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Belated Earth Day Post

Forgive the fact that this is a re-post of another blog.  This is the only time it will happen.  The Spirit Beings i work with want this information to be as widespread as possible.
First off, here is where i am coming from so you know my background.  I grew up a right-wing fundamentalist, surrounded mostly by other fundamentalists.  I lived out on a farm, several miles from town, so I grew up alone.  Being isolated from people, I did not experience what most people’d call “having” a social life (except for some TV).  Thus Mother Earth had me in Her thrall, even when I was a young fundamentalist.   Can you say “confused and out of synch”?
I discovered ecology in college which I loved; I discovered Francis Moore-Lappes’ book “Diet for a Small Planet” in the early 1980s and later on took vows of voluntary simplicity.   For some reason green and simple living always made sense to me (though i love academics too). I was disillusioned with the religion I grew up with and later discovered the Neo-Pagan/spiritual path in graduate school.  At the same time I discovered the world of energy and magick.  The 1990s found me taking Tibetan Buddhist Refuge.  Just a few years ago I finally made peace with the fact I am one of those people who travels a dual path: in my case I travel and study both the eastern and the western ways.
I lost a moderately well-paying job in the early 1990s along with health insurance just as I had been diagnosed with adult asthma.  Thus I was thrust into the world of alternative and holistic healing by sheer necessity.  I’d been a quasi-solitary Pagan-Mage for years and was forced to teach myself many aspects of energetic healing (books were a lot cheaper than seeing a doctor and i had no PC or internet access back then).   I got formal training in Reiki, hypnotherapy and some martial arts.   I’ve created a tradition of ritual magick that is very earth service oriented; it draws upon the archetypes of The Arthurian mythos, dragons and the Celtic tree energies.  I am working on the manuscripts for it and the accompanying tarot deck right now.
I got all my debts paid off; i work full-time at present at a nifty used bookstore.  I recently finished basic training in Animal Reiki and am now training with the Sound Healers Association (Jonathan Goldman), where i am a member.  Come Hallowmas, I will, again, be an active student of The Grey School of Wizardry.   I am getting my Animal Reiki Master Teacher training this August.  My politics tend to be radical center, with a touch of the green, as i believe in traditional values but expressed in untraditional ways.  I am an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church.
I’ve started working on creating the Dragon Lotus center whose mission will be “researching, creating and teaching energetic and spiritual technologies to support sustainable living”.  This is part of my future career and studies at the GSW.  I am working on creating an animal reiki and sounds healing practice going once i have moved.   This is where I am coming from and what my focus is; if you have no interest, then you need read no further; may you find whatever makes you happy.
In Honor, however belatedly, of Earth Day, I want to share a meditation and a couple rituals from the Dragons Graal tradition with an explanation.   I learned from my Taoist studies about how to shift and transform energies.  Hence the creation of an Earth blessing form of Tonglen.  I honestly hope none of you have ever had to live with the horrible jack chick bible tracts that i grew up with and that are still hanging out in my parents basement.  I hope you have never had evangelists or prayer warriors of any type pray for you (their form of mind magick) and interfere with your life.
This last year we saw the deaths of several Pagans that I held in high regard, many due to some kind of cancer; others had cancer but recovered.  The paranoia that i grew up with kicked into high gear… i wondered if these people were being targeted by various religious extremists.  (My parents send money to 3-4 different groups to pray for me regularly).  My friend said she thought it would be more effective if they targeted the energies and the Dragons confirmed that the energies are being corrupted and destroyed by the various “prayers”.  So with the help of a BOTA ceremonialist magician, the Arthurians and Dragons, I created a couple of rituals to start protecting and reclaiming the purity of these energies.  These are strictly defensive rituals.  Having grown up fundie, i know how much they’d love to become martyrs, let us not oblige them.

When you perform these rituals, include your favorite Deities and pantheons; since when will even a God or Goddess, mind receiving a blessing.  If you think i am crazy that is fine too; this is just something that i believe is a real possibility and with the help of the Dragons have created ways to counter-act it.  I have some other ways but these are a good start and will be very helpful.
Here is the first item I’d like to share; it is actually a way to energetically bless and uplift Mother Earth and the Elements.  Tonglen is a standard Tibetan Buddhist practice, i just adapted it for Mother Earth and the western elements.  We ourselves benefit too.
Terra Tonglen Mandala Meditation.

This is ideal to do while you are walking or sitting down.  Energetically set the area up before you start.  Do a mantra to get the Jewel (light) in the Rose/Lotus in your heart going.  (I.e. ALL LOVE, OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA, OM MANI PEMA HUNG, or a mantra or sonic, chant or run of choice).  The pattern is as you exhale, you give out “purity”  and as you inhale, you take the destructive prayers of those fear-filled “prayer-warriors” and the pollution into the light in your heart.   Know that this light is stronger than any negativity that you may encounter.

Visualize that you are in the center of an elemental circle, cardinal points match your front, sides and back.
In front of you, is a smoggy, polluted sky while you inhale a yucky yellow fog into yourself, hear in your minds ear, the hate-filled words and writings of that taint the energies of air and Terra;
to your right are volcanoes, deserts, fire, all tainted, while you inhale a revolting red fog plus the fear-filled passions and energies the prayers that taint the energies of fire and Terra;
behind you are garbage filled, devoid of life bodies of water while you inhale a blue color infused with the fear filled emotions and energies that taint the energies of water and Terra;
to your left are strip mines, garbage dumps etc, while you inhale a grungy green fog plus the energy of the fear-filled actions that taint the energies of earth and of Terra;
and in the center where immanent spirit is, you inhale a pustulant purple color while seeing all sorts of fearful thoughtforms and images that were implanted by the prayers of those who are fearful.
These are the elements of Terra, who need our help to bring Her and them back to purity.
When these fogs touch the Light in the Heart, they’re immediately transformed into their pure, original colors and high vibration.  As you exhale, these brilliant colors are whirled back out and start “en-lightening” the original elements and the contaminations which help heal  Mother Earth.  So you exhale a golden yellow light for air, a sparkling red light for fire, a beautiful blue light for water, a gorgeous green light for earth and a magnificent purple for spirit.  In time they swirl together to create a beautiful rainbow effect, all clear yet intermingled.

If you are a Reiki practitioner or energy healer, you can reiki various hot spots around the world using a globe or map.  Call in for extra protection though. Here is the imagery and chant to be used.  (Remember we are only focusing on the extremist energies being sent regularly.)   See between you and the planet/map/globe etc, a glowing crudely made stick cross spitting out lightening shards toward a dim, grey Terra.  As you send Reiki, and as the energies are shifted, see a rose bloom on either a calvary or a solar cross that replaces the crude stick form.  See Mother Earth in a Vibrant rainbow aura (see the picture of the back of my tarot deck).

“People like this are destroying our earth,
come let us help Her, let us show Her our worth,
come let us wish Her well and protect Her from their prayers of hell. ”

Finally, here is the basic monthly ritual of protection and transformation.

Guardian Ritual of Protection for Mother Earth & Her Children.

Do during the waning moon after dark; use an elemental altar.   (sample shown)
Special needs: a globe of the earth, Millennium Terra Statue or picture of the planet; and the following elemental symbols:
air: a feather and a jack chick hate based bible track
fire: a candle and a picture of active intolerance (such as a picture of a woman who was accused of being a witch being burned to death as a result with a mob)
water: a cup of water and an emotional picture (such as abusing children because they are different)
earth: a stone and a picture of the destruction of a piece of sacred ground or land for profit …..
spirit is whatever you wish to use along with the globe or picture of Mother Earth.
Place protection around yourself and cast a protective circle using a blade.   See the circle become a star trekian force shield which is impenetrable by outside, chaotic or disruptive forces.   Return to the altar and put the tool down.  Call in your private allies, guides, protectors and familiars.  Next, using your staff, starting at the east, at each direction bring in positive energies.  Draw the Ogham few first (see picture), then say the following invocation.

East: PHAGOS, Be here, Powers of Life, the Beech, Patterning & Air.
South: OIR, Be here, Powers of Light, St. Johns’ Wort, Energizing & Fire.
West:   MOR   Be here, Powers of Love, the Ocean, Forming and Water.
North:   UILLEAND  Be here, Powers of LAW, the Honeysuckle, Manifest Action & Earth.
Center: (above) UCHELWYDD: Be here Powers of Divinity, Mistletoe, Transcendence & Spirit
(below) KOAD: Be here Powers of Terra, The Grove, Immanence & Spirit
(all around)  WUA,   Be here, Powers of Space, the Morning Glory & binding.

Stand in the center and let the energies stabilize.   Declare  I stand outside of time and space yet at the center of all realities.  Hail unto The Once and Future King, King Arthur.  Hail unto the Powerful Dame Ragnall, Lady of Transformation.  I request the presence of the Light, the Arthurians, of Dragon Warriors, of Tree Spirits, and of the elements; I call You all to guide, guard, protect and empower this working.  Help me transform the contamination and taint of the energy of life from attack by those whose prayers would see our beloved earth destroyed and all who are different, are of good-will and magick wiped from the face of the earth.

Take a globe of the planet and say  Behold, here is our beloved Mother Earth.  We send Her energy to shift the negative energy from those “prayer warriors” who would inadvertently destroy Her and Her Children in the name of their god.

Next  place symbols of the elements around it.
Here is a symbol of air, of thought, that has been corrupted by similar prayers.
Here is a symbol of fire, of passions,  that has been corrupted by similar prayers.
Here is a symbol of water, of emotions, that has been corrupted by similar prayers.
Here is a symbol of earth, of actions, that has been corrupted by similar prayers.

Raise power in whatever way works best for you.  Create a ball of energy and place it over the globe and elements.  Run energy, visualizing the twisting and tainting of all the energies of life being returned to wholesomeness.  You can image something like the needle of a meter slowly going from left to right, just as long as you see the energy change from tainted to pure again.  Call upon King Arthur to guide you so that your actions are free from anger and are just in always.  Call upon Dame Ragnall to help shift these energies that that no one else ever gets hurt by it.

Do a  yes/no divination to determine the status & release excess energies.

Thank all who you’ve invited:    Bid farewell to King Arthur and Dame Ragnall; thank your guides, familiars, protectors and allies.  Bid them all farewell.  Close the Elemental Gates, and open the circle.

Record the experience.   Put things away; do something mundane & grounding.

There are religious groups out there who are starting to fight to minimize our freedoms and rights.  These are the extremists, not your average believer.  I usually can only do the reikiing the hot spots as i have neighbor and parent troubles where i live now.  That will change once i have moved.

Well, good fortune to you all from Kitka and myself … Danse in the DragonWinds and Tashi Dalek.

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