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Protecting your Reiki. Part III: Practicing your healing arts in a hostile environment.

(© 2005 AE McDougall)

(© 2005 AE McDougall)

Reflections of the Reiki Jewel is a series of essays on how Reiki can impact the most unexpected places and situations.  This essay looks at the use of Reiki, guided imagery and ritual to cleanse, bless, cloak in privacy and protect where you live, be it only a bedroom to your apartment, trailer, condominium or home.

Since life is multi-dimensional, I find it useful to cleanse, bless and protect the different dimensions of my home.  When I have the opportunity, I include the watery-psychic-lunar, the fiery-solar-astral, the spiritual and the physical.  There is no point, at least in this culture, to forgo the lock and key route of protection as there are some who are energetically “blind” to energies or really drugged out.

Cleansing of your space and place.

Smudge your room, house, apartment, condominium or trailer.   Occasionally smudge your car or truck too.   This is similar to how you do it on yourself but instead you focus on the room or place.   I like to make aromatherapy, flower and stone essence blends to add to Reikied salt water.  I place the fluid in a small spray bottle and spray the area while chanting a Tibetan mantra or Celtic ogham few.

To prepare your materials, I use a banishing Power symbol, a master symbol and seal with Kriya.   I then chant over it, thrice, the following:
Water.     I cleanse and bless this water, the child of earth and water, in the name of the Light.  Let this water find, transform  and remove all evil & negativity.  Only Light remains. For the benefit of all.
Smudge.  I cleanse and bless this burning incense, the child of fire and air, in the name of the Light..  Let this incense/smoke find, transform  and remove all evil & negativity.  Only Light remains.  For the benefit of all.  

Here is what I do and say for the actual cleansing and blessing.
Cleansing: For the water , incense & bell, sprinkle counterclockwise w/ the intention of cleansing.
Water.        By the power of Land & Sea, I cleanse this space and place elementally.
Incense.     By the power of Wind & Fire, I cleanse this space & place of evil & ire.
Bell.            By the power of the Bells’ clear sound, negativity is no longer found.
Blessing.  For the water & incense, sprinkle, clockwise to bless;  the same for the bell.
Water.        By the power of Land & Sea, I bless this space & place elementally.
Incense.     By the power of Fire & Air, I bless this space & place to make it fair.
Bell.            By the power of the bells’ clear sound, The Highest and Best, now is found.

Here are a few recipes from Tara’s Lotus (2011 now known as The Dragons Graal).  To these blends, you can add crabapple, sagebrush and/or chaparral flower essences for cleansing or Morning Glory for blessing to further empower them.  Reiki with the Power and a master symbol, plus others as desired.

*General Cleansing Solution.  Equal parts of lemon, lavender, mint, pine and mistletoe oils.
*High Negativity Cleansing Solution:     Angelica, hyssop, birch, myrrh, camphor, pine, mistletoe and vetivert oils.
*General Blessing Solution I:   Equal parts of lemon, clove, mint, jasmine and mistletoe

Distance clearing can be done using a pendulum.  Obtain a picture of the building or draw a sketch by hand.  Create a quiet sacred protected space.  Smudge and Reiki the area, the pendulum and picture with sage or your preferred cleansing incense, intending that all negativity and extraneous influences are released.  Reiki the area and create a protective pyramid.  Ask for Divine protection; circle yourself and your space with a brilliant electric blue-white force shield sphere of protection.  If you have guardian spirits, call them to join you.  Establish communications with the pendulum.  Affirm thrice that you receive perfectly clear, accurate information, from the highest sources only to benefit all beings.

First ask for general information.  Hold the pendulum over the picture, relax and ask if there are any portals, voids or rips in the psychic structure within the area.  If no, ask if there is anything being shielded or if there is any interference with your seeking these spots.   Call for Divine help if there is.  Ask about any negative or inappropriate beings or any that come and go.  Jot the notes plus impressions down.  Ask if these are beneficial, neutral or detrimental to the life workings of the place. You may have some ghosts that can’t imagine being anywhere else and at present are not a threat to anyone but their own evolution.   Next use distance Reiki to clean up the area plus your pendulum.  Ask which way it should swing in order to clear the area and then swing it that way until it is cleared.

If you are live in a hostile area, you will want to catch and dissolve any “Avenging angels” sent to you by fundamentalists.  You need an Avenging Angel Jar (trap). “Avenging angels” are powerful, destructive, biblically based and empowered thought-forms that target various non-xtians, such as Wiccans or anyone that used the symbol of a Pentacle or other “satanic” symbols.  These are programmed to harass, harm destroy and interference in as many ways as possible, their “targets”. I don’t know why the idea can not be adapted for other symbols and practitioners.  I’ve used them with pictures of Bodhisattva Tara and Dharma wheels: they work great.  I suspect these jars can be adapted for use with other unwanted stray, curious, meddling and unwanted energetic  interferences.

They’re simple to make.  Take a large clear mason jar with a lid.  Fill it about 1/3 full of salted water.  Over the top place a cheesecloth or piece of muslin and secure with a rubber band.  Set the jar on a bold, prominent pentacle that these “angels” would be attracted to and zero in on.   The being will enter the jar in order to attach itself to the symbol and find itself dissolving in the salt water.   If you are regularly under attack by fundamentalists or others, I’d change the trap every few days.  I’ve used a paper picture that I secure using a mason jar lid ring.  I’ve found that you can use different sacred symbols under the jar or even as part of the jar.  If you’re having really hard times, you may want to put one in every corner of your main room, or even one in every room of your home.  In Georgia, I  often had two in my living room, one in the kitchen and one in my shrine room/office.

It is interesting to note what these jars can catch.   Apparently Avenging Angels are small, focused and targeted balls of energy.  Back in Georgia, I discovered that an ignorant but well-intentioned, human sized being got it’s hand stuck in the corner jar and was whining about it and about how it was supposed to “save me“.   It was upset that I didn’t appreciate it trying to help me get to heaven.  Before I moved out of Georgia, I started asking the Bodhisattva Tara to help me by taking the creatures onto their next level of evolution, if actual entities get caught rather than man-made thought-forms. Like I mentioned in an earlier article, befriend the local spirits if you can.  It will help greatly.

Ask your Reiki Guides to introduce to you a special Guardian who will deflect these destructive energies, if you are in an active energetic “war-zone”.   This may be especially important if for some reason you are involved in a legal or zoning battle with local xtians.   Use Reiki to strengthen your connection with your Guardian.  You can use a blessing Power sandwich, then a Distance symbol.

Protecting of your space and place.

Lunar/Monthly Wardings.  These aren’t very complicated.  Every full moon you cleanse and bless your home, building or property and then create (or re-create) shields.  Many like to use banishing pentagrams at the four cardinal points while creating a spherical force shield and then call the Archangels in.   They add extra pentacles at doors, windows and other openings.   You can use a Power sandwich inside the Stars if you want to added clearing and protection.  This level has to be renewed monthly with the Full Moon.  This level is best against the basic lower astral and etheric crap given off by others with ”attitude”.

I prefer to place up a privacy warding before I do this, as those stars stand out for all to see.   I adapted Donald Kraigs’ Sealing Ritual for Reiki and it works quite well.

A Reiki Sealing Ritual (to be used instead of the Rosy Cross if desired).

You need red and white candles, your wand and woody incense.  When you are ready to seal your area, you need to first bless the candles saying:  Behold, arising out of THE LIGHT are the twins of force (white)   and form (red).   From these arise the Reiki symbols.  Let us seal our sacred (or living) spaces, asking the Reiki symbols to aid us.  Return to their places.

Hold up the lit incense stick, saying,   I light this in honor of the LIGHT;  whom we serve with all our heart, soul and body in order to benefit all sentient beings.  Return to its place.

Holding the wand, draw the Tibetan Master Symbol, above you and say (chant it thrice).
I seal the heights with the Tibetan Master Symbol,  …

Holding the wand, draw the alternative Master Symbol, below you and say (chant thrice).      I seal the abyss with the alternative Master Symbol, . …
Holding the wand, draw the Distance Symbol, in the East, saying (chant thrice).
I seal the East, with the Distance Symbol,  .…

Holding the wand, draw the Emotional Symbol, in the West saying (chant thrice).
I seal the West, with the Emotional Symbol.…

Holding the wand, draw the Tibetan Fire Serpent symbol, in the South, saying (chant thrice).
I seal the South, with the Tibetan Fire Serpent symbol, …

Holding the wand, draw the Power Symbol, in the North, saying (chant thrice).
I seal the North, with the Power Symbol,  …

Return to facing the east, hold arms up in blessing and say over the candles:
In this way, does the microcosm reflect the macrocosm and all is blest..
This rite is ended.       So mote it be.

Finally, you can create a Protective Pyramid of Light to protect your home.    The essence of a pyramid of light is five crystals that work together to create a pyramid grid that encloses your office, home or sacred space.  One crystal is placed in each corner and the final one is in the center to integrate and co-ordinate the others.   You may have a sixth crystal to turn the pyramid on and off.   In choosing the crystals, first make sure they feel harmonious with each other and will work together in creating this pyramid of light.   Then clear and cleanse them in the appropriate way for you.

Now you send Reiki to them as a group: intending, asking that they, together, create the perfect pyramid of light for you whenever you build it.  Then you place one in each corner, placing the master crystal in the center of the room, under your healing table? (Speculation, if you have a space dedicated to REIKI/healing only, you may be able to install the Master crystal up in the ceiling, that being the pyramids’ center point.)   If you have an activator crystal, you now use that to beam the Distance/Mental symbol to each stone until they are saturated, including the master symbol.  Beam REIKI to the nearest crystal by the “door”, then swing the energies to the center stone, fill it and now swing back down but this time to the next stone in the space.   Repeat this process until you have gone around the space three times.  Fill with Light and prayer.   Turn off when you are done.  My Reiki teacher told me about making permanent grids for the home.

I used a large, clear plastic Ferrero Rocher chocolate candy pyramid box.   The bottom had been painted a swirling metallic gold.   I then glued a large golden paper Dharma wheel in it, aligned to the directions.   The center has a small piece of upright celenite glued in it.   The top has a crystal glued in it pointing down.  Each corner has a crystal glued in it (elements according to Vaastu), leaving enough room for a bit of thick match stick to be glued, upright, in the bottom corners.  This keeps the top on snuggly, yet lets you open it occasionally.  To represent my apartment, I made a rough diagram, using Vaastu Shastra for each of my major rooms.  I also used a picture of what I call THE COSMOSPHERE, (though I used wesoteric colors, I’m not sure of the Vaastu elemental colors yet).   The Vaastu is taped on the Cosmosphere and a hole in the center is cut.  It is then mounted over the celenite, on top of the Dharma Wheel and orientated according to the compass.    The lid is replaced and now it is time for the reiki energizing.   You can add protective herbs, sacred images or other stones as long as you can weave them all into a coherent whole.

To empower your grid, here are the symbols to start with: a banishing Power sandwich,  the Non-Traditional Tibetan Master Symbol and seal with KRIYA.   Use the temporary grid procedure.   Start on the first moon slice (New moon) and empower twice a day until the Full Moon.   See a pyramid of light, and the stars of light, inside your spherical veil of privacy, protecting your sanctuary and home.  Study the rudiments of either Feng Shui or Vaastu Shastra, to make your home really sing.  I have found I prefer Vaastu over Feng Shui, but they are both nice.

Somebody Else’s Problem Field”.  Early in my spiritual path, I had some Christian magic-users recommend that I make my own shields look really shabby, so that people looking for a fight would look elsewhere.  I found I preferred to vanish in the fog (shades of Avalon?), so to speak.  But back in graduate school I did create a sort of odd protective shield, that could work here, if you like quirky ideas.  And it DOES work, you just have to make sure you don’t get affected by it too.  I lifted the whole idea from Douglas Adams’ HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY series, back in the mid-eighties. It is called the “Somebody Else’s Problem Field”.  When you put up your sphere of energy, weave in the intention that anytime anyone of dubious intention comes by your place, they suddenly realize that you are someone else’s problem and that they have more important things to do elsewhere.  You can also intend that only people with a certain vibration level or higher see through the “field”.   It depends on if your property is your refuge or if you have an active social life.

Again, these are just ideas to get you going, on creating your own.   With more earth changes on the way, we need to have a sanctuary so we can accomplish our purpose on earth.  Part IV looks at extending the cleansing, blessing and protecting to a strip mall, whole building or neighborhood.

May you be blessed as you bring benefit to sentient beings.  Om Tare!

Any positive aspects in this essay belong to the various authors and teachers;   any mistakes are my own due to ignorance.    Any merit raised here, I offer to my guru and to benefit sentient beings.


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