Posted by: rosenthorn | July 5, 2011

Reiki and “Things that go bump in the night”.

(© 2005 AE McDougall)

We live in a logical, rational and materialistic culture.  It rarely acknowledges spiritual realities, though religious realities are fairly common.  However, that is slowly changing as Quantum Physics has, inadvertently and unexpectedly, opened the door to spiritual realities.   Sadly, Life does not let us pick and choose everything we want in Life.   Many of us choose to see only the positive, thus giving the negative free reign, unaccepted, uncontrolled and unchecked.  Science has photographed viruses, parasites, bacteria, molds and fungi and even bacterio-phages.  Why should it be surprising that there are energetic equivalents in the world around us to these microbes?  Why should it be surprising that many of these beings can cause problems, energetically?

I’d like to request that we stop being afraid of spiritual and psychic entities on the whole.  Instead, let us see them as a continuation of what we already are familiar with and act with compassion.   There is a spiritual axiom, “as above, so below” that applies here.   There is a wide range of “things that go bump in the night”, the specifics depend on the culture and prevailing religion(s).  Yet there are similarities in categories.  Some spirits are associated with aspects of nature, others associated with a specific plot of land or body of water, some are specific to a certain spiritual dimension, others are universal, some are sentient beings in their own right, others are created by our own shadow side and/or another person or group of people.   Some entities are parasitic on our energies, others are trapped and confused, some are the results of our own creative process gone awry, and others are latched onto us as a conscious or unconscious link to cause us problems.   Some come in during spiritual training or initiations.

We co-exist with these entities and beings for a variety of reasons. Some come along and join us at birth due to a karmic contract or the situation at conception.  Some we co-create because of our energetic process and others may be called to us, subconsciously, either through a karmic contract or our own unhappiness. Others are literally sent to us, by “the evil eye”, either consciously or unconsciously, by unhappy people who want to hurt us.  Some beings breach our defenses when we are in shock, seriously ill, have undergone trauma, shock or a surgery.  Some get sucked in, for whatever reason, are trapped and want out.  Others we let in, under the assumption that they are High Beings of Light, during a ceremony or initiation.  We then later discover the entities were not who they were supposed to be.  We may form links to them when receiving some form of spiritual training or healing, again, under assuming they’re someone else.   Many of these can be our own interpretation of energies that we interact with or even our own creations, if you view “our being” as the tip of an energetic iceberg.

Some simple signs of the presence of other beings involvement may include a sudden change of personality or habits, sudden or persistent bad luck, a feeling of being oppressed, chronic illnesses or situations that just refuse to resolve.  These persist, even after various energetic healing modalities and personal spiritual work is done to change for the better.   Sometimes people don’t, at some level , want to let them go.   I knew a woman in Georgia, who claimed to be a Christian witch, but when you talked to the “witch”  part of her under hypnosis, it refused to let her have a happy life.   It enjoyed causing harm while deceiving this woman into thinking she was working for the Light.   Sadly, she couldn’t let go of the idea of being a “christian witch” as it was her only way to feel powerful.

On a related note, there are a lot of us “naturals” who are not well trained and thus may be a source of problems, rather than solutions.  Many in this culture, feel it is their right to spew out negative energies whenever they want, thus leaving emotional garbage all over the place.   Others of us may have good intentions but can not complete what we are doing properly and thus may cause more harm than good.   Reiki can help here too.

When something’s not healing properly, despite  visualizations, prayers etc, then maybe the person should look into if s/he has unwanted energetic visitors living within her/his fields.   I personally believe that entities can be found on many levels of our being.  They reside on the etheric/bio-plasmic level, the astral, the creative, the psychic/emotional, the mental and occasionally the spiritual level.   Some beings can be cleared using Reiki.  Others should be referred to a specialist such as a shaman, a Spirit Releasement Hypnotherapist, a Wiccan, a metaphysician, a Lama, a specially trained chiropractor or a deliverance minister.

Determining if something is there and whether you can help or need an expert can be done in different ways.   Find out what kind of contracts are in place while you are at it. Often, you can flick the answer or use muscle testing to determine what is going on.  You can use some form of divination devise such as Tarot or the Celtic Ogham Fews.  Access intuitive information using Reiki, or activate and use a pendulum with Reiki.   If you are a Hypnotherapist, “talk” to the beings and have their Spirit guides help remove them.   Make sure all contracts are revoked and then destroyed.  Replace each one with a contract of Light that is placed in their Higher Self’s keeping.

An adept named Dion Fortune stressed that purity is vital for spiritual work.   This includes a clear subconscious and unconscious.   I believe we should clear out as much garbage as possible and even process and release energies from our past lives so that we may be as clear as possibly so as to help others.

Let’s accept entities for what they can be or what they are, rather than deny their existence, or act with fear.   Let us act with compassion, or if needed, wrath.  But let us release them so they, too may continue to evolve.  Those that we have co-created, let us dissolve in the Light.   Let us learn how to manage our energies and our talents, training ourselves so that we are part of the solution, not the problem.  Reiki is a big part of that.

Any positive aspects in this essay belong to the various authors and teachers;   any mistakes are my own due to ignorance.    Any merit raised here, I offer to my guru and to benefit sentient beings.


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