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“Things that go bump in the night”. Part II. “Ghosts.”

(© 2006 AE McDougall)

One of the most popular “spirits” that permeate our culture is the “ghost”.  These are usually seen as the “spirit” of a person who is provably dead.   Ghosts appear to be the backbone of psychical research and a popular reason to form groups to seek them out.  Halloween is a popular time to dress up and pretend to be them.  There are  movies out about them: some are very intense (like THE SIXTH SENSE with Bruce Willis) and others are more comic (like Ghost Busters).   Let’s see if Reiki can help us deal with ghostly visitors.

First, let us look at what “ghosts” are supposed to be.  For those of us who believe that we are more than just a physical body, ghosts, in general, are what is left after the physical body ceases to function (you’ve heard of the term “give up the ghost”?).  I don’t know if ghosts are technically our astral or our etheric bodies. Yet in many cases ghosts are actually an energetic shell of emotionally charged energy cast off upon death while the spirit moves on.  I’ve encountered this back in Maryland while doing energetic work: a shell of a civil war soldier tried to attack me. I’ve heard of Neo-Pagans who’ve had rituals interrupted by these energetic shells.  Another form of “ghost” is an energetic record of someone that was imprinted on the material of a building.   There are some that may be a form of telepathy.  And some are other spirits who have taken over an energetic shell.  I ran into this, also, in Georgia.  I met a female ghost of a woman who’d been raped during the civil war and had several other spirits living symbiotically within her as she sought revenge.  She was a guardian of a landlady I once had.   Finally, there may be spirits masquerading as familiar “ghosts”.

If you find yourself in a situation where a ghost is active, you will need to do some research to see what, if anything, can be done.  Remember, there’re some things that we humans can not or should not change, but there’re many things we can.  Find out the history of the ghost: who it was, how s/he met her/his death, the nature of the haunting (is it pleasant or problematic?), is anyone being harmed or possessed and other factors.

Once you have all the facts, you can then use a variety of ways to find out the energetic information. You can do divinations using tarot, the Celtic Ogham fews, a pendulum, or Reiki to gather information.  If it is safe, later on you can use a medium, astral travel or mental projection. The Emotional symbol is a good symbol to help obtain energetic information.  I’m not going to deal with exorcising spirits from people, that should be done by specialists with special training.

However, if there is a sentient spirit involved, you’ll want to be in contact with the spirit to find out  and do the following:   ask the entity what keeps it there;   what does it want and need from being there;   then you may need to help the entity resolve the problem.

You may find a set of old bones or some physical link that keeps the ghost trapped.  Take the physical link, and chant the Distance, the Emotional and finally the power symbols, 108 times over the items with the intention that the being find its way to a heavenly realm.   You can also do a mala round of Green Taras’  or Chenrezigs mantra too.

There is a good procedure found in a great Reiki book, THE MAGICK OF REIKI  by C. Penczak.   But here is several other ways to handle it.  If you really want to remove a “memory”, Reiki the area, daily for over a year to make sure that it is completely released.   If telepathy is involved, you may need to do healing in the family so the energetic memories can be released so the visitations can cease.   “Masquerading spirits” may or may not be easy to release.  I tend to use three different divination sources before I do a cleansing or exorcism.  I use Tarot, the Ogham Fews and a Reiki information channeling technique my teacher taught me.   But I also use a pendulum and hypnosis.

Shells often have to be trapped so they can then be dissolved.  You may have to ask a lot of information to make sure no other entities are living within the shell beforehand, to avoid complications. I create a simple “cosmosphere” around the shell to contain it: a set of interwoven three rings/spheres, consisting of:

an indigo blue sphere of SPACE, Secured in Space by the balance  of  TRANSCENDENCE, LIGHT, IMMANENCE & LAW.

a white sphere of TIME   Protected in Time by the balance  of LIFE, LIGHT, LOVE & LAW.

and a red ring of CHANGE-CONSCIOUSNESS-MATTER.    Contained in Confining Cosmic Consciousness by the balance of  TRANSCENDENCE, LIFE, IMMANENCE & LOVE
This Security Sphere is empowered and sealed by Spirit,  
Bound by TRUTH in Service  to the One.    So mote it be.

Here is a basic clearing technique.  Determine what is going on and if it is okay for you to release it.  Call upon your guides to join you.  First smudge and clear each room, then use Reiki to clear out, then energetically clean, each room.  Use a large distance symbol in the center of the room to act as a gateway if you don’t want to use a Cosmosphere.  Ask for help before you open the gate.  The Archangel Michael is always helpful in circumstances like this.  Repeat the drawing of each symbol in each room until the energies are clean.  You can repeat the process but now do it in it center of the apartment, house or office  Experiment with the Antahkarana.  This releases negative energy from people, places, objects and clears crystals.

You may need to open lines of communication to help the ghost move on if the basic clearing technique does not work. Using Reiki to receive intuitive information, talking through a medium or using a hypnotherapist would be used here to talk with the spirit and help convince it to go home.

After the being has moved on or out, then fill the area, in the room, place or person with fresh, shining Reiki energy.   Rewrite the contract if needed, but fill the void and seal it unto the light.   If needed, ask your guides for help and further advise.

Any positive aspects in this essay belong to the various authors and teachers;   any mistakes are my own due to ignorance.    Any merit raised here, I offer to my guru and to benefit sentient beings.


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