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Reflections of the Reiki Jewel: Reiki as Protection from Glamours in Advertising.

another old article that you might enjoy that echoes the problems of interference by the fundies …   (© 2004 DolmadDraka)

Reflections on the Reiki Jewel is a series of essays on how Reiki can impact the most unexpected places and situations.   This essay looks at how Reiki can help us perceive glamours and release excessive desires built by continual and manipulative advertising.   Many people are strong in the Light and are not affected by this;  it is for the rest of us, that I have written this essay.

For those of you how haven’t studied any of the western esoteric traditions, there is a basic fact of life you may find of interest:  to become successful, you pump yourself up with desire and invoke often.   In essence you are casting what could be called a spell on yourself – by choice.  But did you know, the average advertising agency does the same thing, though they use different terminology.   You watch enough commercials and next thing you know you’ve bought a sexy brand of toothpaste or own a very expensive vehicle that you can barely pay for, which may be dangerous and pollutes the environment.    It seems that our popular culture damages or inhibits our self-esteem so much we have to buy, buy, buy to feel like we have any value.  That is living on purely the physical plane which we know is only a small part of the ultimately reality.

Some companies may place energetic “hooks” or “invitations” that are ethical.  That is, they energetically invite you to consider purchasing their product IF it matches your needs.  It’s an invitation, not a compulsion.  I don’t feel that this’s any worse than actual advertising and being manipulated by the media in general.

However, in this economy, I suspect that more and more, the trend will be for compulsive, manipulative, energetic “invitations”.   They may not care as much for your needs as they do increasing their profit margin.  Thus they may use a more compulsitory hook, which may result in your purchasing their items, whether you want it or not.    I had read instructions how to do this in books I had assumed were ethical, years before the Enron scandal.   These were mostly just everyday self-help and motivational materials.

Reiki can help you by penetrating through glamours, and by releasing the hooks and links that you may have been tapped with.  According to the Word.web dictionary, “glamour”, as a verb, means “to cast a spell over someone or something: to put a hex on someone or something”.   Part of this process of “becoming fascinated”, is that you have weak spots in your defenses, your subconscious or ego.   By playing on various themes, these glamours  get past your defenses and form a link with the weak part of your subconscious.  Once it is there, you start entertaining ideas that you might never had considered before.    This can manifest as you purchasing something you don’t need, want or even buying something without any thought at all.

If an item has attracted your attention but you don’t feel good about purchasing it, you can’t afford it or it’s very presence unsettles you, break the link.  This is done by imaging the Distance symbol, the Emotional/Mental symbol, and finally a Power sandwich or the Power symbol, chanting each name thrice, between you and the item.   Send Reiki until you are able to release the image and let the whole thing go.  Ask to be filled with light and peace.  Let the Emotional/Mental symbol dissolve the imposed links and the desire that may have triggered its’ being brought to your attention.  You may find other symbols are useful depending on the circumstances.

If someone is putting pressure on you to buy something that you are really not interested in, use a Power sandwich or combination of the Emotional and the blessing Power symbols to give you space and keep the attempts at energetic manipulations to a minimum.   Cross your arms and legs, cover your solar plexus, and only look at the person through your dominant eye, (if you’re right handed, it would be the right eye).  See this combination creating an perfect shield between you and the person attempting the psychic manipulation.   Get away as soon as you can and then use Reiki to release the memory of the person, place and situation.    Reiki works very well when you “reframe” a memory.

Reframing can be done by cleansing and blessing your work area, then getting in a relaxed state, placing some energetic protection around you, and moving into a meditative state.   Decide what you want to replace the memory with.  You can literally re-create a memory or just decide to release it into Light.   Mentally draw the distance symbol and chant its name thrice.  Move into the holographic memory of the situation and then use a Power sandwich or the Emotional/Mental and then Power symbols, chanting each name thrice.    See the image dissolve into Light.   When it is gone, you can now imagine a new memory, one that it much better or happier and empower it with the Power symbol again.   You may have to reframe a memory a dozen times or daily for a week or so.    You will not physically change things but your energetic structure will be better off with the reframed memory.

Here is a wonderful little two step cleansing and protecting visualization I ran across in my studies.  It is called Flower to Bud.   Imagine you are a beautiful multi-petal flower in full bloom.   See the Reiki Master symbol or another symbol above you, radiating pure Light in all directions.

1.   (For clearing purposes)   Ask to see what is on the petals that shouldn’t be there, such as blobs of darkness, debris etc.   Pray, asking that everything not for your highest and best is removed.  See Reiki energy falling as water, gently flooding the petals, washing everything away what doesn’t belong there.
Know that the debris is completely removed and transformed in the Light.
2.  (For protective purposes)  Slowly, petal, by, petal, close the flower until you are a gentle but firm flower bud.  Make sure you don’t become too tightly closed though … let yourself breathe.

Rejoice that we have such a gift that helps us as we grow until we are strong in the Light.  May we soon live in a society that has grown up, leaving such tricks behind.

Any positive aspects in this essay belong to the various authors and teachers;   any mistakes are my own due to ignorance.    Any merit raised here, I offer to my guru and to benefit sentient beings.


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