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Awakening Our Magick for Our Mother

Greetings and welcome to Magick and the Green Dragon.

Here i hope to look at ways we can use our magick and gifts to protect Mother Earth, ourselves,  and all life, against the extremist right-wing fundamentalists and their prayer warriors and destructive spiritual activities.  There’re many good actual warriors in the world, magickal and mundane; sadly I am not one of them.  I survived my fundamentalist upbringing by living under the radar.  Yet because i have lived so closely with them, i may be able to offer ideas to help “de-fang” them when it comes to the spiritual warfare that they are so devoted to.  This particular posting is dedicated to the ADF founder and friend of my old ADF grove (Cedar Light of Baltimore MD), Isaac Bonewits, as he was the one who repeatedly stated that environmental activities are sacred activities.  For some reason his words were what triggered my working with the Dragons to create the Dragons Graal ritual magick tradition of earth service and my continued interest in finding the clay feet of the right wing monolith.

Many of you may think that we are over-reacting.  But i’d rather carefully over-react and be ready if the spam hits the fan than to be caught by surprise and have to give up my Dharma, my love of Terra and my wizardry.   There are many ways we can protect ourselves.  You need to determine what you are best at.  Politics, environmental action, boycotts, networking with groups like WSI, the Pentacle Project and the Lady Liberty group at Circle Sanctuary; various social activities and even studying law.  Some of us are quiet, bookish, mousy people who use ritual and magick (while quietly living by our beliefs, yet under the radar).

My main interest for the last 20 years and what i will mostly write about in this blog is how to take the manipulative fundamentalist prayer/group “warrior” energies and strip them of their ability to harm, to taint, to warp and to destroy.  I noticed that we in the Pagan communities are not that familiar with spirits who guard the energies of the magicko-spiritual traditions they are assigned to.   We understand guardians of places and sacred sites but not of times and energies.  (I may be wrong.)  I speculate it is because we are so spontaneous, creative and free-flowing.  You find Dharmaphalas or Dharma protectors in Tibetan Buddhism; these beings guard their linage and keep it free from distortions and distractions. Many ceremonial and ritual magick traditions have guardians that must energetically acknowledge you before you are allowed to join the “inner lodge” and have access to the energy current, if I understand Dion Fortune and Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki correctly.  So the concept of protecting the very energies that we are linked with and love are not new, maybe just to us.

I remember reading a long time ago (20 years?), that some European Witches observed what were called Ember Days. These days were the three days before a major Earth Holy day (such as an Equinox or Solstice).   (I am sorry i do not have the source, it was a long time ago; i just noted the information as it struck me as important.)   During this 3 day period, according to these Witches, the energies of Mother Earth were vulnerable to negative influences, taints and distortions.  The Witches literally prepared for battle as keeping the purity of Her energies was very important to them and to those who grew crops and raised animals.

Along similar lines we cleanse, protect and bless ourselves, our homes, loved ones and family, so why not extend the courtesy to the area around us, our planet and those we work with.  Back in the early 1990s’ i read material by both Dion Fortune and Dolores Ashcroft-Novicki about engaging in spiritual watches to protect our land, group mind and soul.   But that will be another post in its own right.  Suffice it to say that Dion Fortune and many Witches, Pagans, Magickians and Occultists during WWII did regular magickal protections to keep their country from falling to the Nazis, by protecting their energetic boundaries and national soul.  Many fundies are using a similar idea to “reclaim cities from the devil”.   More on that later.

Many of you may be bewildered as to why someone would take such a harsh line and seek to cause harm to people whose’ only “crime” is holding different beliefs.  I would like to look at some of the possible mind-sets and reasons that they feel and are driven to such actions.  My personal experience is that they are terrified, down deep, that others may be right; thus misery loves company.  For many, especially men, it is a power trip; Professor Jymi of the GSW, reminded me money plays a major role, money and power maybe the same to many.   I know that during my one year at an evangelical bible college, when the other students found out i wanted to be a heart surgeon (back when i was naive and innocent), several male students found ways to “tease” me, in essence they were trying to let me know i was supposed to be a nurse.  One extreme practical joke claimed the life of a toad.

According to the religion i grew up in, women, being deceived by Satan in the Garden of Eden could not be trusted to make moral decisions; thus we were supposed to always defer to men, since we ate the apple first; nor were we allowed in positions of authority in the church or outside in the secular culture.   There was a slight feeling of being martyrs as we knew the local culture was composed of “godless heathens” (i apologize if anyone takes offense at that, that was just what i was taught) who needed to be saved at all costs.  Think about it, why would someone be afraid of diversity?  Robert Anton Wilson wrote that there were 2 types of people: people who love diversity, chaos and things that are new and those who hate and fight it; i am honestly somewhere in the middle.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich wrote about “character armor” and i have seen similar concepts in Barbara Ann Brennans and other holistic healing books.  I believe that many fundies, myself formerly included, wear really tight energetic “character armor”.  Mine was first cracked open a bit by my love of science fiction and mythology and was shattered, i believe by a car accident resulting in a near-death experience.  This is one reason i believe that education alone will not completely get rid of religious intolerance; if people do not know how to handle energy then they will go where the emotions flow, no matter how much they intellectually know.

I recently read a historical fiction book that gave me a new viewpoint; sadly it was a book i read in passing, so i only remember the title: The Burning Times.  It was a story of a powerful goddess worshiping Witch, in 1400s’ France, giving her confession to a young monk, who turned out to have been taken from their coven and forcibly made into an inquisitor.   The whole premise of this story is that the inquisitions were wars between magick users:  the inquisition were motivated by fear of their gifts and the mystery of life and the Witches by love and life.  I had not thought about this but this makes sense as several of the preachers i grew up with who claim to “battle the devil and the occult” are psychic in their own right (they claim to have godly gifts, not psychic ones …).

William Gordon Gray, a Qabalist that i still hold in high regard, considered himself a primitive Christian i believe.  He discussed making an “avenging angel” in some of his books.   I remember Isaac Bonewits talking about how powerful some of the elderly Catholic women using their rosaries were.  I do not remember the gentlemans’ name but in a first generation Green Egg i read an article about how to create avenging angels catchers written by a Thelemite.  He claimed some Christians were creating “avenging angels” which were interfering with targeted pagans and magickal peoples’ health, wealth and lives.  Preachers are learning about hypnosis to sway their audiences, though i doubt they call it that; they may also be learning neuro-linguistic-programming.

I’ve been to too many “5th Sunday Rallies”, where they preached hell, fire and brimstone, thus getting people all riled up.  Think about it, get enough people emotionally vulnerable yet willing to be tapped into energetically and look at the vast energy source you have.  If George Noory on Coast to Coast AM can ask his millions of listeners to focus with him to keep a hurricane from landing on our Southern coasts, then radical preachers can use their thousands of followers at their rallies to provide the raw energy they need so they can send attacks.  Many are reclaiming cities, block by block, by standing and praying on a street corner then bombarding the area with prayers and energy until all undesirables leave and it is working.

Christian Day, in a recent Hex Education blogtalkradio show with Jeff Belanger, talked about taking negative energies sent to him (in a different context), stripping off the malice and using the energy to his benefit.  I am grateful to him for the conversation as i had forgotten about the 7 Hermetic Laws of The Kabylion.   Why can not we do that?  If they are really in a spiritual warfare headspace … let us instead of fighting back (which is what they really want so they can claim to be martyrs for the cause) just strip the energies of malice and use it to bring benefit to all life.  In other posts i plan to look at various ways to do this very thing.

Tashi Dalek and Danse in the Dragon Winds



  1. i find the concept of psy-protection fascinating, as you expressed it in your post. Having been a Roman Catholic at birth, a fundamentalist as a youth and young adult, before i found Wicca, i had come to many of the same conclusions, over the past 30 or so years in the Craft. (it will be 30 on the Fall equinox!)
    i.e. about how fundamentalist preachers are manipulating energy etc.

    tell me what the difference is between chanting the chorus of a worship song over and over and doing an old-time “spell”

    my late Husband, was, among many other things, a Priest in a Christian Church – odd position for me- and a professional Hypnotist, having got His PhD (one of them) using that for His dissertation subject. And He agreed with me about the way the Preachers speak being hypnotism – whether they call it that or not. i think it’s a good thing to be bringing this all out into the open. j/L “Granny” Matrika (WSI)

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