalty, health, prosperity,  To overcome obstacles, no matter how overwhelming the odds, look to both the past and future;  you maybe unskilled, unbalanced, unable to communicate or  have a  lack of direction.  Power, control, security, endurance.
“ The force that balances injustice.”   knowledge, tests, choices, balance  unicorns fairies angels good luck, dream work/esp/divination, protection spells, Retribution; legal or financial matters.  Invoke divine justice not revenge so that the highest and best for all concerned is manifested and your karma is not negatively affected.
“ Consciously catalyze wisdom & ideas from the subconscious/unconsciousness.”       wisdom, creativity  Crone (Dk) moon rituals, how to find what is hidden, fairies, eat the nuts before shamanic journeys   Tap into or search for pure, focused essence.  Mastery and skill directed in a conscious way.  Facilitating another in their quest for discovery/self-discovery. Someone may trigger  into change.  You may need to be diplomatic or to arbitrate a conflict; or challenged as  creativity is blocked and you’re not your following intuition.
“ Be strong.  There are many choices of beauty of life”   light, regeneration, perfection   elves, unicorns, eternity, faithfulness, destiny love, crossing over, prosperity and wealth, immortality, , the fey realms   You must be strong to handle the beauty & terror in life.  Eternal youthfulness and beauty even beyond death.  Live fully, seek beauty and perfection.  Live impeccably.  Balance belief and skepticism.  Be aware of delusions, whatever the source.

“To progress properly, bring in wisdom from other lives and  realities.”  discrimination, serenity, elves, dwarves, fairies, helps you stay the course prosperity, vitality, healing, inner-world work & change, the saps’ gum is used for counter-magick spells, divination for clear vision and understanding   Transition from a weak to a stronger state.  Change for the better.    A chance for power in the near future, are you ready for it?   Success.  Mastery.  Clarity.  Health.  Authority.   Insight.  Strength.  Objectivity.
“Collect and synthesize what you need.”  opportunity, change,  persistence, protects against negativity, attracting $, breaking a spell, Discoveries as a result of work, harvest, attraction, gather valuables or needs, then synthesize  into a whole, work on a project, cultivate it, watch it come into fruition and finally work with it.  Getting yourself together.
“ Seek and temper ecstasy and passion with wisdom and restraint.”  challenge, fervor, a gateway, generosity, manifesting wishes and dreams, spiritual and physical healing, contacting spirits, spirituality.  Transform the harsh outer aspects of the world.  Romance.  A lover.  Dreams. Act wisely and with discipline on your passions.  Don’t get caught daydreaming while life goes by or your projects may fizzle out.   Betrayal by those close to you.  Strong imagination, dreams and  intuitions.
“ Do not let your fears stop you or trip you up.”  intuition, gain,  ancestors, to help through hard times, astral projection, courage, when need a boost in a specific area of life, aid to rebirth, gifts form the wind, prevents illness, cycles of time, protects against theft,  Know when to yield and when to shield.  Boundaries.  Protect from theft by hiding valuables.   Healing, determination, assistance, over –coming curses, reincarnation.  Creating a buffer zone so that while you’re protected from what harms you, you are also transforming the inner link.
“ Descending and transforming also brings you to the Light.”     age, immortality   ancestors, increasing psychic abilities, draws close to ancestors, communicates with the dead, hallowmas, endings, death, physical and emotional strength for hard times ahead, Directly contacting the past to renew the present.  Change coming that was caused from within.  The step needed before rebirth.  The root link to the ancestors.  Knowledge and what they soul measures in the soul from life to life.  An upcoming transformation on the verge of manifesting.  Dealing with grief, death, loss and immortality.
“Release prophetic powers, systematically, with care and discipline.”   wealth, working with the fey realms. growth, introspection, fruition, dwarves,    lifting confusion   “Merlins’ Few”.   Seeking a discipline for growth or control.  Intertwining the unconscious with the consciousness.  Liberation form restrictions that came form full understanding rather than the abandonment or suppression of logic.  Truth shines from within and beyond.  Happiness.  Dignity,

“Dance lightly in this world while following your spiritual path.”  tenacity, skill wildness, growth, fairies, development, balance btwn light and darkness & life and death, fertility,  Spiral inward while focusing on your goal to seek yourself; then spiral outwards to bring it back into the world.  You can help or hurt others so check your motives.  Do not get trapped in psychological ruts or lost in trappings.  Develop self to do fine  and difficult work.
“ Adapt situations at high levels to be in tune with your highest ideals.”     prosperity, inner transformation, soul retrieval, journeys into other realms, health & healing, balancing own energies, bring harmony into life   Growth, beauty, social graces, good health, unity of purpose and will, being and direction, able to handle the upsets on the journey of life.  Take a chance to take a situation, bring it into higher awareness by uplifting it and seeing the situation from a higher viewpoint, thus helping change it.
“Survive the Fenix Fire and arise to become your true being.”     destruction    fairies, gives strength to spells, strength in adversity   Bad luck, poverty, illness and poor health, mental and physical break down, misunderstanding, confusion, chaos, disruption and distortion.  Control is imposed from without so learn to use the energies to get hid of unwanted habits.   Play away your anxieties and problems.   A cosmic, very harsh form of transformation in contrast to hawthorns’ simpler form.   Chance to turn a problem into an opportunity.
“ Let go of what is holding you back!”     immortality, age,    dryads, elves, fairies, awareness, abundance, maturity,   elves, fairies, awareness, maturity, abundance, blessing, consecration, ability to sleep, healing, knowledge of magick, positive change, prosperity, offers a cleansing during a ritual, The Wheel of Change and Incarnation.  Change avoids stagnation.  Live with the endless cycles of change.  Transformation Magic.  Less emphasis on death than the Yew, it is more cosmic changes rather than physical/lower level changes and death.
“Transcendent, Unmanifest Spirit is all around, just look. ”    destiny, fate, hidden cosmic influences, green man, celebrate only on graalmas, balancing of male and female, spirit change and transformation  The presence of transcendent spirit, the TAO, or Force, pure potential, higher self or blessings and magic from the divine.   This is a neutral energy that tends toward the masculine when contrasted to KOAD.
“Wisdom from the past comes in many guises and disguises.”   ancestors, clarity of vision, second sight, making offerings, manifesting intention into the physical realms cleansing ritual space, rediscovering ancients wisdom, knowledge & writings, Going for advanced education, gaining information form past life research, Gaining ancient knowledge; if in the presence of certain fews may indicate past life interference, relationships or links and problems.   The spiritual force of LIFE and the patterning level.
“Satisfaction with a job well done.”  spin and weave spells that bring others together, confronting the shadow, cleansing rites,  Bringing Light to a situation.   The spiritual force of LIGHT; the energizing stage.
“ I bind and hold together, yet I am nothing!”
Ground of being, Unfocused potential yet unlimited possibilities.
MOR.   (MORE)    THE SEA.     FORMATION.       LOVE.
“ Pray to the Moon when it is round, so hidden knowledge can be found.     cleansing, purification .release   Travel.   Anything to do with the sea or bodies of water, women, the moon, emotions, psychic arts and skills, lunar energies and traditions, womens’ mysteries.  The spiritual force of LOVE and the formative principle.
“Look for the energies behind the energies that meet the eye.”   to either banish something from clinging or you or to get you out of bad situations,  to bring success out of chaos, financial success, psychic awareness, manifesting intentions  The spiritual force of LAW.   The ability to choose and discriminate (make order out of chaos) until the goal is reached.   Able to tie and bind.
KOAD (KOO-ADE)    THE SACRED GROVE.     IMMANENT SPIRIT/DIVINE PATTERN.    “GODDESS”.      “Read and understand the Divine Patterns: past, present and future.”  attracting sweetness in life   Gather a wide variety of information, technologies, energies  and knowledge to create a wondrous whole.    Working with the spirit of the Earth herself.  2 opposing  forces merge to create a unique third one.   Infinite diversity in infinite combination.
THE WILD ROSE   love, healing, divination, fires, protection, luck,


Douglass Monroes’   THE BRITISH TREE “FAMILIES”:

CHIEFTAIN TREES:  Birch, Walnut/Rowan, Alder, Ash, Willow
PEASANT TREES”:  Hawthorn, Oak, Holly, Hazel, Apple
SHRUB TREES:  Vine, Ivy, Reed, Blackthorn,  Elder
BRAMBLE TREES:  Silver pine, Barberry Heather, White Poplar, Yew


Using Fionns Window.
Creating Sigils on Fionns Window is a lot like connecting the numbers except you are turning a word or name into an abstract symbol of power.   When you start, draw a circle over the Ogham few that begins the word or name.   Next connect fews until you reach the last letter when you make a slash mark.   Treat small phrases similarly.  Just create each word separately.  If you have 2 letters that are the same, loop the line.

Index of Botanical Names.

ALDER                                          Alnus Glutinosa
APPLE                                          Malus  species
ASH                                             Fraxinus Excelsior
BARBERRY                                  Barberis Vulgaris
BEECH                                          Fagus Sylvatica
BIRCH                                          Betula Alba
BLACK WALNUT                          Juglans Nigra
BLACKTHORN                             Prunus Spinosa
ELDER                                          Sambuccus Nigra
HAWTHORN                               Crataegus Monogyna
HAZEL                                         Corylus Avellana
HEATHER                                    Calluna Vulgaris
HOLLY                                         Ilex Aquifolium
HONEYSUCKLE                           Lonicerea Periclymenun
IVY                                               Hedera Helix
MISTLETOE                                  Viscum Album
MORNING GLORY                     Convolvuls  species
OAK                                            Quercus Robar
PINE                                             Pinus species
POPLAR (WHITE)                           ??????
REED (Sweet Sedge)                 Acorus Calamus
ROWAN                                       Sorbus Aucuparia
ST. JOHNS WORT                        Hypericum Perferatum
VINE                                            Vitus Vinifera
WILD ROSE (Sweet Briar)           Rosa Rubiginosa
WILLOW                                      Salix Alba
YEW                                            Taxus Baccata


Fewsets and their creation.

Sacred scripts throughout history, have been utilized to aid in accomplishing various purposes, be they spiritual or secular.  The resultant patterns are often called “runes” or “charms”.  In honor of the Celtic Ogham Fews, I call these patterns “Fewsets”.   Please note that these are not the same as Sigils, though they serve a similar purpose.   By the way, the Ogham Fews and Fewsets work well with Reiki, especially for healing animals, plants and Gaia.
The Fewsets’ design can be linear or circular, graceful or precise, tiny or huge, spacious or compact or whatever you feel led to do with it, depending on your intentions.   They can be carved, painted, designed on a PC, drawn on dirt or sand, visualized in the mind and projected outward, they can be drawn using incense smoke or with food color and eaten on food.  Let your imagination be your guide.  They can be intuitively combined or spell out a purpose, goal or energy.   Most of what you see on the charts were intuitive combining, done in the past.   I tend to place small dots between fews, but not always.   It depends on how everything looks.   The designs can grow with you.  Some are basic and will stay that way.  I have Fewsets that I have used over the years, including Fewsets to be added to your ritual tools.
Here is an example of intuitively creating a Fewset.    As an aside, when you banish a negative energy (even if you ARE transforming it into positive energy), make sure to follow up and fill the vacuum with a positive energy. Take the situation that you want to change and place it in the center, then you surround it with fews for change.  Say you are tired of bad luck, and would like a breather from this energy for a while.    You also want to transform what you are experiencing now into good luck and be able to cope while you are processing the shift.  You want all this in a simple Fewset.   First you draw the blackthorn in the center of a line.          Next you add the Vine right beside the blackthorn;  this turns it into the Elder, a major transformation few, while helping you find discipline.       Next you add the white poplar,      which you draw over the blackthorn.  This helps you put distance between you and the bad luck while you heal that which is within that is attracting it.    Finally you add both the oak and the white birch.   The oak gives strength and good luck; the birch brings in vitality and new positive beginnings.   (I like symmetry and working with mirror images, so I repeat it at both ends.)  Then since I “surrounded” the blackthorn with the other fews, i have placed a Sacred grove at one end and a Mistletoe at the other just because it feels right.  Split them up if you’d rather.  So the final basic fewset looks like below.    If you like boundaries, you can place it in a circle, square etc.  I recommend you enclose your name and other special Fewsets.  They can be on their side or top to bottom.   Please always add an extra positive Fewset to strengthen the positive change you started here.  There’s the bad joke from when I was first starting on the magical/spiritual path. “Nature abhors a vacuum, that’s why witches ride brooms ….” .

A fewset that spells out your purpose can be created in the following way.   Say you want to bring the energy of abundance into your life and want to create an abundance fewset.   So you spell it out in Ogham: A/Silver Pine-B/Birch-U/Heather-N/Ash-D/Oak-A/Silver Pine-N/Ash-C/Hazel-E/White Poplar.   Here is a square, continual, looping version.      The Fewsets can have other symbols added to them, like the male dragon symbol I added to the abundance fewset.    Just make sure the energies of the different symbols feel compatible and if the other system allows intermingling.

Determination of Spirits using the Ogham Fews.

Determination of spirits and entities in a situation, no matter what it is, can be useful;  especially if they are not seen by the Lightworker.   This is best done using a link to the situation, unless someone in the know tells you that things are dormant and you can sniff around.  The following are NOT traditional meanings and usage of the fews; they were revealed to me in meditation.    You need the reading cloth and only the following Ogham Fews in your bag:  Mistletoe, Beech, St. Johns Worts, Morning Glory, Ocean, Honeysuckle, Heather, Grove, Willow, Elder, Yew, Oak, Silver Pine, the Wild Rose and Blackthorn.
You hold the link and the bag in both hands and see their energies merging so the fews can speak to you.  Then you place the link aside and draw out a few or two.  If several come out together, that is a strong indication, but you see what all comes out and stop drawing the fews when you recognize a combination.  Note the Blackthorn has a general meaning but with different fews it has different meanings.  I was shown the following combinations to mean the following Entities.
Astral Beings (General):   Grove plus Hawthorn
Curses:  Blackthorn plus willow &/or Beech (from a past life)
Demons:  Blackthorn (Morning Glory may be present; if the Wild Rose is present you may have a demon from a ceremonial magic grimoire or tradition (such as the Lesser Key of Solomon)
Elementaries (pure element based spirits, popularly known as “elementals”): the  spirit Few plus Willow or Morning Glory;  Blackthorn & Honeysuckle
Etheric Beings:  Blackthorn plus the Ocean
Ghosts:  Yew plus Grove;  or Blackthorn plus Grove.
Incubus:  Beech plus St. Johns Wort or Oak plus Heather
Non-Void Demons:  Blackthorn, Mistletoe and Morning Glory
Succubus: Willow plus Mistletoe
Special thoughtform:  Willow plus Grove
Void Demons: Blackthorn,  Morning Glory and Yew
Now on to the basics of the Dragons Graal: tools, rituals, and visualizations.  DolmaDraka


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