Posted by: rosenthorn | July 5, 2011

My apologies but here we go again …

Greetings to those who are reading, i apologize if you are getting overwhelmed but i guess consider this blog like an old fashioned book of shadows, after a lot of older stuff’s posted, and this is the perfect place to post the materials: suddenly you discover order and logic to the postings.  I just finished uploading my reiki blog ( of about 25 articles i wrote back during my Master-teacher training (2004-2005).  Some of the materials i felt could be adapted to protecting people from fundie attacks, before we get into the tapping and transforming of energies.

The next set of posts are material from the Dragons Graal ritual magick tradition that was designed to help protect Gaia and Her children from attacks and to transform negativity into benefit.  This tradition I’ve refined over 20 years in preparation for this situation.  It appears mostly a ritual magick tradition  but the Arthurians plan to help us tap and transmute.   I will be posting the material without comments and later i will discuss how it can be used in the tapping and transforming process.   Until tonight i did not even realize that was its main purpose, but I do not quite understand how  … The Arthurians will teach those who use these rituals and tools how to tap and transmute … unless they show me later on (which they may ).     One of the tools I know I can post; i am waiting to hear about the tarot deck that goes with it; if it does not get published, then i can include it in this blog.


Wednesday after i get back from my parents to the end of the week i hope to sort out and post the materials.  By next week I should be back on the tapping and transforming background posts.

Thank you for your patience; Tashi Dalek and Danse in the DragonWinds  DolmaDraka


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