Posted by: rosenthorn | July 5, 2011

The Dragons Graal Code of Camelot

The Gaian Code of Camelot

Be it known, that I, (name), choose to follow the Gaian path, so as to live lightly on and come back into harmony with our Mother Earth.  One way to do this is to seek to follow the Gaian Code of Camelot.  By doing this, I understand that not only will I be happier, but that I will benefit others.  I will help in the aligning of the worlds and the healing of the wasteland.  I will help bring back harmony, peace, love and plenty for Gaia and all her children.

1.  I seek to live in harmony with all of Life as a Gaian.  I see myself both as part of a greater whole and yet an individual expression in which to serve all of Life. I see all spiritual paths leading to Divinity thus I honor all religions and faiths while being happy with my own.

2.  I seek to live lightly and “greenly” on the Mother, treating all her Children honestly, equally and respectfully, yet acknowledging any differences. I seek to minimize my impact on the planet by living as greenly as I possibly can.

3.  I seek to serve the Light and the Creative, positive Dark, while transforming my own shadow and any negative dark that I encounter.

4.  I seek self-mastery, so that I treat all beings with equanimity and compassion. Thus, I, instead of reacting with anger or other negative emotions, act with compassion, wisdom and skill to benefit all that I meet.

5.  I seek to manifest abundance so that instead of taking what was not given me, nor what belongs to others, I’m able to freely give and still have enough for myself and my loved ones.

6.  I treat each being honestly, gently and at their level of understanding.  Thus I do not speak false against another, nor do I frighten another by telling them truths that they may not be ready for.  Any conflicts are dealt with peacefully; only as a last resort will a martial art be used.

7.  All beings have karma to heal and gifts to bring into the world.  Thus I seek to help all I meet, if possible, to find and express their gifts and purposes.

8.  I understand that the culture I live in has certain legal requirements that I must abide by.  If something is unfair or destructive, I use peaceful means to help change the law or code.

9.  I take responsibility for my own health and life.  Thus I do pleasurable exercise, consume life-enhancing foods and drink and use complementary healing techniques to empower the basic care given me by a health care provider.

10.  I enjoy life, but live moderately, as I seek to avoid misusing my senses which would bring about imbalances that interfere with my spiritual growth.

11.  I consume intoxicants such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco, caffeine or sugar, moderately, if at all. I understand that addictions weaken my link to Spirit, make me vulnerable to negativity and damage me on many levels.  Any addictions I have, I seek to heal.

12.  In order to prosper, I must be generous; thus I daily practice a “giving and taking meditation“ such as the “Tongen for Gaia” meditation.

13.  Since I believe in Karma and reincarnation, I live life in such a way that in every life I live, I am of benefit to others and yet joyful to me.


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