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A Ticket to Ride Through the Paranoid Side ….

Greetings and welcome back to Magick and the Green Dragon.    I plan to post as much as i can before Hallowmas 2011, as that is when i return to being an active student at the Grey School of Wizardry.  I am still training with the Sound Healers Association and need to finish that.  After i return from getting my Animal Reiki Master-Teacher training in August, i’ll be spending most of my free time getting a practice going.   So I’m going to write as much as I can now,  post it, and then post whenever i have the time. As an aside, I’ve had intensive hypnotherapy and counseling to work through my own emotional problems and dark side; I’ve dealt with the majority of my own projected “evil”; so there is not a lot of personal projection, though there are a lot of memories and traces of resentment.

Having grown up among the “Religious Reich”, albeit fairly moderate ones compared to those i hear about now, I’d like to use this article to speculate on what is energetically possible and what we may face and experience, thanks to these extremists.  Again I am talking only about the extremists: those who believe in biblical slavery, a very narrow form of marriage and women being barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.  To muse about an unspoken conspiracy without the Illuminati, Aliens, Free-Masons, Elvis, JFK or big business.  A meandering about the struggle between two forms of magick users: the dominionists and the pagans (using very loose categories).  I do not know that these are actually manifesting but i see hints and possibilities all the time at work in the used bookstore i work in, in the city i live in (a politically red city) and as i hang around with my parents.   As i write this, in their basement, i am about 10 feet from a box or two of those wonderful “jack chick” bible tracts … if you have never been given one you are lucky, they exist to offend everyone.  But the ATC “anti-tracts” (The Other People and Heathen IDOLIZE School Prayer) are great! (*1).  The Other People has a lot of good biblical information proving that “We are the Other People”, so to speak and that their holy writ is not ours, be we Wiccan, Pagan, Buddhist, Hindu and so on.

Let us look at the general framework that I grew up with.  They do not care what ethnic group you are, as long as you are “christian WASP” inside.  The devil is out to destroy them and uses every means possible to accomplish this goal; women are his favorite tool but liberals and education are others.  They are the “chosen” but persecuted minority, whose mission is to “save” the world from itself and the devil.  Spiritual warfare is taken very seriously.   I remember attempting to put on the spiritual armor (*2) talked about in the new testament as a high school kid.  I, like most, did not understand the energetics involved, so was not successful.

Lets take a ride on the paranoid side and see how they could be using their own forms of “magick” to accomplish their purposes.  Remember energy, known as chi, ki, prana, ruach, orgone, spirit etc.  is neutral and can be focused, shaped and directed by those in the know. Our subconsciousness is also easy to get to if they have the right know-how, tools and techniques.

First stop on this ride is emotional manipulation.  I grew up with fire and brimstone, not with a truly loving deity, and women were especially preached at.  The preacher would get the audience so emotionally whipped up, that at the end you were ready to come down the aisle, tears of guilt and isolation, streaming down your face and ask to dedicate your life (or rededicate) to Christ.  He’d push all the emotional buttons possible: through background music and active singing (often repetitive choruses that put you into a trance), through the sermon which was either delivered in a very energetic way with an accusing tone of voice which would near the end radiate love, compassion and acceptance, only, if only, you followed the preachers admonition and accepted JC into your life, or used a very monotonous voice, putting you almost asleep, which bypassed your rational mind and went directly into your subconscious.  (Under these conditions women could easily come to believe that they are the source of all evil, especially if they do not know that any other feeling and reality is possible.  Voice of experience.)   A good way to build an empire of people, power and money.

At one time, a few years ago, on the following website:, there was a good article by a metaphysical researcher-hypnotist, Dick Sutphen, on how people in power use hypnotic techniques and neuro-linguistic programming to manipulate us.  I trained in hypnotherapy and basic NLP, years ago, and see it happening.  (One reason i do not own a TV or listen to radio in general.)  The very fact that most people do not know, or at times, care, about these techniques make it easy to create “followers”.

Next stop is  to use the energies and power created by these manipulations.  Think about the different ways it can be done, see all the different possibilities.  Just pretend that you are in his/the preachers place, what would you do?  Let us focus on how a mob works: someone orates, resulting in getting people all enraged, whipping them into a frenzy.  Due to energetic connections, just being in the crowd may get you overwhelmed and caught up in the energies.  Bingo, suddenly you are no longer in control, you are part of something bigger, being ridden roughshod over common sense and consciousness.  Or you manage to avoid being “absorbed”, but realize that you are surrounded by “crazies”, may be in danger and become fearful, so you still go along with the crowd.

Now think what happens from the orators viewpoint: here is a mass of people ready to do your bidding, so you tell them what to do.  You, as preacher (“high priest”), have everyone focus on what you want and send that focused, emotional, powerful energy out to do your bidding or you may have them then physically act something out.  If you have access to the people on a regular basis, oh my, what fun.  You may assign smaller groups to focus on your pet projects. One day you target an abortion clinic (and inspire someone to deliver vengeance by murdering a doctor there); next week you target a pagan chaplain, resulting in her getting fired from her job and causing cancer in the process;  next week, you focus on driving “the heathen” out of your city, the next, you may focus on a politician who is too liberal for you and so on.  You tell them how to vote, who to vote for and imply that, if they do not agree, they are not “saved” and part of your group; you tell them what is right and wrong.

For some people, this is heady, fun stuff.   They attract people who find this situation appealing.  For a lot of angry, disenchanted, weak or lost people, this is heaven.  Someone tells you it is okay to energetically harass (pray for) those you hate (who can prove it in a court of law?); others, for whatever reason, enjoy being told what to think, believe and do, especially in times of crisis, economic downturn and war/fear.   People are complicated beings, we have karma to deal with, we have our genetics and our upbringing, we have our enculturation to add to the mix plus whatever lessons we have to learn about being alive in general.

Least you think i am exaggerating, i will tell you about a book (*3) i saw twice at my used bookstore in the last few years.  The only time i looked in the book, it opened directly to the the page where they admonished everyone to pray for the Dalai Lama.  They were happy he was non-violent and compassionate but they wanted prayers to bring him into the fold of JC;  face it, they wanted him to become one of them so he could reach people they can not.   This book listed 365 influential people that they wanted “converted” as these people were interfering with their idea of their gods plan for the world.

Would you want to be targeted like that?  I wouldn’t; it is bad enough i have to deal with some of them praying for me regularly, thanks to my parents.  I personally believe that many of them have targeted not only our Pagan, Wiccan, Metaphysical and Magickal Elders, Authors & Teachers, but also these energies.  Remember, they think that the various gods and goddesses are just satan in disguise or in drag, so if they can pray a pagan deity into oblivion, they probably will.

Next we look at some of their tools.  Being human there are a lot of activities that we all share, gossip, phone trees and so on.   Some may use a rosary, incense, chants and statues for focusing their “magick.  I grew up evangelical, not catholic or charismatic, so we did not have a lot of saints, incense, ritual, classical or even rock, music and trance-speaking in tongues.  However, i attended a charismatic church once that played rock music which was very effective to let people trance out so they could speak in tongues. A long time ago I heard Isaac Bonewits say that before they stripped the latin out of it, the catholic mass was one of the most powerful rituals in the west. What is so interesting to me (if you read the book, not watch the original WickerMan movie) you discover that Sergeant Howie, was an introverted mystic compared to the Pagan extroverted mystics.  Again a clash of mindsets and magicks.

Evangelicals have few symbols but they pour a lot of energy into them.  Of course other things they use are money, influence, information exchange, politicians, radio, TV, the internet; i see books at work in the general/secular business section that have been published by these religious publishers, so our businessmen and women can absorb their viewpoints on a regular basis.

Things like this can happen from the mega-churches down to small prayer groups: with the same basic procedure.  Does the process sound familiar?  We are just more conscious of both the process es used in magick and how it affects the participants.  We do not get the massive audiences, so we rarely get access to the same levels of energy and we mostly do not do the manipulation trip.

Now, let us leave the paranoid ride and look at what we can use from this.  I believe the main idea is that we can tap into massive amounts of energy if we’re willing to learn to shift the manipulative aspects into beneficial energies then direct the energies ourselves.  Magickal aikido.  Why should the preachers get all the fun of directing massive amounts of energy to cause harm, when we can catch it, neutralize it and send it onward toward healing or some other beneficial purpose.   Think if we can take all the thousands of prayers, shift them and direct the energies toward helping Starhawk get the money etc needed to manifest her film, or to protect targeted kids in the Congo etc from being killed because of “being witches” or protecting various influential people from being energetically harassed.  The Dalai Lama has  Spirit Guardians protecting him but most of our people in the west do not.   Even just sending the energies back into the earth in places where She has been trashed, to heal and re-consecrate them and to help Her in her Awakening.

The next post I will look at ways of energetic awareness, signs of being targeted, without being paranoid and our personal abilities and gifts.

Danse in the free flowing DragonWinds, DolmaDraka and her feline muse.

*1:  The  Aquarian Tabernacle Church sells the tracts
*3:   Kopp, David, Heather Harpham Kopp & Larry Wilson. “Praying for the Worlds 365 Most Influential People”.     ?: Harvest House Publishing.   1999


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