Posted by: rosenthorn | July 5, 2011

A Guided Meditation for Earth Healing with Reiki

 (DolmaDraka, Reiki-Master ©2004)

The following is a guided meditation or pathworking to be used to benefit Gaia and Her children for Reiki practitioners that i came up with during my Master-Teacher training.  Record it on a casette or other media and then “plug in” and journey.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.   Image a sphere or cocoon of Divine white light protection around yourself.   See this room filled with a golden light.  Now feel  4 sets of grounding cords extending from your neck,  shoulders, tailbone, and feet, going deep into the earth:  one set grounds your air energies by growing tiny roots whose tips end in pockets of air in the soil; … the next set forms  strong roots deep in the land, which grounds your  earth energies; … the third set grow much deeper into the earth and ends in an underground body of water, absorbing any negativities, this grounds your watery energies; and finally one strong root grounds down into the molten fire at the center of the earth, which grounds your fiery energies.   Next see a brilliant ball of light above your head and below your feet.   See energies flowing downward from above and upward from below until they meet at your heart and continues to where they join the other sphere of light.  Let this become a complete circuit which is strengthened with each breath, feel the energies flow strongly in your major channels , then feel these energies move out into your meridians and nadirs, brightening you and removing all negativities and toxins    Exhale the toxins as a black smoke that is shifted into light upon encountering the golden light around you.   Let your inhaled golden light continue to strengthen the circuit of energy between transcendence and immanence, with you as the intermediary.

Now notice, in your minds eye, a closed wooden door in front of you.    This is a special, magical door, that can transport you anywhere you want to be, to any time or place.    It will open up to realms of wonder, magic and beauty.  It can also open up to truth and self-knowledge.  …  Make a strong intention that you will be taken to the most appropriate place in order to aid in healing Gaia of pollution and all the damage she has suffered at our hands.  …  So, step up to it, open the door and step through, firmly shutting the door behind you. …..

Now you find yourself in a spacious entryway, well but comfortably lit and very cheerful.   You hear your name being called in a beautiful beckoning voice from the end of the entryway, and a lovely light being motions you to come join in a special service.   You walk to where the being is and enter the room as requested.

Now you find yourself in a very special room, huge windows, beautiful wood paneling, plants all over the place the most wonderful star-studded night sky above you.   The room is gently, subtly lit and the occupants radiate beautiful light themselves.   Your eyes are drawn to a special holographic console in the center of the room, that has a living, pulsing 5 foot diameter hologram of GAIA, rotating, in all her gracious, grand glory.

Your Guardian Angel or a special light being comes up and introduces him/her/itself and then introduces you to everyone there.   All have special gifts, some of them also are Reiki masters.  But you are the guest of honor as you are both a reiki master and an inhabitant of Gaia Herself — you are their living link to Her physically.   This is your special service team, who are pleased to work with you, taking guidance from you as where to focus their healing energies on Her.

You take your seat and all gently hum in order to form a healing whole.  OM vibrates throughout the air.   You find yourself staring at the hologram and notice that a part of the planet glows.  The glow grows stronger as the humming increases.  You realize this site is where you need to send your groups healing energies at this time.   You find yourself chanting the mantra of the Distance symbol and are joined by the reiki masters in spirit who are working with you.   Soon a Distance symbol has manifested in the center of the hologram.   You point out the spot that was glowing so the whole team knows where to focus on.  Now you beam, and using your raised hands, send Reiki in various forms to this spot.  You know that the distance symbol is making sure that everyone’s energies are going to the appropriate spot, no matter what kind of energy is being sent forth.

All of you send your energies to this spot until the distance symbol vanishes.  Once this happens you know it is time to stop as the site can handle no more energies right now.    All of you stop and a different chant is done that gently blesses each of you but releases the sacred circle of energy so you may return to your beta consciousness.   They thank you for your vital participation and you thank them for helping you care for such a lovely jewel and all who live on Her.   You bid all good-bye and get up.   Your special guide walks you back to the entry way … and you then walk to the wooden door.

Now, you open the wooden door.  Step up to it, completely open the door and step through, firmly shutting the door behind you. …..

Now I’ll help you come back into your body, by counting from five to one.  You’ll remember everything that has happened and bring that knowledge and understanding into your being at every level.

….Five, starting to notice your breathing … feeling very light, bright and positive.   You feel more alive, alert, aligned and more compassionate. …

Four, starting to feel a vague sense of your body … feeling very light, bright and positive.   You feel more alive, alert, aligned and more compassionate. …

Three, starting to feel your arms and legs … feeling very light, bright and positive.   You feel more alive, alert, aligned and more compassionate. ….

Two, starting to feel a heartbeat and the need to stretch out … feeling very light, bright and positive.   You feel more alive, alert, aligned and more compassionate.

One, bring everything you have experienced through and integrating it on all levels BE HERE NOW!  feeling very light, bright, positive and compassionate.


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