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Protecting your Reiki. Part I: Why You may need protection, motives of others.

another old article of interest; will write new ones once these are all posted …

(© 2005 AE McDougall)

Reflections of the Reiki Jewel is a series of essays on how Reiki can impact the most unexpected places and situations.  These four essays consider the reality of spiritual attacks from hostile religious practitioners, or if they’re being nice – just convert you; magical groups who want to drive you out of their area, put you out of practice, play power games or bring a little chaos into your life; how to handle things once something has happened and most importantly – prevention of future problems.

Some people appear to live in an ideal world where nothing negative affects them.  They are so mellow and some are so evolved that they shift situations almost immediately without any undue effects.  Many of us, however, live in a world, of co-creation and karma, that has pleasure, pain and problems.   Some are extremely sensitive to energies, yet for whatever reasons, live in very negative environments and deal with very unpleasant situations.

Politics and Religion.

Many of us believe the Cosmos is creative and that there is a space for everyone in the Universe. If we find certain expressions distasteful or inappropriate (as long as it’s not illegal), we turn the television off, participate in politics or remove our presence from the situation. We do extensive cleansings, purifications and blessings.  Sadly, there are some people who insist that they, only, know the way to “salvation” and everyone else is “evil”.  Our last presidential election, in 2004, showed that certain christian groups are finally ready to manifest Armageddon in the physical world.  This is a personal belief, as before my near-death-experience back in college, I’d grown up in a hard-core fundamentalist christian group.  Back then, everyone around me couldn’t wait for the rapture so that wicked sinners would get what was coming to them, and not tempt the true believers into sin.

But there are also spiritual and magical groups that like to use energetics to stir things up a bit, sometimes just for fun and sometimes out of malice.  You could see them as spiritual equivalents of pranksters or tricksters.   If we accept spiritual realities, then it should come as no surprise that there are destructive energies and manifestations in the world.   Sometimes there are negative energies in a place that can subtly affect people who are susceptible.   You may run across someone who’s hooked into a negative energy, thinking it is a positive one (I‘ve covered psychic vampires and energy manipulators in another article.)  I honestly hope you’ve never had or will have any problems along these lines as it can be quite an ordeal, no matter what the source.

When I was growing up in the fundamentalist church my family was involved in,  we mainly used general prayer and quoted both Psalms and Bible verses to rid places of any kind of evil or “mystery”.  We were terrified of Satan as he was behind anything that smacked of “metaphysics” or “spirituality”.  I remember in one small town, they drove a church member out of town, due to a rumor that he was gay (I suspect his main “sin” was that he was a very artsy guy, not a macho-mut) … they didn’t want him as a cub scout leader.  Understand, I’m not talking about most Christians as, even if they don’t like “metaphysics” or other religions, they, at least, are accepting of the people involved and don’t wish them any harm (unless you call a vague wish for them to be “saved“, harm).

Between personal experience and information from others who watch and guard the boundaries, there are groups of people in our culture who misuse spiritual techniques in the name of salvation and their politics.  Some use spiritual abilities to manipulate people into sales, situations, donations, activities etc that may not be good for them.  Dion Fortune taught, through her writings, that those of us involved in spiritual work, shouldn’t get heavily into politics as that would corrupt the energies we were bringing into the world.   But there are many Pagans who’d disagree, as they are truly fighting for Mother Earth and Her children, not money, sex, power or glory.

A mystical primitive Christian out of the united Kingdom, William G. Gray, talked about creating special Angelic thought-forms as a disciplinary last resort for a groups’ internal matters.  Isaac Bonewits, the only American that I know of, with a Bachelor’s degree in “magic” from the University of California-Berkeley, has a website, with information about political groups using magic and spiritual techniques to manipulate the public and effect the political arena in the way they want.

Early in my Neo-Pagan days I ran across an article that talked about how some xtian groups were skillful in the techniques of magic and spirituality to cause problems to those they decided were some form of threat to their “faith”.  Ideally they wanted conversions, some wanted harm and/or harassment and a few wanted to cause death “so as to save souls”.   They created what the author called “avenging angels” (see part III about making an “Avenging Angel” jar). Recently I heard on public radio how some Christians banded together and deliberately prayed to benefit their chosen candidate and to mess up others.  These groups are more sophisticated since I was a member, AND more willing to interfere.

For those of you who don’t understand their rationale, let me give you some idea of their influences.  First is a biblical quote from the Revised Standard Edition that they see as giving them permission to interfere with anyone who doesn’t agree with them.  The following  summed up what I remembered as a child.  This is taken out of context, but that’s no concern to them.  “And when the Lord your God gives them over to you, and you defeat them, then you must utterly destroy them; you shall make no covenant with them and show no mercy to them … For they (the Canaanite daughters)  would turn your sons away from following me, to serve other gods; then the anger of the Lord would be kindled against you and he would destroy you quickly.”  Deuteronomy 7:2,4.   I also remember, somewhere in the book of Revelations, there is a quote that says that Christ will come, bearing a sword, not to heal, but to divide families, friends, neighbors and so on.

Many of these people want to be told what to do and fall into “group hysterics” very easily as they have been taught that all that they cherish is threatened by “the enemy“.  In essence, change is ultimately what threatens them, but since they are not allowed the option for spiritual healing, they’re trapped in their own karma and headspace.   Dick Sutphen, a hypnotist and metaphysics teacher, says that people involved with cults are “true believers” and are easy to manipulate.  Having attended more than my share of “hell, fire and brimstone” revivals as a kid, I’ve felt, first-hand some of the weird energies they generate.   Armageddon reassures them that they are in the right.  Add the energies of “angry white men” and you find an environment to be gut-wrenching and very destructive.

Maybe you haven’t thought about how persistent prayer keeps re-creating links, especially if you have some form of karmic contract to accept them.   Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “the power of prayer”?   I, fortunately, had help from a fellow hypnotherapist to remove my major contracts from my subconscious and astral energies.  However, I’m still using Reiki, on my etheric level, to remove the last bio-plasmic links in my unconscious.  You can become immune to these energies, but it helps to undergo extensive purifications and cleaning out of your subconscious and unconscious.

Mischievous and Malicious, Conscious and Unconscious, “Magic-Users“.

Don’t discount having energetic interference by an immature solitary magic user, “spiritual” person or someone with unconscious abilities (psychic vampires are discussed elsewhere).  I used to have a “friend” who once got upset and threw a curse at me.  Fortunately Bodhisattva Tara transformed the results into fifteen minutes of fear rather than a deadly car accident.  But the friendship was shattered.  She still has no control over her abilities and gifts, so she keeps mis-using them, causing real pain to herself and others.  There’re a lot of “naturals” out there who may not know they have spiritual abilities and gifts; those that do know,  may not know how to use them properly.

Cleansing, Blessing and Warding 101.

Let us know look at what we mean by terms like banishing, cleansing, clearing, blessing, and warding.   It is useful to know not only what they mean but why they are useful.

Clearing, Cleansing and Banishing.  These are similar, but have different degrees of need and intensity, plus they work on different levels.  Clearing removes “the easy to get to” stuff first.  Banishing removes and/or transforms of entities and extremely “hard-to-deal-with or reach” negative energies.  Cleansing is a good, “head-to-toe” cleaning.   By removing the unwanted and destructive energies, you bring in the energies you want to have in your environment.  It helps you define personal space and territory.  It removes unwanted entities and makes the environment unpleasant to other unwanted, potential “visitors”.  It allows for healing, retreat and harbor in troubled times.   It helps provide a “clean” and healthy environment on which to live on all levels.  Finally, it helps aid in spiritual training by helping you gain clarity so you can visualize & sense energies clearly.

Blessings.  I see this as a bringing in of good vibrations; it is not the same as consecration, though it is involved.   Blessings fills the vacuum left behind after a banishing, clearing or cleansing.  It creates a safe environment and aids in creating a positive atmosphere which attracts further positive energies and good fortune.   It helps keep mind, spirit, body and psyche positive.  It raises the energy level so negativity is deflected, reflected, thrown back or transformed into Light.   It deters lower level energies and “pug-uglies” from moving in or staying by making an unpleasant environment for them.

Warding.  I see this as similar to placing up shields or boundaries.  I see it only creating a sterile space, if intended as such.  It creates boundaries to keep desired energies in and unwanted ones out.  It can keep your refuge hidden from “psychic eyes” by allowing for psycho-spiritual privacy (do you really want some magic user to decide you look like a good target for a power game?)  It keeps your atmosphere from eroding away by outside forces, unless you erode them from within.  It keeps external negativity outside of your boundaries.   It acts as a gatekeeper, in the sense it keeps unwanted visitors from all levels out.  If you intend and create it correctly, it is an alerting/warning system, by having an entity or energy  trip a hidden warning, thus alerting you to trouble coming your way.

Forms of Magic and Attacks.

There are several expressions of what is popularly called “Magic”.  Since the study and practice of magic is on the rise, I’d like to look a bit at them.   “Magic” has been called “the art/science of coincidence” or “the art/science of raising consciousness at will”.    Isaac Bonewits noted that magic represents the ways we get our unknown special senses primed for the our chosen goal.   Most people tend to think of Harry Potter or “bell, book and candle”.   Yet there are several streams of magic.  It is useful to be skilled in all aspects.

Ritual/Ceremonial Magic.  Usually this is seen as the standard “Judeo-Christian” or wesoteric work.   I’ve included most Pagan and folk religious magic under this heading as they use tools and ceremony too.  These can be very simple or elaborate as they use very highly regimented, specific steps to contact certain Beings for time honored specified purposes.   Familiars and spirits are useful.  The Magician and Wizard are found here.

Mind Magic.   In ways, Mind Magic is ceremonial magic with all the trappings stripped off; yet it depends more on personal power than on what one can bring into the circle.  Some people can do ceremonial magic in their mind at any time.   Others only use their mind to do their magics.    Mystics tend to be here.

Psi-Tronics.  These are the using of actual psychic abilities such as telepathy or psycho-kinesis for accomplish something.  Some people have actually made tools of crystals and the like for this  category too.  I believe Tesla technology falls into this category.

Eclectic and Chaotic Magics.   These are basically the same thing except for orientation.  Eclectics believe in an orderly universe (“Fiat Lux”- let there be light); Chaotes don’t (“Fiat Nox” – let there be night).   Here one can mix ceremonial with mind magic, throwing in psi-tronics to create whatever’ is needed.  Here are those who do not align themselves with any lineage, school or tradition but make it up as they go, though there is often logic in what they do.  A lot of the New Age and “Kitchen Witches” are here.

Final Considerations.

If you are moving somewhere new, if possible, visit it before you claim possession.   If you can’t, use a rough floor plan and a pendulum to get a sense of the place.  Before you move in, if possible, wander around and get a sense of the area‘s energies.  Then, at home, using some form of floor plans,  check out the space using a pendulum, looking for portals, voids, negative spots etc.   Then, before moving in, if possible, do an extensive cleansing and blessing first while establishing some basic wards/shields.  If you can’t and have concerns about who lived there before you, use a pendulum over the piece of paper (i.e. a contract) mentioning the place you’re moving to and ask questions.  If you know the general layout, pretend you’re actually walking through the place, imaging the cleansings etc needed.  If things are really bad, you can rebuild the whole energetic structure, though this is easier if you know the basics of Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra or another art of placement. and are a Reiki Master.   Parts III and IV give the details for cleansings, blessings, the various shields and wardings.   (I deal with using Reiki, Feng Shui and rebuilding an energetically trashed place and space elsewhere.)

Warding has the advantage of bringing “Psi-lence” (psychic peace and quiet), protection from various unwanted energies and intrusions, and helps create not only the atmosphere but good fortune too.  Feng Shui or Vaastu Shastra, helps you in the arrangement of your home.   Inside the shields or wards, (I tend to use the words interchangeably) bring in divine and blessing energies, atmosphere and the environment you want.   I tend to build levels of shielding.  I use lunar/psychic cleansing and protections on the full moon;  on the Solar Holy Days I reinforce a Cosmosphere.  I use crystals and Reiki and Vaastu Shastra.  There are ceremonial, metaphysical, shamanic and folk ways to protect your home.

I highly recommend that you have a specially warded room for any TV, radio or stereo outfit you have.  Consider having a special grid around your boom box or stereo in your any of your rooms.  Please note the effect of the music you listen to: on yourself and your homes’ energies.  You may discover your love of the blues keeps you unhappy; or, like when I was a kid, my love of acid rock kept me zoned out.  When you watch really negative, graphic and gritty TV shows and videos, or listen to really heavy hitting  or extremely sad music, cleanse the room AND YOURSELF afterward.  A lot of the shows may be quality documentaries but will leave your room and space feeling slimy.  Too much of that and you’ll punch holes in your own protections.

Ever since 9-11, expect to see a rise in chaos, violence and bad luck.  Those terrorist attacks opened gates to the chaotic, hells realms that many of us strive to shut again.  But don’t despair or give up.  We are all needed to help bring Light to our realities, our worlds and even GAIA herself.   We are the best defense, in many ways, as we can move between the various levels and ground Light into the densest realities.   These are just some ideas to play with.  Sadly I suspect we’ll need to learn how to protect ourselves as things get crazier and earth changes increase.  Part II looks at energetic cleansing, blessing and protecting of your energy fields and being .

May you be blessed as you bring benefit to sentient beings.  Om Tare!

Any positive aspects in this essay belong to the various authors and teachers;   any mistakes are my own due to ignorance.    Any merit raised here, I offer to my guru and to benefit sentient beings.


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