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Protecting your Reiki. Part II: Basic Self-Defense.

(© 2005 AE McDougall)

Reflections of the Reiki Jewel is a series of essays on how Reiki can impact the most unexpected places and situations.  This essay is a practical about protecting your person, especially, if you are still gaining clarity, undergoing purifications and connection with spirit.

It must be my lack of evolution, but life has it’s dark side.  Many in the Neo-Pagan and healing community are accepting of this fact.   Dion Fortune taught that there were two forms of darkness, and this theme has been echoed by Diane Stein (and various games like Dungeons and Dragons …).   There is a positive and very necessary darkness, it can be our shadow side that needs to be united with the Light so as to move past dualities, or it can be the darkness of the Mother.  I, having a Bachelor of Arts in the biological sciences, happen to like molds and fungi, as many of them are lovely and have striking colors.   Without them we’d be buried in corpses.  Decay is part of the life cycle of Gaia.   But, it all comes back to balance, while we dwell in Samsara.   Some forms of darkness trigger us into compassionate actions.   Yet Dion Fortune talked about a negative darkness, energies and activities that destroy the spiritual essence or caused “endarkenness”.   If you are a Harry Potter fan, look at everything that Lord Voldemort has done to “cheat death“.

The fact is that the more that magic and spirituality is on the rise, the more we need to learn to do basic protections.  Last millennia, about 1997, I think it was, I heard on the news, back in Baltimore, that two eighth-grade girls and their families were taking each other to court.  The reason?  One girl claimed the other had cast a spell on her.  The “spell caster” said that they were picking on her because she was a Wiccan.  I don’t know how things came out, but I remember Baltimore calling itself the “city of churches” (they conveniently forgot their nickname “mob-town”).   The genie has been let out of the bottle, which may be good in the long run, but we aren’t yet grown up enough to handle our wishes responsibly.

Speaking of “the city of churches”, or even living in Cobb “christian” County Georgia, if you live somewhere where it is safer to stay underground, I’d like to give you some advice.  I never learned to fit in very well and so had to escape, though it was all good training for life in general.   While I was in Georgia, and training for my Reiki master-teacher level, I wrote an article about using Reiki in an area where people are either hostile or indifferent.   Fortunately I was also working with a hypnotherapist who helped me “mold” into the scene as best as I could.

There were Wiccans in Cobb “christian” County Georgia, as I met many of them.  Maybe you have to be born down there to know how to cope with the culture but I was a Mid-westerner, working her way back home to snow.   Generally speaking, downplay your differences as best you can, only talk about areas of mutual interest.  While I was a cashier, I mainly talked about cats, food and chemical allergies, and missing snow.  Be polite and keep quiet on controversial issues, unless you like a good fight and know you can win.  Like with most people, don’t expect to talk rationally with them as you’re talking to deaf ears.

If you are like me and have been a fearful person most of your life, study a martial art, even if it feels like it goes against your grain.   Not only do you get physical benefits, but you learn confidence, discipline, self-defense and are able to emotionally deal with conflicts and problems better.  Just because you learn how to fight, doesn’t mean you have to do it all the time.  Look for a school that trains you in the philosophy, don’t get into the schools who are heavy into “macho” or competitions.  Also look at where you are, what  your body is like, what your personality is like, do you like subtle or grand movements.  Karate and Tae Kwon Do seem to be better for large, tall, leggy and hippy people.  These arts are very linear when compared to something like Kung Fu or Tai Chi.   I had a Tai Chi master once show me how Tai Chi could be used for self-defense.  I understand that Aikido has been recommended for women as it is very subtle and doesn’t need a lot of physical strength. I’ve studied Tae Kwon Do and then briefly ninjutsu, and hope to eventually get some basic training in Tibetan or Lama Kung-Fu.

My hypnotherapist, in Georgia, had studied Kung Fu when he was younger.  He taught me the concept of what he calls “verbal aikido”.  This is when you take the verbal abuse given to you, shift it and return it but in a way that makes the giver have to think about what s/he did.  This helped me cope with all the evangelic xtians who saw my long hair (due to my spiritual vows) and long skirts (which hid the rashes on my legs resulting from all my chemical sensitivities).  They ASSUMED that I was a xtian and practically had a coronary when they discovered I wasn’t.   I was still struggling with the practice of it, but it helped me until I figured out my own coping mechanism which released the whole situation.

Another thing you might try is to contact the local spirits of your area, and see if you can come to terms with them, even if the human culture has problems with you.  Silver Ravenwolf, in her book on Angel magick, says that Angels are created when a group thought-form matures, so does Isaac Bonewits, author of REAL MAGIC.  So you will find an angel watching over a business company, the local county government and so on.   When I moved into my apartment in Marietta, GA, I lived less than two blocks from two civil war graveyards. I was not able to befriend the Cobb County Georgia “Angel” (though it helped me leave, which made us both happy).  But, for some reason, over time, I was able to befriend the local Guardians of the graveyards, which surprised me but was nice.  Earlier I would occasionally have ghostly visitors that teased my new cat.

Purifications and cleansings.

Back in Georgia, I’d found if I was in the presence of someone with very prickly, negative or very hungry energies, I had to use what my Reiki teacher called a “power sandwich” to keep the other person from penetrating my fields and giving me an upset stomach.   This at least for me was the main way to keep peoples energies from eroding mine or them from cording me at work.   Since then I have discovered a wide range of other Reiki symbols that I have found helps greatly.   Here are some basic ways of purification, that will help you detangle yourself from other, unwanted energies.

Self-cleansing.    This can be as simple as taking a bath with a handful of salt thrown in the water with a prayer; or more complicated as burning white sage and circling all around yourself from head to toe, counterclockwise with the intention that all negativity is transformed into Light.    Reiki the salt, herbs and water or the burning smudge or incense to add extra power to the cleansing; also reiki the bath salts and water.  “SMUDGING” is useful, no matter what you use.  Fumigate yourself several times a day with smoldering kitchen or Native American white sage,  a smudge stick, a lit freshly dried rosemary branch,  pine needles in a dish or an incense that gives you a feeling of being uplifted and clean.   Twirl around counterclockwise to cleanse;  then follow-up clockwise to bless, get between the legs and under the arms too.  Throw a handful of salt in bath water and let it cleanse your energies periodically; apple cider vinegar or baking soda in the bath water helps repair the auras.   Use these AFTER taking a regular bath as the subconscious will get confused otherwise.

The Fountain.   Imagine you are standing in a small creek of pure, flowing, cool water.  Feel it move up and flow inside you.  At your crown, have a Reiki master symbol or sacred symbol of choice and let the “water” fountain out and cascade downward, spiraling clockwise, rinsing away anything from your different aura levels, that is not for your highest and best.   It returns to the water at your feet and is purified in the process.

Flower to Bud.    Imagine you are a beautiful multi-petal flower in full bloom.
For clearing:   see what is on the petals that shouldn’t be, such as dark bits, etc.   Pray and ask that everything that is not for your highest and best is removed.  Then see water or light, whatever gently flooding the flower, washing everything away that doesn’t belong there.
For protection:   Slowly, petal, by, petal, close the flower until you are a gentle but firm flower bud.  Make sure you don’t become too tightly closed though … let yourself breathe.

Feather on the Aura.  This can help develop sensitivities and heal energy field boundaries.   Focus on different levels of the aura.   Start with a large feather at the top and gently stroke downward, toward the toes.  Overlap the strokes.   Collect the negative energy at the feet and transform it into positive energy – see if the person wants the energy back.

“Hunting the Pug-Ugly”.  For over twenty-five years, I’ve periodically performed, what I somewhat jokingly call, “Hunting the Pug-Ugly”.   I started doing this when I was exploring the chakras using music by Kay Gardner, called THE RAINBOW PATH.  I decided I wasn’t ready for the chakras but found her music opened me up to sensing the different energetic bodies in my being.   I don’t have very clear “vision” but I “saw” rudimentary things in my fields.  I started noticing cartoon eyes and pointed teeth, tears, black voids etc in my different fields.  In the past, I used mind magic, crystals and ritual to release, transform, heal whatever wasn’t appropriate.  Now I use Reiki, Tibetan Buddhist mantras and a wide variety of Reiki symbols*.

You may chose to do something else or find someone to help you.   The concept is useful to help generally keep your energy levels clear and whole.  Use it as a monitoring system too.  See a cord that’s not supposed to be there?  Image what is keeping it linked to you, dissolve the link, remove the cord, fill the void with light and you have may short circuited a potential problem-in-the-making.   Some symbols that you might find of use in releasing links, traces, cords, hooks and implants are OM BENZA SATTO HUNG (especially good to dissolve and remove implants and links of former religions, interfering initiations and links to energies you don‘t want access to anymore), a flaming Violet Triskele, Un Mal, a clearing Hosanna, Kriya, Emotional and banishing Power symbols.

Forms of Protection to explore.
We need strong protections if we are going to help release negativity to the Light, so it is best to explore different forms of shielding.  There is better material about psychic self-defense available, so I won’t get too elaborate.  But in general imagine a Star Trekian force shield sphere around you at arms length, ideally in a neon blue color.  Have it deflect negativity but let in positive energies.  You may want to fill your etheric/bio-plasmic body with neon blue light too.  Try out different symbols and see what one(s) work best for you.   Take a variety of self-defense techniques and see how your Reiki flows into them.

Many of us find we are sensitive at the solar plexus area:  imagine a powerful shield there so that energy cords can’t hook onto you and play energy games with you emotionally or use the Reiki Emotional symbol.   Some people I know place pentagrams on each chakra (front & back) so they’re protected.  An extreme form of protection is the mirror shield.  Imagine being enclosed in a mirror shaped egg around you at arms length.  This deflects EVERYTHING and should be used in emergencies and dismantled as soon as possible.  This is a popular form with some chiropractors and spiritual healers.

Barbara Ann Brennan, in one of her books,  shows 14 forms of “energetic defense systems” (HEALING HANDS OF LIGHT).   These are good to know about when you are in contact with people, but I bet energy beings effect us in a similar way.    Therefore it would be good to study this page and start exploring how energies interact with us.  Then we know how we react and how we protect ourselves, so we know how to improve.  Isaac Bonewits, in his excellent book, REAL MAGIC, discusses different ways of protecting yourself including laughter.    He talks about variations of shielding.

My hypnotherapist taught me a special way to shield.  You imagine a basic shimmery shield at arms length and affirm that it is open to your highest and best good.  You affirm that ANY negativity that encounters your aura is absorbed into the shield and shifted into Light thus strengthening your shield.  This shield has the ability to send things back to the sender, in such as way they are forced to realize what they tried to do.

Here is a Reiki Protection Sphere, created by Vincent Amador of  I have done some adapting of it to help me get through some nasty work shifts.  This won’t really help you if you’re not at least a  REIKI level II.   But it may give you ideas on how to use other sacred symbols for protection.  Connect yourself with the Reiki energy and visualize the power symbols at each direction, including above and below.  Now draw the master symbol, starting it at your head and ending it at your feet.   He has you draw the distance symbol above your head, but I feel it’d be equally good, lying along side the master symbol.   Place the emotional symbol on your third eye, your heart and your solar plexus  to free you from fear.  State your intention thrice that the sphere will protect you and free you from fear.  Let the Reiki energy flow into the three circles connecting the power symbols.

These are just some ideas to play with.  Sadly I suspect we’ll need to learn how to protect ourselves as things get crazier and earth changes increase.  Part III looks at protecting a room, a house, apartment or anywhere where you actually live and work.
*:  THE MAGICK OF REIKI: Focused Energy for Healing, Ritual and Spiritual Development by Christopher Penczak, published by Llewellyn is very good for learning a variety of modern reiki symbols and was my source for this article.

May you be blessed as you bring benefit to sentient beings.  Om Tare!

Any positive aspects in this essay belong to the various authors and teachers;   any mistakes are my own due to ignorance.    Any merit raised here, I offer to my guru and to benefit sentient beings.


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