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Protecting your Reiki. Part IV: Protecting your office, home and neighborhood

(© 2005 AE McDougall)

Reflections of the Reiki Jewel is a series of essays on how Reiki can impact the most unexpected places and situations.  This essay looks at extending the cleansing, blessing and protecting from your home or office to enclose your local strip mall, neighborhood or office building, whether you can actually physically perform the Reiki or processes.

A friend, once asked my help in extending the protections we created and placed in her chiropractic clinic to the whole strip mall and parking lot.   She is a Reiki Master-Practitioner, along with being a chiropractor.   I’d created a way to use Reiki and Feng Shui in order to rebuild the energetic structure of the suite she bought for her clinic.  Together, using Reiki and prayers, we had created a sanctuary when her new home was built, from the ground up.  Now she was concerned about an empty suite and the parking lot in her mall.  Both she knew were being used for drug deals but no one could stop it.  Her landlord had told her that he hoped his mall could become a professional strip mall with other doctors and dentists, she wanted to help him and the whole mall become more prosperous.

First off, if possible, I do the Reiki Sealing Ritual, as a veil of invisibility before anything else.  This hides my protections so that it is not obvious that I’m an energy worker.  I had a Christian magic-user once tell her she always placed very strong shields up, but then made the shields look shabby to the “inner eye”.  That way she never got involved with magical battles with people who are always looking for a fight for the fun of it.  You need “psi-lence”, that is, energetic peace and quiet to do spiritual work. You want privacy – no one spying, be it a fundamentalist or a mischievous magic-user.

If you have easy access to the area to be protected, create special markers indicating the four cardinal points of the area.   If in the city, use small flat rocks or crystals and hide them among the bushes.  Circle the area, starting in the east and use Reiki, imaging a light of electric blue or white, following you, to encircle your property.   If you are in an area with heavy and undesirable magical activity or you live in a hostile religious community, intend that your shields give you a veil of invisibility or use Reiki Sealing Ritual.   If you have a wire fence, you could work from the east only after having placed discrete special crystals at the four cardinal point posts.  Image the energies flowing through the wires and integrating with the shield going up so that the fence is actually another aspect of the shield and reinforces it.   Create an alerting system.   If you work with spiritual beings, post guardians at each direction to help you protect your property and space.  Call in the Archangels.  The most common system appears to be the following:  Raphael guards the east, Michael is in the south, Gabriel is in the west, Uriel in in the north and Susuviel guards above, below and all around. Invite beings to be your “night-watchman” who sends other beings to let you know there’s trouble.  Make sure you have created a limited-term for these volunteers and let them move on with a blessing.

However, if you can not physically do anything, you can always use a photograph, blue prints, or hand drawn diagram and treat it with distance Reiki.  Again, spend some time with a pendulum checking things out to make sure that you are not going to have your work tainted.  I have seen first hand what happens when you impose positive energies over an “occasional portal” (one that only appears every now and then).  It warps and destroys the protections and blessing from within.   Next, using an electric blue marker or pen, draw your chosen boundaries around the photograph.   If there is a certain area that needs special help, outline it in blue too.  Useful Reiki symbols for cleansing are drawn in black or purple or white: the banishing Power symbol and the Emotional/mental symbol;  for blessing, drawn in gold and silver, the blessing Power symbol, a Master symbol and any symbols that are sacred to you;  for protection, use a traditional Power symbol or Kriya.  Seal the whole picture with a Kriya afterwards.

Once you have the picture, you have several options.  Ultimately it is the focus for distance Reiki, but you have choices how to do the Reiki.   Depending on how badly your area needs cleansing, uplifting and protecting, you will probably want to Reiki the chart once or twice a day, for a whole month (or longer if needed), then go weekly, and finally monthly on the full moon.

1.   Place it in your Reiki box so that whenever you Reiki your box, it is empowered.
2.   Place it on your altar or shrine if you have one, so it becomes empowered every time you are at the shrine.
3.   Place it inside your Reiki grid.
4.   Have it handy when you are with other Reiki practitioners so that the group does distance Reiki on it.
5.    You can create a special candle/crystal grid, using the outline below for a special grid dedicated to this only. Draw a large version (about 2’x2’) of the star, in color, complete with Reiki symbols (add others if you wish) and laminate it.   Secure the laminated star on a sturdy piece of wood, if the wood is showing, it can be painted white.  Then on the top, incorporate a six crystal grid; the crystals can be permanently connected to the laminated star.  You need nine votive cups, ideally, colored, otherwise clear glass and nine votives.  You need the following colors:  white (frosted white cup), red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and midnight blue (or a smoky dark cup).  Place the grid somewhere safe as you’ll be adding fire to your grid and letting things burn until the candles go out.

Sit and meditate in the peace of the Divine and fill yourself with Light and Reiki energy.  Now, see the Star/Octagon encompassing the area you want to be protected.  Meditate on the appropriate Reiki symbols and feel the Reiki flowing.  Send Reiki to the whole area that is encompassed within the protective 8 pointed star/octagon, through the crystal grid.   See the energies being raised, slowly, releasing and transforming any negative energies within the enclosed space.

As you light each candle, imagine various color coded energies joining your protective work.  Celestial white light, fiery red light, orange light from the sky at twilight, sunny yellow light, green light from nature, watery blue light and lunar purple light or use the astrological planets: Solar yellow, Mercurial orange, Venusian green, Lunar purple, Martian red, Jupiterian blue, Saturnian indigo and Stellar white light.    See these energies filling the grid and further empowering the space within.   After a while, let the visualization go and let the candles continue to burn until they go out, if possible.   Give thanks with gratitude and turn your attention to other things.   Do as often as you can so you get a strong energetic stronghold into being linked and trusting the Divine.  In your minds eye, “see” the eight pointed star/octagon encompassing the whole area and the energies flooding the space within the star.  Over time, this will “cast out” the negative energies you seek to remove and build up the positive energies.  This can be adapted for a group, each person is in charge of a candle and comes up with an appropriate meditation.

Because of the upcoming times of change, please find a way to help clear out negative energies near where you live.   You may help break those people and beings trapped in lower energies out of their rut in the process.   Life will also be easier for you.   Om Tare!

May you be blessed as you bring benefit to sentient beings.  Om Tare!

Any positive aspects in this essay belong to the various authors and teachers;   any mistakes are my own due to ignorance.    Any merit raised here, I offer to my guru and to benefit sentient beings.


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